standing commercial boilers comprising eight models offering outputs from 41 to 221kW. Each model in the new Herald


range features a 316L stainless steel heat exchanger that greatly improves resistance to corrosion and is supported by a 10year warranty. They also offer very low NOx emissions of 39mg/kWh, which means they qualify for the maximum three BREAAM points.

oiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has launched a new range of floor

Lochinvar unveils latest in flexible boiler technology Capable of working at high

operating pressures of up to 11bar, Herald boilers are particularly suitable for high rise buildings. They also deliver temperatures up to 88degC and at Delta T of 30degC. They are particularly compact. At 394mm wide, they are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway and the largest model, at 228kW output, has a footprint under 0.5m2. At a maximum height of 1080mm they can cope with most headroom restrictions and can fit into the tightest of plant rooms.

Multiple flue options are available including horizontal or vertical concentric balanced flue and also conventional where runs of up to 60m are achievable. The conventional flue outlet connection is at the rear of the unit, which means the Herald is perfectly designed to be a replacement for traditional atmospheric boilers.

and hotels. If left unchecked, limescale can lead to problems such as higher energy bills (British Water estimates that just 1.6mm of limescale can increase a heating system’s fuel requirement by up to 12%), as well as premature repairs, breakdowns and replacement of secondary hot water system components and appliances, business downtime, and unnecessary, unplanned capital expenditure. To inhibit the buildup of limescale, KalGUARD® from Sentinel


Lochinvar launches appbased smart boiler control

gasfired condensing boilers. The ConXus™ system enables users to


connect their smart devices, including phones and tablets, to the onboard boiler controls so they can monitor and adjust the system operation and heating parameters from anywhere in the world. ConXus is an ancillary option, which can be

ordered and fitted to the boiler before despatch, or retrofitted on site. The app is free to download and is suitable for iPhone or Android devices. There are no ongoing costs and it provides full control over the boiler with email or text alerts keeping users connected and updated 24/7. Operation of the device is via touch screen

technology or by typing in specific information to remotely adjust set points, outdoor reset curves, pump controls and many other functions. It can also be adjusted to allow temporary

access to other users for maintenance or after sales support so that any operational

oiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has launched a ‘smart’ app based controller for its Herald range of

problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. The system can also be configured by the main user to allow up to three extra service personnel to receive e mail or text alerts. ConXus™ uses

colourcoded status alerts to indicate if the boiler needs attention or servicing. It describes any potential problem and offers a solution. “Smart technology

really comes into its own in this kind of application,” said Lochinvar managing director David Pepper. “Our app reduces service and repair costs and avoids potential system downtime by acting as an early warning system. “It also enables continual monitoring so the user can adjust settings at any time of day or

Lochinvar puts NOx emissions to the sword

launched a new range of low NOx, fully condensing gasfired water heaters aimed at small commercial and large residential projects. EcoSword is available in nine models with storage capacities ranging from 163 to 388 litres and with rapid hot water recovery rates from 210 to 540 litres per hour based on a temperature rise of 50°C. As a result, this technology represents a costeffective option for end users looking to use condensing technology in smaller hot water demand applications. The ‘cold zone’ heat


exchanger design ensures that the unit operates in condensing mode as much as possible and, along with its fully modulating pre mix burner, this allows it to achieve seasonal efficiencies of up to 98.2% (Building Regulations) and water heater efficiency of up to 94% (ErP) All models are WRAS certified and ‘A’ rated under the ErP Energy Labelling legislation. With air quality also an

increasingly important consideration for

specifiers, EcoSword boasts NOx emissions below 37 mg/kWh across the range and, therefore, each model qualifies for the maximum three BREEAM points available.


The units are compact enough for installation in the most restricted spaces and there is no clearance required at the rear of the


oiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has

unit and minimal clearances of only 50mm at the side and 100mm in front. Also, all of the components can be accessed from the front of the unit to make maintenance easier. EcoSword’s storage

vessels are built from enameled steel and include a Correx system, which protects the vessel from the effects of electrolytic action, but requires less maintenance than traditional magnesium anodes. The storage vessel is

supported by a threeyear warranty; is fully insulated and jacketed; and has low standing losses. “For a company that is

more readily identified with large commercial projects, EcoSword is an important addition to our range,” said Lochinvar’s Managing Director David Pepper.

