Indesit boosts awareness of chore sharing with influencer campaign A

s part of its #DoItTogether campaign, Indesit worked with influencers to encourage parents to involve their children in

the household tasks, such as loading the dishwasher, and improve gender balance, in domestic chores, for the next generation. Indesit manufactures appliances that make everyday tasks simpler, faster

and stress-free to help reduce the burden of housework. The brand has an on-going commitment to create easy-to-use, family-friendly appliances that are accessible to all users. A number of family influencers put this to the test by reviewing Indesit appliances and encouraging their family members to take on the chore of completing the housework. Louise Pentland, who boasts over 2.4 million Instagram followers, tested an

Indesit Innex washing machine, which benefits from the clever Push&Wash function. Push&Wash offers outstanding cleaning and stain removal in just 45 minutes at the simple push of the dedicated button, without having to adjust any of the settings or pressing start. Louise’s eight year old daughter was so impressed with how easy the Indesit washing machine was to operate, commenting ‘Now I can do all the washing!’. According to a recent

Indesit study, 85 per cent of women claimed to be solely responsible for delegating household chores. In addition

to being accountable for planning the housework, women also felt they did more than their fair share of the chores themselves, with 76 per cent carrying out all the domestic jobs ranging from cleaning and tidying, to gardening and DIY.

Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager, Indesit, says: “The team of influencers

supported our aim of encouraging families to share the household chores, while showing their followers how easy Indesit appliances are to use. We hope the extended reach of the #DoItTogether campaign will motivate even more families to involve their children in the household tasks, as well as increase footfall for our retailers by promoting the family-friendly Indesit appliances to their customers.”

Whirlpool UK workers dedicate 200 hours to volunteering


orkers at Peterborough-based Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited,

parent company to KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Indesit, volunteered in their local community as part of the international Whirlpool Community Week initiative, 23rd – 27th September. A total of 200 hours were spent helping

three different charities: FoodCycle, British Heart Foundation and Little Miracles. Whirlpool UK staff gave the kitchen space at

FoodCycle in Peterborough a deep clean and helped to prepare and host a dinner for members of the local community. Colleagues also spent time working in two British Heart Foundation shops in Peterborough. Those who volunteered at Little Miracles maintained the garden, planted winter vegetables and painted benches and bright graphics around the centre, to make it as

welcoming as possible for families and children with additional needs. The Whirlpool Community Week initiative is

now in its third year and has become global. The idea started in Italy in 2017, now more than 2,700 Whirlpool colleagues in 15 countries around the world have worked alongside 32 non-profit organisations, for a total of more than 21,000 hours donated to the community. Ian Moverley, UK Corporate Reputation and

Public Affairs Director, Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited, says: “The Whirlpool Community Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate the pride we have for the community in which we work and live. Colleagues were keen to get involved and spend time volunteering in Peterborough. We would like to thank FoodCycle, the British Heart Foundation and Little Miracles for the endless work they do for our community.”

10 | October/November 2019

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