SPONSORS REVIEW OF THE YEAR Grundfos combat legionella effectively with disinfection E

ffective water disinfection is very important in all buildings. The Oxiperm Pro is a bespoke chlorine dioxide generator from Grundfos that has full WRAS approval. Chlorine dioxide is vital in providing clean water to a variety of potentially susceptible applications including hotels, sports & leisure facilities and hospitals. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful disinfection selection, and has excellent bactericidal, viricidal, sporicidal and algicidal properties. Specifically, within water purification, chlorine dioxide has the major advantage of ensuring clean water from the tap where the action of other methods such as hot water sterilisation is less effective and costly. It remains in the system for a long time, which means

it disinfects even without extracting water. Another big advantage of chlorine dioxide over other disinfectants such as hot water sterilisation is its effectiveness against biofilms. The Oxiperm Pro generator offers many

features and benefits that are unmatched by other disinfection methods: uremoves both legionella and biofilm uno effect on water taste and smell ulow life cycle cost compared to sterilisation by hot water uimmediately effective udoes not produce bromates or THM (toxic and cancer promoters) uwater pH adaptable

Viega presents a new pressin branch connector V

iega, the global manufacturer of press connection, prewall and drainage technology, has launched its

new Megapress pressin connection in the UK. The system makes adding extra sensors, thermometers, drainage valves or pipe connections to thick walled pipe installations fast, simple and clean. Additional components often have to be

retrofitted into industrial pipework systems. This traditionally means having to retro weld into the pipe, which can prove time consuming and disruptive to the building occupants, as the system commonly has to be drained while the work is completed. The Megapress pressin connector

developed by Viega provides a faster and cleaner alternative. The installation is completed in just two minutes, providing an estimated 80% time saving when compared to welding. In addition, the compact size of

uremoves scalding risk from hot water ulongterm effect uhighly soluble udisinfectant madeup on demand ucompact design The Oxiperm Pro is a compact

robust system which is easy to install, operate and maintain. Up to 90% of operating costs in energy reduction can be saved compared to sterilisation by hot water method. With so many pro’s in favour of these units, the

Grundfos Oxiperm Pro is a disinfection solution that really does add up. G

Advertorial BSEE

PowerBreaker – relaunched, refreshed, revitalised!

reenBrook has relaunched its marketleading brand of Powerbreaker RCDs by

increasing the range to offer arguably the most comprehensive selection of RCD safety products on the market. An informative new brochure

detailing the range of 10mA, 30mA, Active and Passive products, entitled “A Guide to Electrical Safety”, is available now, along with a new website solely dedicated to this impressive range (see The 17th Edition of Building

the connector allows branches to be added even in hard to access locations or where space around the pipework is limited. Fitting the pressin connector is simple; the drilling guide is secured around the pipe in the correct location. The drill is then used to bore the required hole in the steel pipe while a suction device ensures that no swarf enters the pipe. Finally, the connector is pressed onto the pipe. For more information visit: B Rehau launches Rautan modern pipework system

rand new from REHAU is RAUTITAN, a universal 10 bar pipework

solution designed for drinking water and heating systems comprising Flex and Stabil polymer pipes. The flexible PEXa

RAUTITAN pipework system, available in coils, straights and as a preinsulated system, delivers on durability, corrosion resistance and ease of installation. The Flex range, a five layer polymer pipe, is available from 16 63mm and the multilayer Stabil pipe range is available from 1640mm. RAUTITAN is fully certified as hygienic for drinking

water. Its smooth surface prevents deposits forming while cavityfree impermeable joints eliminate the risk of microbial contamination. It has WRAS approval for PEXa and multilayer PEXa. Suitable for radiator

connections RAUTITAN can be used for installations through the floor, skirting board or wall, offering a selection of pipe sizes, fittings and accessories, including compact stainless steel heating pipe manifolds. Unlike conventional polymer pipework, RAUTITAN uses the REHAU compression sleeve jointing

Regulations recommends the use of RCD for sockets as well as for inside consumer units, but, despite this recommendation – there are still approximately 13 million homes in the UK that have no RCD protection at all. Approximately 10% of all fires are caused by electrical faults, many of which could be prevented by using RCDs.

