he Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has praised the legacy of Sir Michael Latham, who has died at the age of 74.

The former MP and Chairman of Willmott Dixon wrote his influential report Trust and Money followed closely by the government-commissioned Constructing the Team in 1994, which was the precursor to a wide ranging modernisation of the sector – and eventually major parts of the Construction Act.

BESA’s Legal and Commercial Director Rob Driscoll said that as a law student he studied the “legendary abilities of Sir Michael in bringing all parties involved in the built environment together in a common cause”. “As an industry, we are privileged to have had Banwell, Egan, Farmer, Wolstenholm, Morell, Bentley and Bew, but Latham brought about seismic change like no-one before or since. He understood the many vagaries of the sector and was, therefore, able to represent the interests of all, which he did with patience and diplomacy.”

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BESA pays tribute to reformer Latham OBITUARY

BESA (then the HVCA) in an attempt to improve the lot of specialist sub- contractors. He also chaired the Construction Industry Training Board and ConstructionSkills until 2010. “He worked tirelessly to reform an under-performing industry in dire need of modernisation and his legacy is the Construction Act, which was a transformational piece of legislation,” said Mr Driscoll.

“However, he also recognised the problems around retentions as well as payment generally, and restated the need for trust accounts to be underpinned by legislation.” He proposed the replacement of retentions with retention bonds that would reduce in value as each milestone section of the work was completed.

uRob Driscoll, BESA’s Director of Legal and Commercial, has paid a warm tribute to the late Sir Michael Latham.

Sir Michael served as Chairman of the Joint Major Contractors’ Group for many years and worked closely with

Tridonic expands sales team

ridonic Distribution has appointed Ilze Klescevska as Sales Executive, working across the country to assist the company's growing OEMs and lighting designer customers. Tridonic Distribution is a specialist distributor to OEMs in the lighting sector for the full range of Tridonic products alongside luminaire connector products from Electro Terminal and Lumitech's extrusions. Klescevska has worked in the industry for many years and has a long-standing passion for technology.


“Although I've only been with Tridonic Distribution a couple of months I'm really excited about the lighting industry and how innovative solutions for

connectivity are going to provide

“Some clients may prefer a cash retention system, and that option should also be available for them, provided that the money is retained in a secure trust fund,” said Sir Michael in his 1994 report.

“Hopefully, due to recent government developments and consultations on retentions, we may finally realise his vision and preserve his legacy 23 years later,” said Mr Driscoll.

First maintenance manager recruit for J S Wright

management after appointing its first Maintenance Manager. Scott Holdsworth will head up a new Maintenance Department providing

M uIlze Klescevska.

increasing opportunities for companies that are open to new ideas,” she said.

aul Lawrence has been appointed Managing Director at Aermec UK Limited, the manufacturer of chillers, fan coils and heat pumps.


As well as growing the company organically, Lawrence will be developing the company’s product offering and proactively entering new markets.

With over 18 years’ experience in the HVAC industry, Lawrence has held a number of senior positions in engineering, manufacturing operations, sales and marketing management. Most recently he was Aermec’s Sales and Service Director. “Aermec has a strong reputation for delivering robust engineered solutions. I am looking forward to developing our

uPaul Lawrence.

customer base, driving new product development and growing the business,” comments Lawrence.

Lawrence replaces Rex Murden who has retired, having spent more than 30 years in the industry.

New MD to take manufacturer Aermec into the future

scheduled servicing and maintenance for all plant and systems installed by the company in its £multi-million, UK-wide building services projects. Based at J S Wright’s HQ at Aston in Birmingham but also serving the company’s offices in Bristol and

London, Holdsworth has almost 18 years’ experience in

echanical and electrical services specialist J S Wright has taken an initial step into facilities

BES looks to the future with new Director

specialist, Boulting Environmental Services (BES), has appointed healthcare construction expert, Gavin Statham as Business Development Director.

C The company has

experienced rapid business growth over the last two years and has relocated to larger offices to facilitate further expansion and increasing demand. In his new role, Gavin will develop the BES brand further, allowing it to accelerate its continued expansion and improve its client base.

Gavin Statham is a mechanical and electrical engineering and

construction specialist, with expertise in building services design and project

management. With over 30 years of experience in the building services industry, Statham has gained a broad view of the construction industry by working on a range of projects in different environments including hospitals, offices and laboratories.

Previously a senior project

leanroom and laboratory design and construction

uGavin Statham.

manager for systems integration at Olympus Keymed, Statham has worked on specialist healthcare projects including the construction of cleanrooms and operating theatres. “We created this new role in response to the rapid business growth that BES has experienced,” explained Steve Marsh, Managing Director at BES. “Turnover has trebled and in response we have relocated to a new facility to double available space, allowing for continued growth. Gavin is the ideal candidate to drive the company forward to improve its client base and build lasting relationships for the future.”

Sebel Eltron UK celebrates record growth with three senior appointments

S uSco Holdsworth. building services maintenance.

For the past six years, he was responsible for the BBC’s major facilities at Evesham, including its broadcast and distribution-critical buildings and Academy devoted to journalism, production and technology training.

A qualified electrical services engineer with a Managing Safely qualification from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Holdsworth will be part of J S Wright’s Health & Safety, Quality and Aftercare team led by Associate Director Toby Guise.

Marcus Aniol, Managing Director at J S Wright, said: “We are delighted to welcome such an experienced manager to lead our new maintenance department, which has been created in response to the many requests we have received from clients and occupiers of new-build apartments to service and maintain the equipment we have installed and for which our customers have become responsible.”


tiebel Eltron UK is celebrating record growth for the first half of 2017 and has made three key

appointments to manage increased demand. Turnover at the heating products manufacturer has risen by 16% on the same six month period in 2016, thanks to an increased product range and further expansion into the leisure and hospitality industries.

This is double 2016’s growth rate on the previous year and has necessitated three new appointments across various divisions; Andrew Probert, Andrew Buttree and Amber Larkin.

Larkin joins the company’s head office from Vauxhall Motors in Ellesmere Port. She will be applying her mechanical skills to the technical desk at Stiebel Eltron to deliver technical support. Andrew Probert is the new Service Manager for the South, with a track record working in the mechanical and heating industries for many years as an installation engineer. Finally, Andrew Buttree joins as Key Account Manager in a business development role

uMD, Mark McManus.

working alongside architects and developers to create new specifications in the residential sector and help drive the ongoing growth. Mark McManus, Stiebel Eltron UK Managing Director, said: “We are seeing

increased demand across the residential and commercial markets and have a number of innovative new products in research and development as we speak.

“All of this means it’s an exciting time for our new starters to join the company, as we look to build on the success we have seen so far in 2017.”


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