SPONSORS WHAT’S NEW A MAGNAificent performance

and contractors would embrace this flexible range of intelligent, high efficiency circulators. Today, having just past the 1,000,000


pump produced milestone, the MAGNA3 is an established firm favourite for a wide range of projects that involve heating, cooling, ground source heat pump systems and domestic hot water applications. In fact, any solution that can benefit from an intelligent high efficiency circulator.

hen Grundfos introduced the MAGNA3 range five years ago, they hoped that consultants

Available in single and twin head options that cover a wide range of duties, specifying the MAGNA3 is straightforward, as the range offers a maximum head of 18m and flow of 70m3/h (140 m3/h for twin head models), and supports 6 to 16 bar system pressure. All of which means the MAGNA3 will be a perfect fit regardless of the project. To find out more about these pumps

as well as the rest of the commercial range from Grundfos visit:

New high efficiency low NOx steel shell boilers from Hoval

Kingspan insulates services on visionary science building

Call outs cost around £130 for a commercial boiler breakdown and thousands of pounds to replace parts, so it makes sense to put preventative measures in place. Manufactured by leading UK supplier Inta, the IntaKlean Maxi range of magnetic filters protects commercial installations from magnetite buildup, preventing corrosion inside the heating system, thus keeping it free of debris that can cause clogging and breakdowns. It’s designed to be retrofitted easily and quickly, and can also be


installed with any new boiler to keep it at peak condition for longer. Available in 2.5" to 4", and supplied with PN16 flanges, the IntaKlean

Maxi commercial magnetic filter range features four 10,000 Gauss magnet. It also has a manual air bleed and a 1" drain plug, while the magnets

can be withdrawn from the filter without the need for draining down  making servicing quick and easy. Considering most schools spend around 20% of their maintenance

budget on their heating systems, it pays to install an IntaKlean Maxi. Cost savings are also crucial for the NHS. In 2016, it published the Securing Healthy Returns, which identified 35 sustainability measures, 18 of which focused on energy saving that could see a reduction of energy costs of £21.5 million*.

*Source: How_BIM_can_deliver_major_energy_savings_for_the_NHS.html

Coventry University’s flagship scientific teaching and research building, contributing towards the building’s BREEAM ’Excellent’ rating. M&E consultants, Buro Happold, collaborated with


oval has introduced two new models to its range of high efficiency, low NOx steel shell boilers; the Max3 E

and the Max3 condens E. Each model is available in four sizes in outputs up to 6,800kW in gas and dual fuel options. Key features include return inlets with injection effect to ensure return water is heated evenly – avoiding condensation on the flue surface and extending service life. A low NOx burner is supplied as standard in both models to ensure compliance with the forthcoming Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD), which will apply to boilers commissioned after December 2018. This is combined with threepass technology in the Hoval Max3 E to reduce emissions even further, with retarders in the third pass tubes to improve heat transfer and efficiency. The Hoval Max3 condens E also uses a threepass heat exchanger design,

combined with an integrated flue gas condensing heat exchanger with a large heat transfer surface to increase the rate of condensation. The large tube diameter of the gas heat exchanger also reduces hydraulic resistance so that a smaller pump can be used (compared to boilers with a narrower tube).

Both boiler models are delivered assembled and ready to use, complete with full thermal insulation and aluminium cladding, as well as flexibly adjustable connections for ease of installation. The large, thermallyinsulated boiler door ensures easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and the tube nest area of the second pass can also be easily accessed thanks to the large combustion and reversal chambers. Further information: S

ympathetically designed, the new Bloomberg HQ it is situated on a 3.2acre prominent site in the heart of the City of London. It provides 1.1 million sq. ft. of sustainable office, public and retail space as well an innovative museum experience. Achieving the highest ever design stage BREAAM score of 98.5%, is no accident for this global information and technology company, who put sustainability at their core. Incorporating many innovative elements, it is

expected the new building will use 73% less water due to clever recycling and achieve a 35% energy saving because of a range of measures including the use of natural ventilation, when compared to a standard office building. The impressive annual water savings are

estimated at 25 million litres, this will be achieved by ensuring that water is collected from the roof, cooling tower and grey water sources, treated and then recycled. Such a sophisticated system will rely heavily on water being delivered to and from the various collection points and performing this role will be a range of Grundfos booster sets. Linked to the building’s BMS, the selected

