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“The authentic sound of vinyl, with all its warmth and smoothness, can now be enjoyed anytime and anywhere with digital convenience”

This month, in our annual look at turntables, we hear from Claire Poux, Head of Sound Marketing at Sony, who casts an eye (and an ear) over the market and offers some hardware pointers for retailers looking to capitalise on the return of vinyl.


t will come as no surprise to audio retailers that the turntable market is

performing strongly, as Claire explains. “The turntable market is performing well, and the revival of vinyl continues. The growth in the turntable market can partly be attributed to the fact that new high-quality turntables are being launched, such as our award-winning PS- LX310BT turntable. Consumers can listen to high quality vinyl sound via wireless speakers, soundbars or headphones with Bluetooth® capabilities. Users can enjoy their nostalgic vinyl collection with all the convenience of wireless technology and by simply connecting to Bluetooth®, enjoy cable-free listening for ease of use. “For those looking to digitise their record

collection, Sony offers the PS-HX500. It can be hooked up to a PC via USB allowing consumers to record their favourite music from their vinyl collection into digital files and enjoy their collection on the go. Designed for music lovers, the turntable delivers high quality sound and includes Direct Stream Digital file format reproducing sound that’s truer to its source. Users can record their own creations, bringing vinyl to the 21st century. Ripping and editing is made even easier with the software supplied with the HX500. If you have an existing audio amplifier, you can also add the deck

to your setup using traditional phono leads. As well as featuring a newly designed tone arm, the unit can play back both 33⅓ and 45rpm records.” Understandably, the revival of vinyl has played a huge part in the turntable market, as Claire points out. “There has been a resurgence of vinyl with various outlets now selling records making it once again accessible for consumers who are looking for products that allow them to enjoy high quality audio with ease. Vinyl lovers want products that provide a great user experience, a pleasing design and high-quality performance. “The LX310BT is also great for consumers

looking for a stylish feel with premium sound quality, thanks to its carefully-designed texture and quality build. And to make things even simpler, the turntable has direct buttons on the body for intuitive operation, including the direct BLUETOOTH® button, allowing you to easily start, stop and pair your device. “Designed for the audio enthusiast, the PS- HX500 delivers the best sound quality possible through the digital amp and specialised tweeters, so listeners can hear each note as the artist intended. Record enthusiasts were previously faced with the prospect of inferior digital files of their analogue records for listening on the move, however, with the inclusion of a USB output consumers can connect the PS- HX500 to a PC and capture their

vinyl collection with DSD 5.6MHz native conversion. The

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authentic sound of vinyl, with all its warmth and smoothness, can now be enjoyed anytime and anywhere with digital convenience—at home, outdoors, and in the car. “The PS-HX500 also features a high quality DSD

native converter, allowing consumers to copy their favourite music from their vinyl collection and convert into Hi-Res digital files, so they can enjoy their record collection on the go. The supplied PC application lets a consumer rip, edit and store tracks from their vinyl records. There is also an integrated phono pre-amp which allows the consumer to connect the turntable directly to an external amplifier for high-fidelity music playback at home. The versatility of the PS-HX500 makes it a great choice.” For retailers wanting to make the most of

this resurgence, Claire offers some thoughts on how to maximise sales. “We ensure retailers are equipped with eye-catching in-store POS displays to effectively demonstrate product benefits and how products can enhance consumer experiences. In addition to this, there is an opportunity with audio products to sell-up to consumers. If a consumer is purchasing a turntable, speakers or headphones can be purchased to complete the audio experience. Demonstration is key because it gives consumers a chance to see how products sound and feel, as well as giving them an idea of which product best suits their lifestyle and enhance their listening experience. Ease of access to products, good choice and a range of price points and brands in store, and active displays are ideal as consumers like to test before they buy. It is essential for us to have well trained staff on the shop floor who can communicate the USPs effectively as we want consumers to understand the full benefits of our product range.”

October/November 2019

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