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The kitchen corner reinvented The Qanto – Ninka ‘plug-and-play’ base cabinet solution now individually configured


he company has ‘reinvented’ the kitchen corner: “Qanto” is offered

completely pre-assembled as a plug-and- play solution where up to three versatile trays are raised or lowered vertically by a linear drive. All at the press of a button. Qanto is an intelligent corner cupboard solution

which combines maximum operating comfort, generous work surfaces, well organised storage space, ergonomic qualities and the highest technical and design standards in a perfect symbiosis. This smart solution for modern kitchen is equipped with two or three trays that can be vertically extended and retracted.

Intuitively operated, ergonomically perfect The top tray, which seals the gap when fully retracted, can accommodate a “little urban garden” for fresh herbs. The trays below it offer further organisational space and storage for electrical appliances, perhaps, or for wine and spices. Just one press on the integrated switch is all it

takes for the Qanto trays to rise up. Ninka uses a linear drive as the lifting mechanism, so that the

trays can move smoothly and steadily. Reliable safety is the number one priority: Objects that lie in get caught in the gaps, such as a hand or plate, are recognised automatically and the column instantly stops moving.

A design that raises the bar The trays are crafted from high-quality, easy-clean ABS. The top of the trays has a transparent acrylic crown around the edge, which gives the highly polished appearance of crystal glass. Qanto is delivered completely pre-assembled

for easy integration into a fitted kitchen. Only the neighbouring cupboards need to be provided from the manufacturer to complete the corner. “Plug- and-play” best describes this smart and complete unit for installation and assembly.

Optional, new features: Decorative combination and pull-out tray And now the new pull-out tray is available, so kitchen appliances can be easily pulled from their “hidden” storage position to the perfect position for use on the counter after being raised up by Qanto. Without having to lift or lower heavy or unwieldy appliances, or dangerous overloading of the spine and with tested safety for food processing. After use, all the user has to do is give it a quick clean, roll it back into the waiting Qanto and lower it under the counter again. Qanto has also recently received an eye-

As if carved from a single piece: the top pull-out tray of Qanto (shown retracted in the image) exactly matches the worktop décor, accentuated by the fine, surrounding frame made of brushed metal.

catching option: The décor of the upper tray can now match the worktop perfectly! The retracted Qanto and the surface of the surrounding counter therefore appear to be from a single piece – finely accentuated by the frame made of brushed metal, which finishes off the Qanto on all sides and embraces the control switch.

Qanto is completely preassembled – fast cost-effective setup and easy installation.

Customised for success Adaptable to every requirement – as well as every budget – Qanto can be “composed” from a basic configuration with many available features. A worktop adapter plate or a pull-out tray can be selected, as well as cabinet interior lighting or different shelf colours. Whether you choose to equip the Qanto with two or three shelves or integrate a socket for kitchen appliances into Qanto’s lifting column – the customer decides according to his or her individual needs and wishes.

Fascinating details, perfect design Kitchen requirements have changed enormously in recent years. Exacting design standards are now every bit as important as outstanding functionality. It is precisely due to these customer requirements that Ninka’s newly developed Qanto hits the mark. It conforms to a zeitgeist that unites modernity with simplicity, freedom, sustainability and the joy of discovery. This is precisely why the timing is perfect – for Qanto in the kitchen corner!

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