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Tuscan updates its granite sink offer to reflect the trend for colour in the kitchen

The Tuscan sink collection has updated its granite sinks with new shades of grey and an on-trend matt black, reflecting the trend for bolder colours in kitchen design. The popular

Empoli inset sink model features a sleek new design with a linear drainer and is now available in a Jet Black finish in addition to the existing Polar White and Champagne. Tuscan’s new Maranella inset sink

model features a more streamlined design and is available in new Jet Black and Stone Grey finishes, in addition to Polar White. The reversible single and 1.5 bowl

sinks are highly resistant to staining and scratching, can withstand

Blanco – Cool concrete sinks for today's industrial style kitchens

temperatures up to 280°C and are backed by a 10-year warranty. The Tuscan sink and tap range is

distributed by IDS and is available ex- stock from all of their nationwide branches for 24-48-hour delivery.

u08457 298 298 ue:

Building on the popular trend for industrial style kitchens, a truly unique range of concrete-style sinks has been introduced by design pioneer, BLANCO UK. Eight sinks, from three ranges -

ETAGON, VINTERA and METRA - are now available in the super- durable, award winning Silgranit® material in the new concrete colour. The portfolio is perfect for those

who aspire to something different; every sink is unique in terms of the way the finish appears. The

structure varies from sink to sink while gradients differ just like real polished concrete surfaces. It even has the same tactile qualities as concrete but is much more hardwearing. The Silgranit is an anti-bacterial

material which is easy to clean and super-hygienic. For further information please

call BLANCO UK or visit the website.

u01923 635 200

Bette launches new type of invisible, ‘almost magical’ anti-slip, that provides the highest level of slip protection

its glazed titanium-steel shower trays and baths that keeps the glossy looks and smooth, easy-to-clean surface, while also providing the highest level of slip protection. BetteAnti-Slip Sense is a type of anti-slip that you can neither see nor feel. Almost magical: the protective effect of BetteAnti-Slip Sense only occurs when the body and wetness meet.


Invisible, durable and easy to clean To achieve the slip-resistant effect, Bette treats the surface with a suspension containing the finest micrometre-sized ceramic particles, which form a permanent bond with the BetteGlaze. They are almost invisible to the eye, and the surface does not become rough as a result. The shower trays and baths retain their flawless, brilliant look and pleasant feel in all glossy colours. In addition, they can be cleaned in the usual way, because BetteAnti-Slip Sense is extremely durable, scratch- resistant and is not affected by cleaning agents usually used to clean shower trays and baths. The new BetteAnti-Slip Sense can be used to

provide the highest level of slip protection (in accordance with evaluation group C of DIN

14 BKU JUNE 2021

erman manufacturer, Bette, has launched a new type of anti-slip for

51097) on Bette’s glossy colours. For shower trays and baths in matt colours, Bette offers the proven, almost invisible BetteAnti-Slip Pro.

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