The contractor, which has offices in Manchester, Cannock and Maidstone, has attained the coveted status of Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner. Deane Flint, sales and marketing director for Mitsubishi Electric, explained: “The Diamond Quality Partner status recognises that Coolair has achieved exceptional levels of training, skills and customer satisfaction as well as acknowledging its expertise in the design and installation of HVAC systems using Mitsubishi Electric’s range of products.”


Advertorial WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY Coolair awarded elite partner status by Mitsubishi Electric

oolair Equipment has boosted its reputation for outstanding quality after being awarded a new industry leading accreditation.

Coolair became one of the first companies to

receive the accreditation after its installations in southern England were audited by an independent specialist, and it will continue to be audited to maintain its prestigious new status. Mark Garstang, Coolair regional director,

commented: “Having already built up a successful working relationship with Mitsubishi Electric as a Business Solutions Partner, we are delighted to have been invited to join a new Premier League of contractors that meet the worldrenowned company’s high quality standards. “As well as having our installations checked and validated, customers will benefit from

Efficient water heating from ELCO

Carlo Gavazzi and Iris Design strike new energy partnership

as a Specialist Energy Partner to install and commission their full range of Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management Solutions. Consuming less energy is about


our access to the full Mitsubishi Electric product range as well as its advanced tools to monitor and optimise system design for lifelong performance.” New IDEAL FT45™ for simpler, more reliable cable terminations

o make assembly and termination of CAT5e and CAT6 modular plugs simpler, the IDEAL FT45 FeedThru Modular Plugs and Crimp Tool are available. The FT45 FeedThru Modular Plugs are


singlepiece connectors, removing the need to assemble a threepiece connector, even when working with CAT6 cable. This makes terminations more consistent. To speed up assembly, FT45 installers

instantaneously supplying large volumes of hot water in commercial applications. The range comprises seven models with outputs


from 150kW to 570kW, with each version offering classleading efficiencies up to 110%, robust performance and NOx emissions as low as 34mg/kWh.

TRIGON® XL WH is capable of providing a

continuous supply of hot water at an efficient recovery rate of up to 9,257 litres per hour. Combined with extremely flexible configurations and a clever design, the water heater is perfect for a variety of installations, such as leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and commercial laundrettes. There are a number of standout technological

features in the range, including an advanced premix burner system for reliable performance, a water cooled combustion chamber which provides highest possible thermal conductivity, plus optimised combustion zones for low emissions. In addition, TRIGON® XL WH benefits from several design features to enhance practicality, such as builtin cargo wheels for quick transportation, compact dimensions for easy passage through standard doors, plus a clever modular system that allows the water heater to be quickly disassembled into component parts for flexible siting.

LCO Heating Solutions has launched the TRIGON® XL WH – a new condensing direct gasfired water heater capable of

simply remove an appropriate section of jacket, remove the centre spline, untwist the pairs into the right order, and trim the ends flat. The cable can then be slid into the connector until seated. As the wires are fed through the clear

connector they can be seen, enabling installers to visually verify the correct wiring order. The openended feedthru plug includes 3pin contacts, rather than 2pins. Once the wires are fed through, the user

can pull the cable into the plug, pulling the twists to the front of the connector. This provides better radiofrequency performance and minimal untwisting, while ensuring that the cable jacket is fully secured. To complete the

process, the installer places the assembled plug into the compact and easytouse FT45 Crimp Tool and squeezes the handle closed. The versatile tool is capable of crimping

feedthru, standard and shielded connectors.

Martindale Electric puts thermal imaging within easy reach

imaging for troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical installations. The combination of real time thermal imaging with spot infrared temperature measurement, packaged in a rugged pistol design, make it the ideal tool for electricians and maintenance teams needing fast onsite diagnostics. The cameras show hot and cold spots at a glance and accurately measure spot temperatures of hot and hard to reach surfaces. The advanced thermal images, displayed on the 4.5cm colour display, combine colour temperature gradients and component outlines to quickly troubleshoot problems, be it poor electrical connections, phase unbalance or faulty motors and bearings. Both IRC325 and IRC327 include an infrared spot thermometer making it easy to accurately and safely measure the


Carlo Gavazzi’s WM50 when its mission critical

reduces installation time by up to 75% when compared to existing solutions. The WM50 is a multichannel power analyser offering Branch Circuit Power Monitoring for up to 96 channels in any combination of threephase and singlephase loads or twophase and single phase loads using the TCD12 split core current sensors. Made up of three


components, the base unit provides a wide backlit LCD touch screen display to configure the system, view measurements and manages sixteen virtual alarms. Then there are two optional modules, one for digital I/O and the other for communication. The WM50 feature a modular sandwich style design, which provides up to 70 percent space saving behind the panel. Users simply snap additional modules to the rear of

arlo Gavazzi’s WM50 is the latest branch power monitoring solution which

he new IRC thermal imaging cameras from Martindale Electric represent a breakthrough in affordable thermal

temperature of hot and hard to reach surfaces without contact. For more

advanced applications, the IRC327 has an extended temperature range to 650°C and allows simple capture and storage of the image to the SD card for evaluation and reporting. In addition, laser targeting and the 5 LED torch make it easy to get reliable measurements wherever you are working. The builtin lens cover of the IRC327 provides protection for all environments.

