Tapflo product highlights – beyond the standard execution

Tapflo Group is an independent, family- owned, European supplier and manufacturer of industrial process pumps, air-operated double diaphragm pumps, horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps, mag-drive centrifugal pumps as well as pulsation dampeners and other industrial equipment.

Alongside the standard products, we would like to present a few examples of interesting and unusual products and applications that came across Tapflo factory in the last months:

T103 PTT, DT103 PT, T53 PTT - pharmaceutical designed pumps and dampeners with heavy-duty integrated flanges, low-noise, metal muffler and capacitive leak detection sensor.

These pumps were made on request for a leading manufacturer in the paint sector. In the past, the customer ordered pumps from Tapflo and installed the life counter on its own but to make the delivered pumps complete Tapflo now do everything in the house.

The counter is connected to one of the air chambers and counts the strokes of the diaphragm (1 pneumatic signal = 1 cycle = 2 strokes). This is to determine the diaphragm lifetime in the particular application and schedule preventive maintenance.

The pumps and dampeners were ordered by a pharmaceutical company. The request was for a solid design and smooth liquid flow – that is why the Pharma Series was chosen with one- piece housing design and internal surface finishing of Ra<0.8.

Other advantages where:

• easy maintenance (valve ball inspection without pump disassembly)

• a long list of available certificates: FDA, EC1935/2004, EC10/2011, GMP, Surface finishing

• a capacitive sensor to detect liquid in case of a diaphragm rupture.

One of the customer’s requests was production inspection and witness test, to personally participate during the pump test procedure in our factory.

For some pump producers, a visit to the manufacturer’s factory would seem like a big challenge however, for Tapflo, it’s a common practice.


Pneumixers were designed for OEM building paint filling machines. The requirement was to provide a device with a non-return valve in order to have as little waste as possible. Check valve closes to the bottom of the suction tube to

The solution was implemented in three pump sizes: TX70 S, TX120 S, and TX220 S.

NMK122, TX120 - product description: Stainless steel pneumixer with TC ISO 1127 connections (3P) and non-return valve (NRV).

The big CT pumps were delivered to a company that engineers solutions for wastewater treatment. Most of the pumps were used for sludge water and process water.

In total 22 CT pumps of different sizes (including 9 biggest CT pumps with 11 kW motors) were supplied. Due to particles in the wastewater – mechanical seal flushing was needed. The 11kW CT pumps can reach up to 70 m3/h @ 10 m.

What is also worth mentioning is that CT pumps with 11 kW motors are always manufactured in long-coupled execution.

Since Tapflo began their manufacture of industrial pumps, they have always had their winning concept in mind: to create compact pumps for reliable duty and with a minimal number of components enabling easy maintenance. The company is always keenly aware of new requirements and ideas from their customers. The products are therefore always in continuous progress with improved detail solutions, new materials and further accessories.

For more information please contact:

Enquiry No. 9

TXL70, TXL120, TXL220 - stainless steel pump with manual ball lifters and pneumatic life counter.

ensure that the fluid does not drop out in the barrel.

Customer ordered it together with PTFE coated aluminum pump and tri-clamp connection, to keep it easy to clean and disassemble. Additionally, the valve seat is replaceable.

CTI EF - centrifugal pumps with 11 kW motors with thermistor, flange connections (3F) and flushing system (4F).


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