feature: IFA round up

the exact temperature of food, delivering rare/ medium/well done to the degree. The sous-vide functionality makes this the ultimate assisted cooking experience.” Also on show was the AEG 8000 connected

MultiChill fridge, a large four door fridge-freezer including the company’s proprietary MultiChill technology, for flexible temperature management. With a variety of temperatures spanning –2 to 7 degrees in the middle drawer, the temperature can be managed according to personal preference. The company was also keen to show off the AEG 8000 ComfortLift® dishwasher with QuickSelect – a machine which “takes the effort out of loading and unloading the dishwasher. The unique technology lifts the lower rack in one effortless motion for improved access to dishes and now features QuickSelect, a full touch intuitive user interface that selects the desired time on a touch slider to provide even more help when doing dishes.” Shown at IFA 2019 for the first time was the

connected AEG 9000 Premium Edition. Featuring a superior fit, feel and exclusive finish - with black stainless steel, aluminium dial and white LEDs - this is a true design statement. Furthermore, the 9000 washing machine (WM) and 9000 tumble dryer (TD) bring the best technology from AEG washers and driers together for the first time.

Hisense Hisense, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, announced the launch of the UK’s first Roku TV™ in Q4. Available in screen sizes up to 65-inches, Hisense Roku TV models will be powered by the Roku OS, and offer customers amazing content and incredible choice. Roku’s confidence in Hisense to launch the first Roku TV models in the UK market is testament to the manufacturer’s growth and successful brand development in the UK. The Roku platform offers consumers a wide variety of entertainment including many of the leading streaming and catch up services. Hisense Roku TV models will enable customers to access more of their favourite HD, 4K and 4K HDR content, much faster and more simply than ever before, thanks to the intuitive interface bringing [all] entertainment sources together in one customizable home screen. Senior marketing manager at Hisense, Arun

Bhatoye, said: “Roku® offers a fantastic TV streaming platform that offers consumers an incredibly simple, fast and easy entertainment experience filled with tons of catch-up and streaming services offering tons of quality content at their fingertips. It’s been fantastic working with Roku, and I can’t wait to see these new Hisense Roku TV models on the shelves in time for Christmas. “2019 is an exciting year for Hisense as we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. We are

October/November 2019

connecting with consumers in new ways as we are about to be a leading sponsor of a third major international football tournament in a row and we have just announced we will release the first Roku TV model in the UK - three huge landmarks!” “Roku TV models offer consumers a

great smart TV experience while giving TV manufacturers an attainable way to build great smart TVs. We know customers will love how easy they are to use, the vast amount of content they have access to and our commitment to keep the experience current over the years,” said Bart Bomers, Vice President of EMEA at Roku.


Launched at IFA 2019, Miele introduced an intelligent new range of washing machine and tumble dryer models to its W1 collection. Benefitting from new and exclusive AddLoad technology, users can add garments to the washing machine at any point during a cycle, without compromising on performance. Users can simply open the door to add in clothes or bulkier items such as blankets and then close the door to resume the selected programme. The function also makes it possible to add items that just need to rinse or spin, saving on time and energy. Miele has also improved its exclusive QuickPowerWash programme. Previously completing a cycle in 59 minutes, the QuickPowerwash programme will now take just 49 minutes for a 4kg load, improving its A-rated wash performance by ten minutes. Both the tumble dryer and washing machine models can now communicate directly with each other through Miele’s new Wash2Dry function. Operating via WiFi, the dryer obtains information on the previous wash cycle and automatically selects the appropriate drying programme for the load. Users can also control the machines via the Miele@mobile app which provides live updates on programme progress along with a stop/start function.

Roidmi The Roidmi X20 is not only the world’s first smart cordless vacuum cleaner, but also, the ultimate

housemate. Powerful, low maintenance and quiet, this designer-styled cleaner doubles up as a powerful hard-floor mop, enabling homes of up to 380 square metres to be simultaneously vacuumed, wet-wiped and buffed in double quick time. Use the app to find out the X20’s battery status, bin fill level and filter condition and cleaning statistics, all from the comfort of your sofa, without getting your hands dirty. The Roidmi X20 has a run time of up to one hour and five minutes on a single charge. Simply click the cleaner back into its magnetic wireless dock to recharge ready for its next cleaning challenge. A cordless vacuum cleaner with real efficiency and drive, it comes with the same high- tech Samsung lithium battery cells that are used in the TESLA BMS-X Battery Management System. UK & Ireland Sales Director, Geoff Johnson commented “This is the perfect product with which to launch the Roidmi brand in the UK, as it familiarises consumers with the kind of high-quality and future-facing technologies that they can expect | 19

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