enclosure and therefore can be installed across a greater range of challenging environments. The product range includes:


Advertorial WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY DANLERS range of popular Outdoor Security Switches just got better!

ANLERS Outdoor Security Switch range are neat and compact and now benefit from an IP66 rated polycarbonate

uIP66 Compact Person Detector with both improved time lag options and upgraded photocell range of 101000 lux together with a new photocell inactive feature.

uIP66 Twilight Switch turns lights ON from Dusk to Dawn.

uNew IP66 Twilight Switch featuring DANLERS ‘Intelligent’ Photocell which

uIP66 Dusk Switch with new ‘Intelligent photocell’ and LED feedback for determining time on duration from 216 hrs. Switches lights on for a timed duration and resets itself when enough light is available ensuring lights are not left on unnecessarily. All products are UK manufactured and

reduces risk of hunting and over illumination.

covered by DANLERS 5 year warranty. Tel: 01249 443377  Fax: 01249 443388 A

Engineering, Loughborough University and Tata Steel and its Tubes business. Established to raise awareness of Building

BISPA in London T

Information Modelling (BIM) and pipeworkrelated issues and innovations, we provide CIBSE accredited training courses for designers, specifiers and building services installers. BISPA is undertaking a number of costeffective

energy saving initiatives comparing the performance of various HVAC pipes, identifying best commissioning practice and developing digital tools for the efficient design and installation of pipework systems. Our experts can also conduct specification reviews to ensure the correct pipework specifications are in place to guarantee the success of your projects. BISPA is pleased to be supporting the BSEE Building Services Forum, at the Building Centre in London. In addition, BISPA will also be running a number of free CPD taster events at the Building Centre on the 6th to 9th February 2018. Contact us to register your interest in one of our

free BIM or corrosion CPD’s, or to learn more about BISPA and how we are supporting the building services industry in order to improve awareness and promote knowledge transfer.

he Building and Industrial Services Pipework Academy (BISPA) is a collaboration between the School of Architecture, Building and Civil

Adveco presents ultralow NOX MD Boiler range Designed and built by

dveco Ltd. has recently expanded their product

offering with the addition of the MD Boiler range, a series of four floor standing condensing boilers from 70 to 280 kW. With ultralow NOX emissions at 20 mg/kWh and CO emissions at 15 ppm, the MD provides an environmentally friendly, modular, and compact heating solution for almost any application. The patented heat exchanger and premix burner design provide heating efficiencies up to 106%, with turndown ratios as high as 1:20.

European partners with over 50 years of experience in boiler manufacture, the MD is an appliance of exceptional quality. This is backed up by a 10year heat exchanger and burner warranty provided by Adveco Ltd. as standard with every appliance. The modern, innovative design provides inbuilt heating redundancy and system controllers, allowing for cascades of up to 8 units that can provide total heating outputs from 14 kW to 2.24 MW. Find out more and get in touch with us by calling

Bacharach offers instrument for CO2 leak detection in industrial and retail cold storage and machinery rooms


s the use of CO2 gas increases in popularity as a natural refrigerant due to

its low environmental impact and increasing HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon) regulations, Bacharach, a leading manufacturer of refrigerant and gas leak detection, from monitoring instruments and data solutions, to combustion and emissions analyzers, is offering an effective CO2 leak detection monitor for industrial and retail refrigeration applications. This instrument is selective, taking into consideration both response times and operating temperatures in these applications. “Not all CO2 monitors are

suitable for leak detection in refrigeration applications. The sensors used need to respond quickly to a rise in CO2 Levels. Since CO2 has a high operating pressure, gases can quickly escape into the refrigerated space at very high rates. Instrumentation designed to monitor for gradual

changes in atmospheric CO2 may not alert personnel in a timely manner, creating a potentially dangerous condition, that quickly poses a threat to personnel,” said Mr. Tom Burniston, Product Manager of Fixed Instruments. “CO2 leaking on the shop floor is less a safety issue, but, when it comes to machinery rooms, cold rooms or other enclosed areas, there is a definite safety issue,” he said.

