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consumer: the event that puts product safety on the map

Get ready for one of the major events in the industry calendar: Electrical Safety First’s 11th annual product safety conference. This year’s theme is Think Like a Consumer – Behaviour-led insights for Safer Products, which will be held at Church House, Westminster, on Thursday 28th November.


he event attracts an extensive range of delegates from throughout

the supply chain, in addition to key stakeholders and related organisations. These include representatives from government departments, manufacturers, retailers and importers, to lawyers, test houses and fire and rescue services - as well as Trading Standards and safety professionals. It’s this broad-church approach which is part

of event’s appeal - and the fact it brings to the forefront key and emerging issues impacting on the electrical retail industry and consumer safety. So, while the focus of this conference will be on the relationship between consumer behaviour and product safety, it will also

be discussing the impact of Brexit and the mainstreaming of the smart home. The keynote speech will be provided by

the Minister for Consumer Affairs and Small Business, Kelly Tolhurst MP, with expert panels and speakers including Wendy Middleton, Behavioural Insights Lead for the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), along with representatives from Dyson, John Lewis, Dixons Carphone and Cooley LLP. The event will also play host to Electrical Safety First’s Safety Innovation Awards, developed by the Charity to acknowledge companies – or individuals – who put safety at the heart of product design, or go the extra mile in safety advocacy. At the conclusion of the conference, delegates are invited to attend a drinks

28 |

reception, hosted by the charity, where continuing debate and more informal opportunities for networking will be available. “This conference will investigate how understanding human behaviour can help improve the product design process, particularly in relation to safety and potential misuse - and help in improving reaction to product registration and recall response”, explains Martyn Allen, Technical Director at Electrical Safety First. “Today, we are in a period of intense change

– technologically, politically and legislatively. Using behavioural insights to help create safer products, and encourage behaviour that reduces risk, is key to sustainable business and improved consumer protection”.

October/November 2019

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