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Strengthening Saniflo Pump Sales Team

As a well-known and trusted market leader for domestic and commercial macerators, pumps and lifting stations, Saniflo recently added the renowned Zehnder pump range to its extensive product portfolio; creating an opportunity for a new member of the sales team. As such Saniflo is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Hassan to the role of Technical Sales Engineer. Michael’s new role will include

identifying opportunities in commercial sector for this wider range of products and to highlight the larger pumps in the range to new and existing customers. He has a wealth of experience in the sector that includes 13 years of B2B pump sales with companies including Thermo-Fisher, Cole-Parmer, Grundfos and Watson Marlow. Over this time Michael helped to specify pumps in a wide range of industries and applications. From small R&D pumps in labs, food & beverages and dosing pumps for the water utilities to heavy duty pumps for industry and commercial buildings, Michael has assisted a multitude of clients to get waste liquids from A to B in the most expedient way.

Franke does the double with Red Dot and iF Design Awards for Icon tap range

Franke's Icon tap range has earned international acclaim by winning two prestigious awards for excellence in product design. Icon has secured a coveted Red Dot Award in the Kitchen Taps and

Sinks category and a sought-after iF Design Award in the Product Design category. Judges considered factors including design, functionality, quality, differentiation, innovation and impact when choosing the award winners. The distinctive Icon tap is designed to make a unique, sculptural style

statement in contemporary kitchens. The range comprises a Pull-Out Double Jet Shower model featuring an adjustable pull-out spray and a Swivel Spout option. Icon's iF Design Award secures Franke's position in the iF World Design Index, being included in the iF Top 10 Switzerland and iF Top 100 Europe.


TTA –Material shortages and price increases affecting our sector


combination of factors is currently causing significant materials supply and price issues in our sector. The main

impact is on manufacturers, who are having to pass on price increases, and these in turn will inflate retail and trade prices. Although hopefully temporary, this situation is expected to remain until at least Q4 of this year. The escalating prices are on top of the shortages being seen across the whole construction industry – from paint to timber to cement and polymers. TTA is supporting its members – canvassing them on how they are being

affected, flagging up future supply chain problems and lobbying for support. A number of issues, including bad weather and fires in certain supply areas and delays caused by the Suez Canal blockage are continuing to impact on supply of construction products, to add to an already tight situation. Tile factories are trying to catch up, following Covid shutdowns, and

there is now heavy demand in many product areas. Manufacturers are reporting price increases affecting all raw materials, as well as big increases in shipping costs. There is particular concern around supply and prices of plastics and polymer, which are up 70% in some cases. There is a concern that tight polymer supplies may have a big impact on the price and availability of packaging materials and adhesives. There is evidence that these factors are having an impact on the recovery

of the construction sector. Build UK flagged up a slight decline in activity during April. Also the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors found that up to 57% of its members believed that materials shortages were the main obstacle to a stronger recovery. TTA is raising the concerns of its members directly with the Construction

Leadership Council, which includes representation from Government. The general view is now that supply issues are likely to continue for the rest of the year and all sectors – manufacturers, contractors and merchants – are now reporting a similar story of escalating demand, accompanied by problems on the supply side, which are caused by either materials or transport shortage.

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