Grundfos packaged solutions will play their various roles at the heart of the operation to ensure that water is where it is needed, when it is needed. Additionally, due to the energy efficient nature of the booster sets selected, these will also contribute to the overall energy savings. For more information visit: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

NG Bailey M&E and Thermal Clad to ensure that the building services achieved outstanding energy performance. The products feature premium performance insulation cores with thermal conductivities as low as 0.025 W/m.K and 0.022 W/m.K respectively. Kingspan Kooltherm FM Pipe and Duct Insulation

also offer excellent reaction to fire performance and are FM Approved to Class 4924 when installed in accordance with the conditions defined by the approval. As part of the Kingspan Kooltherm FM Complete Pipe Insulation System, Kingspan Kooltherm FireSleeves were installed around the pipework at penetrations. When exposed to high levels of heat, the intumescent material within these products swells and forms a hard char. This closes any gaps between the pipework and the penetration edge, maintaining proper compartmentation. They can act as a 2hour fire stop to BS EN 1366 Part 3 on both steel and copper pipe service penetrations through block wall applications. For more information: Bloomberg delivers a breath of fresh air S

pecifiers can tailormake their internal environments using an innovative approach to ventilation devised by Gilberts (Blackpool) Limited.

The UK’s leading independent air movement specialist has developed

a range of modular ‘accessory’ boxes to integrate with its innovative hybrid Mistrale Fusion System (MFS) standalone ventilation. The concept enables easy addition of various filtration options, to the MFS through wall or throughwindow unit. Thus, just by adding the appropriate box behind the core Fusion unit,

the ventilation can be simply and efficiently adapted to the specific requirements of each room, be it, F27 rated inclusive, or F7+NOx filters. “Using this modular approach makes it as simple as possible for the

precise needs of each room to be met, in line with the latest BB101 requirements,” explains Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. Gilberts, tel: 01253 766911; email:

Small yet powerful  Panasonic

introduces its most compact and efficient Mini ECOi VRF system

most compact, yet efficient Mini ECOi series ever – available from November 2017. The new Mini ECOi VRF models, designed for residential and light commercial applications, deliver a powerful performance for properties with limited outdoor space and boasts significant energy savings, easy installation and high efficiency. The new Mini ECOi Series, which includes 4HP, 5HP and 6HP models, is the ideal solution for delivering highly efficient VRF technology to buildings with restricted external space, such as apartment blocks with very small balconies. Thanks to innovative new


technology the range has the best EER and COP rating in the industry, with single fan 4HP units achieving a maximum EER of 4.50 and a maximum COP of 5.19. The technology that delivers this performance includes the new Panasonic Twin Rotary

anasonic has redesigned its Mini VRF heating and cooling units to produce the

he Kingspan Kooltherm FM Complete Pipe Insulation System and Kingspan Kooltherm FM Duct Insulation have been installed as part of

Filtering the options extends flexibility and ensures indoor air quality (IAQ)

Advertorial BSEE

Why the Intaklean Maxi filter can keep your boiler running this winter

ith winter fast approaching, facilities managers in care homes, hospitals, schools and colleges need to keep their heating systems in optimal condition.

Compressor with wider inverter control for higher efficiency and improved partial load control. Moreover, the new bluefin heat

exchanger pattern makes the Mini ECOi more effective in extreme conditions by offering a higher outdoor heat exchange. In fact, the Mini ECOi series is so resourceful it is even more energyefficient than a two fan outdoor unit+. The new series offers up to 50m piping length between the outdoor and furthest indoor unit, without the need for an additional refrigerant charge. Furthermore, the new units offer a silent mode that can maintain the same operating capacity, which allows greater flexibility when installing the units in residential areas. For more information visit: BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017 47

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