Wimbledon continues to serve up excellence

follow the progress of the players through the various stages.


system, producing a permanently sealed joint without Orings  even at  10°C. Available in polymer, stainless steel and gunmetal, the RAUTITAN fittings offer flexibility and interoperability for installation specifications. REHAU’s compression

sleeve system has been used for over 850 million joints, with a zero fail rate. For more information visit Behind the scenes, there is another less obvious

army of hidden supporters who are equally as important to this grand slam event as the famous faces of the players whose images are beamed across the world, and who are so closely followed by the live spectators and the millions of global television and digital audiences. These vital supporters include a wide range of Grundfos Pumps. A recent new arrival is a 6pump Grundfos Hydro

MPCE booster set that will help to support the latest part of the Wimbledon Master Plan that also includes the development of a roof over No 1 Court, extra seating and a new public plaza. Being able to deliver the required amount of water

to where it is needed, when it is needed is often crucial, but when this is an iconic venue that employs 2,200 staff who look after the 39,000 spectators who each year drink 330,000 cups of tea and coffee and consume 140,000 servings of strawberries & cream that Wimbledon has become synonymous with. Grundfos are delighted to be continuing to play

their role in supporting this great venue as it continues to evolve and develop.

Nicotra Gebhardt Introduces groundbreaking RQM hybrid fan


eading fan manufacturer Nicotra Gebhardt has launched a new compact

fan that delivers unrivalled energy efficiency. The RQM ‘MultiEvo’ beats

every traditional plug fan on energy efficiency* thanks to the optimization of all key components, including a hollow section ‘aerofoil’ backward curve impeller, a permanent magnet (PM) internal rotor motor rated at IE5 efficiency and integrated electronic controls. The compactly designed RQM can be fitted at multiple access points for ease of maintenance and is ideal for both ‘new build’ and refurbishment / retrofit applications. The company’s ‘MultiEvo’

technology has delivered a range of directly driven hybrid centrifugal fans with multiple discharge outlets and static system efficiencies of up to 78%.

The multispiral technology (called MultiEvo) combines the compact design of plug fans with the effectiveness and reliability of traditionally ‘housed’ fans that offer static pressure increase and energy efficiency. Depending on the fan size,

the RQM reaches 8 to 15% higher energy efficiencies than ‘best on market’ traditional plug fans The RQM range includes all

standard fan diameters from 355mm to 710mm, providing performances of up to approx. 6.5m3/s (23,000m3/h) and/or total pressures of up to 1750Pa. The PM motors are, as standard, IE5 rated and available with motor powers up to 6.5kW (free of rare earth materials) together with integrated electronics. Additional impeller sizes and motor outputs of up to 22 kW will be available later in 2017 to complement the range.

www.nicotra VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

supplied by Mikrofill. The three Ethos boilers each


have an output of 130 kW and will primarily serve the hospital’s HWS demand. They are configured to provide heat into the main system when hot water requirements are at a minimum. These boilers have stainless

steel heat exchangers and operate in cascade so that the total output

he replacement of existing CHP plant at Bedford Hospital includes boilers

of 390 kW can be modulated down 13 kW for precise load matching.

The scheme is fully sequenced

to ensure that the LTHW boilers serve heating in preference to the existing steamtoLTHW heat exchanges. This takes load off the central plant and improves overall system efficiency. For more information call 08452 606020 or visit: BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017 41

hen all eyes turn to Wimbledon each summer, the focus is on the players and the excitement of the tennis matches as we all

RCDs are available in different

variants, Passive or Active, and can be used for different applications. Many people are unaware of the differences between these two products and do not understand where best to use a10mA powerbreaker. For Passive RCDs a typical

application would be a refrigerator or freezer that would return to their regular mode of operation as soon as the power supply resumes normal operation. Available in all good wholesalers.

NEW Vela Compact – tested by the LIA to have insulation laid directly over the fitting


reenBrook’s new VELA Compact range of LED

Dimmable Fire Rated Downlights have a super low profile, only 40mm, and they allow the insulation to be laid directly over the fitting. This has been tested and verified in the Lighting Industry Association’s Test Laboratory. Available in Fixed and Tilt options, 3,000k & 4,000K, these attractive and easy to install fittings are offered in matt white, polished chrome and satin chrome finishes. Rated IP65 and including a dimmable LED driver, these 7W fittings offer a 55 degree beam angle and a lumen output of 89lm/W.

Peter Ratcliffe, Sales Director

of GreenBrook, said “We are really excited about these new Vela Compact downlights – these products are ideal for installing in ceilings voids with restricted space and are already going down a storm in the market”.

Mikrofill replaces boilers in CHP plant at Bedford Hospital

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