“Condensing hot water

technology has not always been financially viable for some smaller projects, but with this development we are making higher efficiency, low NOx solutions available to a wider crosssection of the market.”

Commercial is a scientifically – and independentlyproven – limescale control device which uses unique driven electrolytic technology. What’s more, KalGUARD is arguably the best limescale control device on the market in terms of overall costeffectiveness, performance, ease of installation and maintenance.

The only methodology approved in Part L

KalGUARD, which comprises a zinc anode unit, water meter and controller, permanently ‘conditions’ water by dosing it with a very low level of stable zinc. This is achieved via a controlled electrolytic process, which uses a powered zinc anode and a copper cathode, forcing naturallyoccurring calcium carbonate crystals to form as soft, non depositforming aragonite rather than hard, depositforming calcite (limescale). Electrolytic technology is the only powered deviceled methodology to

be recommended by UK Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L. Furthermore, independent testing undertaken at Cranfield University has proven KalGUARD’s ability to reduce limescale.

Permanent limescale prevenon

Forget temporary limescale control – KalGUARD continuously alters the chemical composition of calcium carbonate crystals for longlasting protection and complete peace of mind.

Not LSI dependent

night from wherever they are. This means the heating system will always run efficiently and respond to any change in user requirements or operating conditions.”

Slim, bright and powerful

KalGUARD does not rely on water chemistry and ambient temperature having a positive Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), so there is never any need for extra units or additional water analysis and liaison between manufacturer and designer. As a point of note, KalGUARD can be designed on demand, not just according to pipe size.

One KalGUARD treats an enre system

WRASapproved KalGUARD is able to treat an entire system when installed on a rising main before pump and booster sets, providing a valueengineered solution to limescale control. There is no need for additional units to be purchased and installed at more than one location, such as where water drawoff is sparse and spasmodic.

Maximum flexibility

KalGUARD is proven to be suitable for successful use in conjunction with all types of heaters from leading OEM providers; there is no restriction for use with high heat flux density water heating equipment, such as continuous flow heaters, for example. This provides maximum flexibility for the designer or consulting engineer on choice of heater.

Minimal maintenance

Once commissioned, KalGUARD requires only a biannual service if the system filter is fitted. Moreover, no consumables are needed for its ongoing operation, while the zinc anode lasts up to 12 years. KalGUARD comes in a range of sizes, from 22mm through to 108mm.


reenBrook’s new Lynx Range of LED Slimline Floodlights offers a high quality finish with an elegant design die cast body and tempered

glass. The range consists of 10W – 100W fittings in black or white, with or without PIR – all with a beam angle of 120° and a lumen output of 100lm/W all rated IP65 and ideal for installation in both domestic and commercial properties. For maximum electrical safety the electronics inside have been encapsulated for additional protection Manufactured with an LED array instead of a single chip allowing the powerful light to spread and appear less intense to the eye. Also fitted with cooling fins to assist heat dissipation and increase the life expectancy of the product. Easy to install and an ideal low energy alternative

to a Xenon flood – these sleek fittings have a mounting bracket that allows the product to rotate 360° so it can be positioned easily at the required angle. Peter Ratcliffe, Sales Director, said “This unit of one of the best quality I have seen on the market – a really nice design that looks and performs highend without breaking the bank”. Available now from all good wholesalers.

The system is already installed in thousands of commercial facilities across the UK, including those belonging to major supermarkets, leading hotel chains, universities, and international fast food outlets, providing proven energy, cost, and time saving limescale control. To find out more about the benefits of KalGUARD, call 01928 704330

or visit:

Advertorial BSEE

KalGUARD offers maximum benefits for limescale control

imescale control is recommended for any business located within a hard water area, and especially those that rely on the availability of hot water, such as restaurants, care homes, schools, leisure facilities

uKalGUARD comes in a range of sizes, from 22mm through to 108mm to suit all commercial applicaons.


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