Making energy management work for you, with Mark Rimell, Energy Specialist at Carlo Gavazzi

Maximising e ciencies with a bespoke low carbon plant room, with Adrian Morris, Product Manager at Remeha


drian Morris will discuss how to maximise the efficiency of multi-component, low-carbon heating systems to avoid an energy performance gap between design intent and real world operation. He will identify the key design stages to follow when installing combined heat and power units in conjunction with high- efficiency condensing boiler technology. Remeha will also provide practical examples of tailored equipment – from bespoke rig systems to packaged plant rooms – that, by accommodating individual requirements, can achieve the most commercially and environmentally sustainable heating solution for each project.

What you need to know about the Internet of Things, with James Palmer, Business Development Manager at North Building Technologies


ames Palmer will explain how the IoT and indeed the Cloud are not clearly definable things, but a collection of technologies which need careful specification to gain benefit from. The seminar will also demonstrate that the existing players in this field such as Google and IBM could encroach on our market in the years to come, while discussing how that could be highly disruptive.


ark Rimell offers a broader knowledge and

understanding on how you can make energy management work for you now and into the future. With energy accounting for 40% of the life costs and 50% of the running costs of a building, managing these costs effectively requires monitoring and control systems to work together in

harmony. Consuming less energy is about getting the technology and strategy right; when this is understood then a building’s performance can be improved and energy usage reduced.

Energy performance management, with Andy Mills, Business Development Manager at Priva UK

ar too many buildings do not perform optimally. Installations use too much energy and there are plenty of problems regarding comfort. The most


prevalent cause: too little attention to building performance during the maintenance and control phase; often the result of the complexity of the installations, a lack of resources and poor communication between the owner of the building and the service organisation. Priva solutions help you to manage your building and this CPD explains the thinking and techniques behind them.

The future of buildings: How BMS can futureproof your investments, with Mike Hicks, IOT Lead Services Manager at Schneider Electric


esigning a future-proof network is often extremely difficult, but also a process that is absolutely necessary. Having an intelligent plan in place for migrating to new systems in the future is necessary to sustaining intelligent building systems over time. This seminar looks at the trends that are shaping the future of buildings, starting from Big Data to Open Protocols. With over 50 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) worldwide by 2020, connectivity is fast becoming a key focus in systems.

Walking the legislaon ghtrope to migate unnecessary business costs, with Alex Hill and Joe Warren, of ZTP

ith a large amount of legislation surrounding utilities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay compliant and mitigate costs. ZTP’s Alex Hill and Joe Warren will give an overview of both current and future legislation linked to electricity, gas and water consumption for all commercial bill payers. The seminar will provide a full explanation of all relevant


legislative measures and examples of the costs involved to the end user. In addition to looking at the effect of legislation on the price of energy ZTP will also provide estimated energy costs up to 2021.

The Worlds smallest PIR with a Built-in Amplifier

with a Built-in Amplifier

orlds smallest PIR

1µA – low current 1µA – low current consumption types available consumption types available

D w

Dual Zone – Horizontally wide detection type

Dual Zone – Standard and slight-motion detection type

Security & Wireless Devices

 Security sensors and cameras  Wireless occupancy sensors  PC and smart phone

Security & Wireless Devices nd cameras

PaPIRs Motion Sensors available fromPaPIRs Motion Sensors available from Panasonic Home Appliances (Energy Savings)

Home Appliances (Energy Savings)  Television and PC monitors

elevision and PC monitors

 Air-Conditioners  Air Purifiers

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Housing & Commercial Development

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