your local Adveco sales engineer or visit: Thermokey UK opens for business

are here to market the whole Thermokey range of insudstrial heat exchangers and to provide technical support for both our existing and new customers. We also have warehousing to allow holding deliveries from Italy before routing to site’. Thermokey, operating from a 32,000m2 facility in NorthEast Italy, is a market leader in commercial and industrial heat exchangers for air conditioning, refigeration and industrial process cooling. With 25 years of success, it is the only company to offer aluminium micro channel cores for HVAC in sizes up to 6m long. With TUV and ISO 90012008 quality standards and complete inhouse production tailormade


Geniox – the next generation of air handling units

hermokey is pleased to announce the opening of a new UK branch. UK manager, David Birch, said: ‘We

Lochinvar introduces high capacity heat pumps


and standard dry coolers, condensers and unit coolers are offered in sized p to 2,200KW. The largest UK project to date was the supply of 40 dry coolers for the Uskmouth power station in Newport, Wales.

01732 728 685

Wilo launches Plavis condensate pumps in the UK

that all gas boilers installed in England and Wales must be condensing boilers. When condensing


ystemair, a leading ventilation company has launched its next generation of air handling units, Geniox. The motivation behind the new units is an ambition to improve energy efficiency in ventilation systems. Geniox offers an energy


efficient ventilation solution for commercial, hygiene, marine and industrial applications. The Geniox family can handle airflows from 75070.000 m3/h (0.2  19 m3/s). This level of flexibility means we can offer an optimised solution regardless of

your project and industry. Geniox is configured in the

SystemairCAD design programme. The SystemairCAD allows you to optimise the air handling unit to your needs and to the lowest possible energy consumption and can be downloaded from The Geniox range is certified by

Eurovent and has 60mm double skinned panels as standard. For more information please


boilers are working at peak efficiency, the water vapour produced in the combustion process condenses back into liquid form releasing the latent heat of vaporisation. A side effect is that this water, known as condensate, has to be piped away to a drain or soak away. This water contains dissolved oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, making it slightly acidic. It’s a similar situation with air

conditioning units which also produce condensate as part of the process of producing cooling. Condensate lifting units address this issue and remove the condensate that builds up. With the new WiloPlavis family of


condensate lifting unit, Wilo is now launching onto the market a highly energyefficient, lownoise and easily installable solution. With its efficient and quiet

motor as well as its easy installation method – called a ‘Plug & Pump’ method  the Wilo Plavis is ideally suited for use in residential homes up and down the country that have an existing or newly installed domestic condensing boiler or a domestic air conditioning system. For more information call 01283 523000 or visit


2007, it has been a legal requirement

ochinvar has extended its Amicus range of air source heat pumps (ASHPs) by

launching five higher capacity models. There are now a total of 17 models in the range delivering heating capacities from 7.7kW up to 210kW. Lochinvar is, therefore, able to service a wide range of projects including large residential; medium and large commercial; and industrial applications. The Amicus heat pump range

employs the innovative principle of Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) to improve both output and efficiency. This is a twostage compression process with inter cooling that produces a superheated vapour to boost capacity and efficiency. As a result, Amicus units can achieve a Coefficient of Performance (COP) up to 4.4 and are 25% more efficient than standard scroll compressor driven systems. They are also capable of

delivering flow temperatures up to 63degC for heating and hot water applications and can operate in outside temperatures as low as 20degC. They can be used as standalone replacements for conventional heating products or as part of an integrated system providing preheated feed water to gasfired condensing boilers, water heaters and thermal stores in buildings with large heating or hot water demands.


Amicus heat pumps work well in bivalent systems where a renewable energy source is

combined with conventional equipment, such as gasfired condensing boilers and water heaters. This is an increasingly popular way of providing a highly efficient solution, but at a lower capital cost than renewables alone to significantly speed up the payback period.

Floang frame

They come with a ‘floating frame’ that isolates the compressors from the main casing to reduce vibration and noise; a condensate management tray; antifreeze protection; and a userfriendly preprogrammed control system. The units are also provided with an integral, preconfigured high efficiency pump sized to provide ideal flow conditions across the heat exchanger. Amicus ASHPs also have an

electronic soft start option capable of extending the operating life of the equipment. They can be supplied with a remote control for managing the unit from a distance of up to 50 metres and are designed for incorporation into the overall control strategy of a building via a BMS.

The market for air source

systems shows huge potential. In addition to being a viable option for new build projects, they are also relatively easy for retrofit projects, and are usually a more practical solution than ground or water source heat pumps. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

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