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Sales of the Dakota surface from Königstone are on the rise

With home and kitchen renovations on the rise, Königstone has seen a substantial increase in sales for the sleek Dakota worktop surface. Dakota is a colour option in the KönigQuartz range which is guaranteed to add an enticing twist to kitchen spaces. The impressive portfolio consists of easy-to-maintain, aesthetically-appealing quartz worktops. The dappled grey and white colour palette of this surface introduces an

element of individuality to a kitchen; the glossy effect creates a luxurious effect and is attractively light balancing. Dakota has the appearance of natural stone, with chameleon-like

properties, so the surface complements many kitchen styles. The additional benefit of opting for a KönigQuartz worktop is high stain, heat and scratch resistance.

Ideal Bathrooms – Adapting to the new normal

As shops across the country reopen after the third UK lockdown, the positive outlook from the bathroom industry looks to be holding true. The Ideal Bathrooms Ideal Industry Report 2020, undertaken in

partnership with BKU, aimed to find out how those working in the retail side of industry had responded to the pandemic – and how they thought it would recover. It was heartening to see how quickly adaptations have been made to

keep people safe; 85 per cent of businesses supplied PPE to staff, and 84 per cent provided hand sanitising stations in store - measures that have become part of daily life. The 58 per cent who said they were confident about 2021 have also

been proved right; with foreign travel still virtually impossible, homeowners are spending their holiday cash on home improvements. The exclusive report is available to those who participated in the survey.

Two new strategic partnerships offer benefits for Kbsa members


he Kbsa has formed two new strategic partnerships that will bring valuable benefits to members.

Market leading finance provider, Vendigo, supported by BNP Paribas,

offers Kbsa members discounted rates for consumer finance, providing members with some of the most attractive deals in the market place. Retailers do not need to hold an FCA license to use this service which features a quick online application process, instant credit decisions, guaranteed payment and 100% secure transactions. The Dell Technologies partnership will provide a range of discounts

on selected IT and other benefits for members. These include access to highly trained small business technology advisors to help members with free advice on how to grow their business and regular virtual events in May. The ‘Turn Off, Tune In’ series of events are offered as part of Dell Small Business Month, providing access to nine inspiring, re-energising sessions designed to help small businesses rest, recharge and come back, ready to take on what’s next. Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert said, “We are delighted to

welcome Vendigo and Dell Technologies as strategic partners to the Kbsa. We are dedicated to providing our members with innovative tools to support their business growth and keep them at the leading edge of the industry. “The partnership with Vendigo provides a service that allows

independents to compete with the bigger players in the industry, increase average transactional values and gain more customers. “The Dell Technologies partnership will make it easier for members

to invest in the latest technology and ensure that they have up to date knowledge about how to harness the power of IT in their businesses, as well as protect their businesses from online fraud and other cyber threats.”

uMore details are available from The KBSA or call 01623 818808

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