Developing an intelligent and interacve HVAC pipe network, with Vijay Srikandarajah, CIBSE level 5 Low Carbon Energy Assessor at Loughborough University


he government is committed to and imposing the BIM way of working in the AEC industry. This study deals with the translation of pipework systems from BIM models and the factors which affect the performance of the pipework data to present in virtual reality. Vijay Srikandarajah’s CPD will include innovative methods for design and insulating HVAC pipes, as well as validated methods for developing novel low-cost smart coatings to improve service life.

Protecng buildings from cyber a acks, with Steve Marn, Head of Technical at the Electrical Contractors’ Associaon (ECA)

T BSRIA backs Forum

BSRIA is an ISO 9001 registered test, instruments, research and consultancy organisation, providing specialist services in construction and building services. It offers a range of services to help companies improve the design, build and operation of buildings. Its product testing and market research can also help manufacturers gain the relevant product certification and plan their marketing strategy.

Its building investigation services help FMs to operate and maintain their buildings more efficiently, saving money and energy while minimising disruption to systems critical to their business. From maintenance strategy consultancy to hands-on condition monitoring and site investigations, BSRIA will give you clear, practical recommendations with real business benefits.

he biggest security threat facing buildings is no longer the traditional burglar – instead, cyber attacks are now commonplace, and cost businesses billions each year. In a recent ECA survey, four in 10 building clients say they currently take no steps to protect smart installations from cyber threats. Given this, there is clearly much to be done by clients to secure their buildings from hackers. This also means there are opportunities for contractors and installers to highlight their expertise in this area, and provide value to clients.

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) is the UK’s leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors – representing the interests of firms active in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in the built environment. BESA members benefit from access to a wide range of services and support.

Support from BESA…

The Building and Industrial Services Pipework Academy (BISPA) is a collaboration between the School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University and Tata Steel and its Tubes business. Established to raise awareness of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and pipework-related issues and innovations, BISPA provides CIBSE accredited training. BISPA is undertaking a number of research initiatives comparing the performance of various HVAC pipes, identifying best practice and developing digital tools for the efficient design and installation of HVAC pipework systems for new low energy and retrofit commercial buildings.

…And BISPA is on board


Building for wellbeing, with Dr Michelle Agha

Building Sustainability Engineer at BSRIA


r Michelle Agha-Hossein will present on how a building can be measured for ‘wellness’ and its impact on the wellbeing of the occupants. There are new Wellbeing measurement methodologies entering the market and it is the buzzword in workplace management circles. BSRIA will explain what it means and offer an overview of what areas around functional, physical and psychological factors can really make the difference.

REHAU sponsors lanyards

REHAU provides innovative polymer-based products for buildings. Its building systems address sustainable design priorities to reduce energy costs, create healthy and safe

environments and conserve finite resources, as well as provide enhanced comfort and convenience.

With 40 years’ experience in the plumbing industry, REHAU developed

RAUTITAN – a hot and cold water plumbing system for residential and commercial applications. The

combination of PE-Xa pipework with RAUTITAN brass and/or polymer fittings delivers the highest standards in security, reliability, hygiene, comfort and lifecycle costs. Products also include the Thermally Activated Building Structure (TABS) system which uses the large thermal mass of concrete in a building’s structure to adjust the environment inside the building by running heated or chilled water through pipes embedded within. Hossein,



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