leaders in electronic lighting components. The new dimmable driver is expected to be very popular as it is designed to be compatible with most dimmers from a wide range of dimming controls manufacturers. The driver has been cleverly designed to auto


detect and work reliably with triac, leading edge and trailing edge dimmers, potentiometers and 010V dimming controls. It is fully software controlled to analyse the behaviour of all dimmers and is able to dim as low as 12mA. The driver allows ultrasmooth dimming and linear dimming supporting Dim to Warm LEDs.

Fulham launches new LED 25W universal mains dimmable driver As part of the Fulham LumoSeries family of

ctober sees the launch of a new LED 25W universal mains dimmable driver from Fulham Europe, one of the

drivers, the new dimmable driver features the lowest inrush current in the industry meaning that more drivers and luminaires can be operated on a single circuit. With very compact dimensions of just 110 x 52 x 23.5mm, the lightweight plastic cased LED dimmable driver features surge protection, and a low ripple design for flickerfree lighting. It has a very wide output voltage and current, making it suitable for a wide range of LED luminaires and in applications from leisure and hospitality to retail and restaurant. It is suitable for COB arrays through to LED strips. Email: or tel: +31 72 572 3000

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), has confirmed its dedication to providing open protocol solutions that are fully interoperable with other manufacturers’ products. The company believes that although it is commonly perceived as a proprietary technology developer, nothing could be further from the truth. This is highlighted by Trend’s recent announcement that its industry leading range of IQ®4 controllers – including the IQ®41x, IQ®422, IQ®4E, IQ®4NC devices – now comes with full BACnet Building Controller (BBC) compliance. Steve Browning, Trend’s partner and


end customer marketing communications manager, commented, ‘BBC is currently specified in approximately 50 per cent of BEMS specifications across Europe and although this is an exciting development for us, the fact is that Trend has offered BACnet Application Specific Controller (B ASC) compatibility for many years. Just as importantly, we have always understood that the complexity of modern buildings and the diverse ways they are configured often means that disparate elements of a building services infrastructure need to be integrated into one holistic, open protocol BEMS.’ Open protocol BEMS provide enhanced usability with one point of operation for multiple building systems such as intelligent lighting controls, fire detection and security, packaged plant etc. This also brings lower installation costs in terms of networking infrastructure. They also allow the design of systems with the best capabilities for the task in hand, resulting in a more effective, complete BEMS solution. This in turn

Trend keeps its BEMS opons open Decorative wall and bollard

rend Control Systems, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of stateoftheart

exterior lighting from Luceco

makes future additions and expansion with any new ‘open’ compatible systems a simple undertaking. The primary advantage gained from the use of open protocol systems is the flexibility it provides, as each individual system within a total BEMS can be selected and tailored to the exact needs of the client. Crucially, if one system needs to be replaced, open protocol flexibility means that it can be changed, upgraded or replaced without disrupting the entire BEMS network. IQ®4’s BBC compliance is just the latest in a long line of Trend technologies that have been designed to fully exploit the benefits of open protocols. For example, the longstanding and highly successful Trend Open Network Node (TONN) enables a Trend BEMS to interface with protocols such as BACnet, OBIX, LONWORKS®, KNX, MODBUS, MBUS and many more. Furthermore, IQ®VISION – the successor

to the 963 Supervisor – integrates Trend controllers and third party smart devices into a software platform that uses open standards to manage buildings at an enterprise level. For further information please call Trend

Marketing on 01403 211888 or email

the new Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations, SIP billing 2 from Synapsys Solutions builds on the company’s existing platform to provide a comprehensive new system. One of the key new features is the ability to automatically bill tenants based on their apportioned energy calculations. Apportionment of energy costs based on demand has previously only been possible by manually processing data and producing reports. This provides the landlord with an easy way to view energy usage and


provide tenant bills on demand – in a costeffective manner. SIP billing 2 is the perfect solution for both commercial and

residential landlords as well as those responsible for University student accommodation. Matt Gardner, Business Development Manager for Synapsys Solutions said: “SIP billing 2 greatly assists landlords in settingup flexible tariffs with an easy to navigate system. Tenants also benefit from this new look solution as they now have energy usage information readily available which provides an incentive for them to take ownership of their actions, reduce energy usage and lower costs.”

