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How to up-sell from a Condenser to a Heat Pump Tumble Dryer There has been a sharp rise in the demand for heat pump tumble dryers, growing 19.1% year on year and they now account for 11.5% of the total tumble dryer market. We highly recommend that retailers take advantage of this growth. Here’s a few pointers from our award-winning

Area Sales Managers and training team to convert consumers into buying a heat pump tumble dryer: • Heat pump tumble dryers provide a huge energy-saving benefit for households compared to a condenser model. A heat pump model can operate at an energy efficiency level of A+ and above, whereas the heating element in a B-rated condenser dryer can use twice as much energy.

• Calculate for the consumer how much money a heat pump dryer will save on their energy bills compared to a condenser dryer over a 5-year period. Use the annual energy usage figure from the energy label and an average unit cost of electricity to work this out, for example 13p.

• What’s more, heat pump models operate at a lower temperature, resulting in a drying cycle that is kinder to clothes.

Hero Blomberg product to stock:

8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer with FasterDry Technology (LTH3842W) Some

consumers are put off by a heat pump dryer because

of the longer programme times, but having been awarded a Which? Best Buy award for its high performance and impressive A+++ energy efficiency, the LTH3842W comes with a FasterDry feature. When activated it uses a small heater to shorten drying times by up to 24%, giving programme durations similar to those of a standard condenser dryer while still maintaining an A+ energy efficiency. There’s also a variety of sensor

programmes to choose from, including Jeans, Sport, Delicates and Bedding, a great selling point for consumers to know that whatever they need to dry, there is a programme to suit.


Blomberg product to stock:

8kg Wash and 5kg Dry Capacity Washer Dryer (LRF2854121G) This washer dryer can wash and dry up to five shirts in just 55 minutes, helping consumers save time. It is powered by our quiet and energy efficient Optima Inverter Motor, which also comes with a 10-year parts guarantee. The Hygiene+ Wash & Dry

programme significantly reduces the amount of cat, dog and pollen allergens in laundry during both the washing and drying cycles. With the pollen season getting longer and longer**, this feature will be of particular interest to consumers.

October/November 2019 | 17

New Houses are Getting Smaller The average square footage in new single- family houses has been declining since 2015. In 2017, the average size of a new house was 2,631 square feet. That’s down from the 2015 peak of 2,687. The increase in washer dryer sales (+3.5% year on year*) may well be attributed to this decline, presenting a profitable opportunity for retailers.

*GfK Jan-Aug 2019 volume year on year

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