Email: sales@martindale or visit www.martindale

VentAxia wins award for tackling air quality


the meter by stacking and securing them to provide digital I/O and communication using either Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP. Accuracy is ±0.2% RDG current

and voltage and the meter is rated equivalent to class 0.5S (kWh) according EN6205322 measuring all the mains electrical variable, including the harmonic distortion (THD and single harmonics up to 32nd harmonic) of current and voltage. Sales enquiries: tel: +44 (0) 1276 854110.

eading British ventilation manufacturer VentAxia is celebrating winning

‘Commercial/Industrial Ventilation Product of the Year’ category at the prestigious HVR Awards 2017. Scooping the award for the

VentAxia Pure Air, an innovative air filtration system, the Sussexbased company received the accolade at a glittering awards ceremony on Thursday 26th October at London’s Chelsea Harbour Hotel. VentAxia beat stiff competition

this year to win the ‘Commercial/Industrial Ventilation Product of the Year’ category with the standard of entries said to be exceptionally high. After a rigorous judging process, the judges selected the company’s advanced air filtration system the VentAxia Pure Air, which was praised by the judges for addressing indoor air quality (IAQ) issues and demonstrating great foresight and commitment to public health.


proud to have been acknowledged for our VentAxia Pure Air filtration system. With indoor air quality being proven to be crucial to the health of building occupants, the Vent Axia Pure Air offers peace of mind by helping provide a healthy indoor environment. We are thrilled to have gained industry recognition which highlights the important issue of IAQ,” said David Cook, Product Marketing Manager – Non Residential at VentAxia.

www.vent “CIAT has an established

reputation of quality, innovation and comfort performance with its airside products. Now, with the launch of the new DX range, CIAT’s offering covers all the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements for most applications,” said David Dunn, director and general manager, CIAT Ozonair. “The launch of CIAT DX air conditioners gives installers and contractors a highquality option at a highly competitive price point.”

getting the technology and monitoring strategy right; when this is understood then a building’s performance can be improved and energy usage reduced. These actions will reduce fuel bills and carbon footprint.

Iris Design Solutions have many

established relationships with leading Engineering and Building Services companies, designing installing, commissioning and maintaining BEMS and intelligent energy metering solutions as a specialist system integrator. The company has completed many successful projects for a number of major high street and commercial names in the North West of England. Carlo Gavazzi will provide Iris Design Solutions with a comprehensive training programme which will complement their existing capabilities and acquire the

heshire based, Iris Design Solutions has been appointed by Carlo Gavazzi

tools required to apply our evolving technology to applications and expand their energy management opportunities. Will Darby, UK Sales Manager, of Carlo Gavazzi says: “Iris Design Solution is a respected installer with considerable experience and expert knowledge in the application of Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management Solutions”. Iris Design Solutions, Managing

Director Will Delooze comments: “I am delighted to be appointed as a Carlo Gavazzi Specialist Energy Partner. Iris Design Solutions has a wealth of experience from initial project consultations through to system solution install, commissioning and after care support”. Sales enquiries: tel: +44 (0)

1276 854110

CIAT launches new range of

DX Air Conditioners in major expansion of building services offering

conditioners. The new range covers air conditioning systems for domestic and light commercial applications, including portables, highwall splits, floormounted consoles, underceiling units, cassettes, ducted units, plus a range of multisplit outdoor condensing units. The new CIAT split systems are all based on inverter technology to offer excellent comfort and energy efficiency.


IAT is expanding its offering with the launch of a range of highperformance DX air

unit has Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) values in excess of 7 and Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) values all above 4, putting it in the top rank of modern split systems. The Mambo small commercial

range of floorstanding console air conditioners features full inverter control and reversible heat pump operation. The units are highly flexible, with two air outlets and four air inlets, and can be sited on a wall or under a ceiling. CIAT’s new Salsa cassette heat pump air conditioner has a 360 degree airflow design to ensure even temperature distribution across a room, without creating draughts for occupants. The new slim CIAT ducted range

offers nominal cooling capacities from 3.52kW to 15.54kW and heating from 3.8kW to 17.6kW. Fully reversible and with inbuilt inverter control, the system offers a wide static pressure range, with a maximum static pressure of 160

pascals for high performance and energy efficiency. Completing the range is a series

CIAT’s new Stella highwall split

system offers full reversible operation under inverter control, WiFi enabled control and monitoring. The highefficiency

of CIAT multisplit outdoor condensing units, with options capable of serving between two and five indoor units. They can be multiplexed in combination to offer high performance, compact cooling and heating for any size of project. For more information, call 01372 220251, email or visit: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

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