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innai has developed a new and innovative concept of economical and efficient hot water delivery specifically for gyms and fitness centres – bringing together all the components of a system in one bespoke pack for any operation, large or small, local and national. Rinnai recently supplied a growing High

Street gym estate with a custombuilt ‘gym pack’ that includes everything from design to delivery of a complete hot water system in one easy to install, fully specified and energy efficient ‘pack’ delivered direct to site. The site has reported excellent results from

the systems which have been installed in multiple sites over the UK, with more rolling out over the next couple of years. Says Rinnai’s Chris Goggin, “Simply supplying

a water heater unit (or multiple units) has become an antiquated notion that simply is not good enough. ‘System’ thinking, where we deliver to site the complete package, is what is

going to give the gym chain the edge over the competition. The Rinnai system virtually guarantees endless amounts of hot water at useable temperatures, all on demand” Rinnai’s total gym solution includes water

heaters, flues, scale protection, unvented cylinders, valves, prefabrication racks, advanced BMS controls – even water sampling equipment – specified, designed and delivered by Rinnai. For more details on RINNAI products visit

Carlo Gavazzi’s EM210MV and ROG4K is faster to install than other Rogowski cables

coil solution for the popular EM210MV 3 phase energy meter for retrofit applications. The ROG4K Rogowski solution which most importantly does not require an external power supply or external integrator makes installations faster and simpler, thanks to the meter’s selfpower supply from the voltage reference inputs, automatic phase detection with wrongphasesequence warning and fast application oriented programming procedure.


nergy management specialist, Carlo Gavazzi has launched a Rogowski

Current measurements

are carried out by means of a ROG4K flexible current sensor which has a hole diameter from 115mm to 275mm and can measure a primary current from 20 to 4000Amps and guarantees Class 1 accuracy. It includes 3 coils in different colours to simplify the work of the installer and a secondary cable terminal with tag of the same coil colour to simplify and minimize wiring errors.

The EM210MV series

offers single phase variables such as THD, Neutral current

Weatherproof accessories from a name you can trust!

to provide unparalleled levels of safety and practicality in both commercial and domestic applications. Easy to install, the PowerBreaker ProteKt range has been designed to offer the highest levels of protection against the ingress of water and solid matter (IP66) to provide safe and efficient electrical connections in even the most arduous conditions. Ideal for use in industrial environments, such as


and hour counter to link the energy consumption to the relevant working hours as well as, compatibility with the CTV versions. Available in 2 input voltage ranges MV53 or MV63 and 333mV current signal as well as the new Rogowski cables.

wash down areas, as well as in a whole host of commercial areas and around the home, the range includes single, twin and PowerBreaker RCD sockets, single and twin switches, timers and fused spurs. PowerBreaker ProteKt enclosures feature a

springloaded hinge to ensure the lid closes and the guided fixing holes are isolated in a weatherproof chamber – eliminating the requirement for sealing screw entries – saving time for the installer. Replaceable knockouts allow easy reconfiguration

of installation. Available from our nationwide network of

PowerBreaker Stockists

lectrical safety specialist, GreenBrook, has developed a new range of weatherproof accessories, the PowerBreaker ProteKt range,

heating networks. REHAU NEXUS makes it possible to retrospectively extend an existing heat network or add a ventilation or measuring point to a district heating system using REHAU orange PEXa pipes. In the past, hot tapping was only possible with polymer pipes in cold water and gas mains and with steel district heating pipes. With REHAU NEXUS,


expansions can be carried out during operation and under pressure without disrupting the supply, making retrospective connections up to 80 per cent quicker. And because installers only need half the installation trench space compared to conventional squeezeoff techniques, NEXUS can save up to 50 per cent on civil costs. When dealing with hot water,

safety is paramount. That’s why NEXUS has been designed with a unique 3D silicone seal, which fits perfectly around the pipe and offers exceptional durability, even in temperature malfunctions up to 110°C. NEXUS’ Teflon coated clamps are

World’s first for district heating pipes

u For this month’s selection, please turn to page 45 where you will find our What’s New section.

Manufacturers, suppliers and service providers within the building services sector are widely acknowledged for being innovative, fast moving and forward thinking. Here, BSEE takes a look back over the last year at some of the latest products and services to hit the market.

EHAU has launched NEXUS, the world’s first system for hot tapping PEXa district

also designed for maximum temperature resistance and safety. REHAU also secured TÜV certification for its use with their orange PEXa pipes to prove the highest levels of reliability. Suitable for use on

RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX PEXa pipe systems – both underground and in the plant room – NEXUS is manufactured in accordance with EN15632 and has a minimum lifetime of 30 years, thanks to its corrosion resistant design. Steve Richmond from REHAU said: “With the increasing demand for polymer heat networks, there was a real need in the market for a system which would allow for the hot tapping of PEXa pipes, so our designers set about making a product which would solve this problem for our clients. NEXUS works effortlessly with other REHAU products, like our polymer pipes, fittings and couplings, so installers can come to us for a complete, coordinated district heating system. Training is also available to ensure a perfect fit every time.”en Viega launches new gas applicable Megapress system V Mikrofill supply Stanbrook Abbey Hotel S

et within the stunning grounds of a 26acre estate, this former monastery is surrounded by the outstanding natural

beauty of the Worcestershire countryside. Stanbrook Abbey Hotel’s 56 rooms offer

guests a beautiful blend of historic charm and grandeur, helping to make every stay a memorable one. In addition, the hotel boasts breathtaking architecture, including a wonderful dining hall designed by Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson. Early in 2014, a decision was made to

upgrade the existing oil fired LPHW heating and HWS circuits at the hotel which is part of

Amazing Venues group. Building services consultants, Energy Performance Solutions (EPS), put together a comprehensive design including two new plantrooms. For plantroom 1, Mikrofill supplied two

Ethos FS550kW twin burner condensing boilers, a Mikrofill 1400/2 pressurisation package and two Extreme 500 HWS loading cylinders c/w unvented kits. Plantroom 2 consisted of two WM70kW

condensing boilers, a Mikrofill 150 pressurisation package and an Extreme 500 HWS loading cylinder c/w unvented kit. To preserve the character of the building,


the existing brick chimney stacks were lined to accommodate the new boilers. The equipment was skilfully installed by long standing mechanical contractor Daly Engineering Services. With a turn down ratio of 40 > 1 on the

FS550s and 20 > 1 on the WM70s, accurate load matching and optimum efficiency is assured. For more information on these and other

Mikrofill products contact the sales team on 03452 606020 or visit:

iega, the global manufacturer of piping systems has introduced

Megapress G connectors to the UK market. Megapress G ‘cold’ pressed connectors have been tested and Kitemark approved for natural gas and liquid gas applications as well as for heating oil, diesel fuels, compressed air containing oil and technical gases. The Megapress carbon steel

press connection system from Viega offers a fast, effective alternative to traditional methods such as welding. The system is a highly effective cold applied pressing method that helps to reduce installation time by around 60%.

The Megapress G connectors now make it possible to quickly and effectively connect natural gas and liquid gas systems. Suitable for use with black, galvanised or painted steel pipe, the sealing element of the Megapress G connectors guarantee the required degree of sealing, even where the pipe surface is rough. This makes it

ideal for retrofit installations in older properties. The range includes over 100

connectors and like other products in the Megapress range, features the tested Viega SCContur technology. This ensures that any connections that have remained unpressed can immediately be identified in a dry leakage test – reducing downtime and servicing costs. To find out more about Viega’s

full range of product solutions visit: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

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