http://www.synapsys products/sipbilling2/

Rittal offers users free cooling equipment survey


uceco Decorative Wall and Decorative Bollard LED luminaires are ideal for modern and creative exterior lighting. Suitable for many applications including public areas in commercial, retail and hospitality environments, this luminaire range is also at home in residential and domestic settings. 9W and 10W respectively, equivalent to a 26W PL lamp, both luminaires provide indirect light distribution and 30,000 hours of maintenance free, energy efficient exterior illumination. Decorative Bollard comes ready for root mount

installation and has an attractive anthracite IP65 aluminium housing with polycarbonate optic providing a stylish and sleek appearance. Also benefitting from the same robust construction, the surface mounted Decorative Wall luminaire complements the Decorative Bollard in terms of styling and provides glare free yet effective energy saving illumination to enhance an outside space.

Gripple strikes again with a revolutionary system to speed up and ease services installation


ripple, strikes again with Fast Trak™ which is designed for even faster and easier

installation of many mechanical and electrical services, particularly where ceiling space is limited. Fast Trak™, a prefabricated,

trapeze bracket, also ‘hits the spot’ for flexible and safe installation of electrical containment, ductwork, pipework and other mechanical services. Up to six times faster to install than traditional methods, including threaded rod and

channel, the product offers tool free adjustment, and an ideal solution for instances where ceiling space is less than 800mm. Fast Trak™ comprises metal

tracks, from 284mm to 534mm in length, accompanied by mounting brackets, from 309mm to 959mm long, and is designed to suit differing installations in residential buildings, highrise office blocks, hotels, hospitals, open retail spaces or transportation hubs. For quick and simple measuring there are

indicators at the end of each a bracket as a handy guide. Fast Trak is adaptable as the brackets can be moved along the tracks to facilitate any position changes. Compact in size and efficient,

Fast Trak™ systems are delivered to site in precut lengths, which not only reduces vehicle movements during transport and eases handling onsite but also eliminates cutting, and filing with no need for a ‘hot works’ permit, making the system safer to install.

Low carbon symposium marks opening of SAV Systems’ Edinburgh office

he official opening of SAV Systems’ low carbon energy centre in Manor Place,

Edinburgh in September was marked by a symposium on the application of low carbon, energy efficient technologies. The event featured a number of presentations mixed with SAV’s thanks go to the consulting engineers, contractors and local authority specifiers who attended, as well as our partners from

Danfoss, EC Power, Airmaster and Kamstrup. The company is also especially

grateful to Stuart J MacPherson, Honorary Danish Consul in Edinburgh, for performing the official opening ceremony. Further information:

For more information about the

new Fast Trak™ system contact Mark Kimberley on 0114 2288 623, or visit YouTube to see Fast Trak™ in action!

Advertorial BSEE

Flexible tenant billing with SIP billing 2

eveloped in response to requests for a tenant billing solution that meets

inspection surveys to ensure that their production and process critical equipment is being adequately protected. The offer is available for a


limited period and extends to any business with Rittal climate control installations, ranging from top therm, roof mounted fans, to Blue e or Blue e+ cooling units, all of which manage the temperature inside their enclosures. The user does not have to have previously registered with Rittal for their cooling units to qualify. Excessive temperature or

overheating in an electrical enclosure means that enclosure cooling is very important for a number of reasons: uUnplanned interruptions to production due to tripping or failing control components are costly uExcessive temperature affects the correct operation and service life of electrical equipment uHigh temperatures that lead to tripping or failing control components are avoidable u80 per cent of control component failures may be addressed with a suitable cooling solution Marketing Director Simon


Kelemen says, “The costs of downtime, loss of production

sers of Rittal enclosure cooling technology are being offered free onsite

and system shutdown due to equipment running over temperature can easily exceed £10,000 per hour. I don’t know any businesses that would be happy to right that off, particularly as it’s entirely avoidable.”

Inspection by Rittal experts

For businesses with Rittal enclosure cooling equipment installed the process will involve an engineer conducting the review which will provide: uConfirmation as to the condition of the devices uAn assessment of their cleanliness, function and serviceability uAn asset list documenting status of each enclosure uA quotation (if required) based on the most appropriate solution for moving forward uOngoing service suggestions and offers, tailored to the site itself To book a survey, users can

contact the Rittal team via or call 01709 704105 to book their survey.

Further information on climate

control solutions at and www.friedhelmloh or on twitter @rittal_ltd.


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