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TKC introduces Newmarket door to enhance slim shaker offer T

KC has launched the Newmarket timber door range featuring a slim

60mm frame and a sleek grooveless design, extending the company’s choice of narrow shaker styles alongside Oxford, Ascot and Stratto. Newmarket caters for the growing market

trend for a more contemporary take on the classic shaker with its slimmer and streamlined aesthetic. The high quality door construction features a veneered centre panel and solid ash frame with the natural woodgrain visible and smooth to the touch.

The range is available in four stocked colours of

Light Grey, Ivory, Dust Grey and Indigo, and as paint to order in a choice of 23 standard colours ranging from Super White to Midnight Blue with a lead time of 10-15 working days. In addition, the doors can be painted in any colour of the customer’s choice with TKC’s bespoke colour matching service or can be supplied from stock with a primed finish. Newmarket is available in a broad range of size

options and a choice of 28 accessories. The range also includes curved doors, tall wall doors in five widths and glazed doors.

u0161 336 3636

Says Neil Taggart, Marketing Manager for TKC:

“Newmarket has been introduced to the TKC range to reflect the market trend towards narrow frame shakers. The elegant timber door complements our existing slim shaker styles to ensure we can meet all tastes and budgets.” Contact TKC or follow on LinkedIn at

Alku – The ever adapting kitchen K

itchen design is now much more challenging than it once was. 20

years ago, clients had fewer requirements than today when worktop space and

storage was all that was required, back when a kitchen was simply a kitchen. Today, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The last 15 years have seen a shift, first to kitchen-dining and then to full open plan spaces where family’s cook, eat, entertain and relax together in the same room. The once basic kitchen now needs more planning and thought than ever before. Adequate storage is no longer enough; clever

adaptable cupboards are now a necessity. From larder units that can be pantry’s for the client who aspires to be the next Bake Off winner, to the Brian Flanagan wannabe eager to show off their Spring Gin collection, or perhaps ‘a pull out for all occasions’ is needed. Whatever the need, there is no end of solutions. With the release of the new Alku edition we

have made it as simple as possible to fulfil all your clients’ needs. Our spring release sees the biggest addition to Alku yet, with all new pocket and wingline larder units and the full range of adaptable pantry units. Alku 2022 will be available to download on Winner and Articad this month for approved dealers only. To enquire about becoming an approved

dealer, please contact us where our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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