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AEG –Welcome to our home W

ith Covid-19 restrictions easing, spring cleaning in 2021 is more

than just about a transition from the winter season into warmer months. This year it symbolises the reopening of our homes and welcoming in family and friends after months of separation. Let AEG help make your house a safer and cleaner environment for you and your guests with the home clean home guide

Home Clean Home Now more than ever, having a clean environment is crucial to the health and wellbeing of ourselves and others, especially with the average Briton now spending 90% of their time indoors. With restrictions now lifting, there’s no better

time to start getting the home in perfect condition for visitors. So we’ve teamed up with Laura Mountford, the name behind the successful @LauraCleanaholic Instagram account, to give you tips and advice on how to make your space a Covid-safe and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.

Clean Having a full spring clean can take hours, sometimes days and the idea of deep-cleaning our homes from top to bottom can be overwhelming. But with these tips, it can make the process quicker and more enjoyable! Speed up the process by using a versatile

appliance that can achieve multiple functions as you work your way round your home. The AEG QX Cordless Vacuums make cleaning a breeze, with

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their easy manueverability, access to the light- weight handheld unit and, on-board accessories, allowing you to switch from one surface to the other with little effort. It’s easy to miss those places that are ‘out of

sight, out of mind’, such as on top of cabinets and under the sofa, so it’s important to find a vacuum cleaner that can do both. AEG vacuum cleaners are equipped with a telescopic reach tool that can be attached to the handheld unit, making it easier to clean those high hard-to-reach places as well as a light-weight slim frame and full tilt, which means they can clean under furniture as low as 135mm.

Air Whether indoors or outdoors, the quality of the air we breathe can have a big impact on our health. Evidence shows that many pollutants are more concentrated inside of buildings than outside of them. Here are some tips on how to improve the quality of air indoors: • Using an air purifier is an effective way to help reduce harmful air pollutants that are found indoors.

The AEG Air Purifiers are equipped with a

multi-stage purification system, making them highly effective against the most common airborne irritants of fine particles, bacteria and odours. Air Purifiers should be placed in open spaces, at

least a couple of feet away from walls, where there is air flow and hence more pollutants in the air, for maximum effectiveness. They should also be placed near sources of odour, if that’s a key issue in a home, to ensure they can work to clean the air.

The size of the room determines what size air

purifier you need. Our recommendation is to have one purifier in each room, as a single air purifier cannot clean the air in a whole home. If having an air purifier in every room is not possible, the AEG air purifiers are portable so they can easily be moved from room to room, as required, to ensure clean air in the specific areas. Configuring the filters in your air purifier to suit

your personal needs can help to reduce the irritants that are found in the air. The filters in the AEG air purifiers can tailored to specific indoor air circumstances, such as pollen, odours and ultrafine airborne pollutants.

Space Less is more! Get rid of unnecessary items to keep rooms tidy and free of dirt and dust, Make sure to put away any paperwork or piles of clothes that can make your space look untidy and unwelcoming for guests. Make your guest bedroom cosy, clean and clear

of clutter. Investing in quality bedsheets will instantly make your guests feel like they are comfortable if they’re spending the night. Keep the space as clear as possible so that it is easy to keep dust free and ensure there are a few empty drawers so that your visitors can make themselves at home.

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