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Hartford Holdings acquires specialist tray manufacturer, Traymate

I am delighted to announce the Hartford Holdings have acquired the UK’s leading specialist shower tray manufacturer, Traymate Products Ltd. Recognised for their specialism in low profile designer trays, the Essex based company is a natural fit to the Hartford stable of brands. We are excited to add this recognisable, dedicated tray manufacturer to our group and have already

drawn up plans to grow the business with short, medium and long-term investment plans. The management team have pinpointed areas we can increase capacity and the product range we offer our customers. This will allow our customers to grow with us whilst ensuring the quality of our shower trays continues to be of the high level they expect. This is our third acquisition of a UK leading manufacturer in the bathroom and sanitaryware industry over the past 5 years and shows our dedication to British manufacturing.

Comment by David Mosley – Managing Director, Trojan

Delivering on both sustainability and luxury

It’s important to provide consumers

Comments by Sven Rensinghoff, Head of Marketing and Product Development, Bette

with products that deliver on both the luxury experience and sustainability, and just because something is sustainable, it does not have to be inferior. What the product is made from, how it has been made, how long it will last, and what will happen to it when it is no longer required, should all be considered. The pandemic has resulted in many of us thinking more about our lives and what is important, and this has had an impact on how we think about the products we buy. There seems to be a desire to buy better and to buy in a more

considered way. Glazed titanium-steel is one of the most luxurious materials, but it can also be one of the most sustainable, especially as it is extremely long lasting and 100% recyclable.

New routes to market all have happy customers as final destination

Comment by Nathan MacLean, Managing Director, Virtual Worlds


It has been well reported that spending more time at home as a result of the pandemic has led to a surge in consumers looking to improve their homes, with a particular focus given to the kitchen and bathroom. The challenge for kbb retailers is in ensuring that these interested consumers are aware of the services and solutions that you offer How do you attract these already warm leads and turn them into happy customers? Our lead-generation campaign is designed to do exactly this, using the power of social media and the consumer press to drive leads directly to retailer

It is important to use these different channels to market in the

best and most effective ways possible so that everyone benefits, at a time when making the most of your marketing activity has never been so crucial.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd

As a kitchen manufacturer, we must arm kitchen specialists with the full range of tools in their sales toolkit and ensure that we continue to offer better quality design, product, technical and sales training and support. In doing this, the kitchen specialist can engage the customer in a deeper level of product detail, allowing them to fully understand and value the features and benefits of the products being planned into their design. As an industry, we need to become ‘order makers’ and not just ‘order takers’. If we continue to merely design ‘boxes on walls’, we are allowing the customer to form a direct comparison between us and the large multiples and sheds. We firmly believe that in doing this, the customers will value the products and features planned into their

design and the control of the sale remains in the hands of the kitchen specialists rather than in the hands of the customer. It really is time to stand out from the crowd.

Comment by Steve Tough – Commercial Sales Director, Masterclass Kitchens

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