MATERIALS HANDLING Minimized risks and guaranteed safety

Safety tubes guarantee an absolutely reliable media separation in heat exchangers

For many applications, it is very important to ensure for safety reasons a reliable media separation in heat exchangers when tempering sensitive processes. To avoid cross-contamination of fluids on the inside and outside of tubes in safety heat exchangers, double-wall safety tubes are an ideal solution. These special heat exchangers are used in applications wherever cross-contamination could cause hazards to health and safety, like in the food, medical, hygiene, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for heating of drinking water, heat recovery applications, and to guarantee plant safety in chemical process technology. For instance, during the highly sensitive production of high-purity polysilicon for photovoltaic systems a tube leakage could lead to the mixing of different silane compounds causing a critical reaction of the highly chemical reactive silane compounds.

Double-wall tubes avoid cross- contamination To guarantee the required plant safety during process temperature control, the special safety double-wall heat exchanger tubes are equipped with a


leakage gap for early detection. To create the gap, the outer surface of the inner tube features a so-called pyramid structure. After expansion a thermal conductivity of more than 75 percent is achieved compared to the mono-wall tube design. Hence, the particularly good metallic contact of the safety tubes enables efficient heat transfer without heat transfer fluid. Finally, the finned structure of the tubes’ surfaces increases the thermal efficiency and allows for a very compact design of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger saving both, installation space and material cost.

Safe leakage control

The double-wall safety tubes in shell- and tube heat exchangers benefit from fine channels that form a so-called leakage gap after the two tubes have been joined. Even the smallest leakage can be detected immediately. This ensures that the media on the outer tube and in the inner tube cannot mix. Wieland’s double-tube solution thus increases the safety and availability of the system, which does not have to be shut down immediately in the event of a leak. A potential defect can be

repaired during scheduled maintenance intervals.

Wieland is the ideal partner for heat transfer solutions. With a high degree of competence from the early stage of development through to large-scale production of complete heat exchangers optimized components are developed together with industry partners. Depending on the requirements of the application and processing, solutions like the specific surface structures of finned tubes are designed to ensure the best heat transfer. The basis for the development of Wieland Thermal Solutions’ products is the comprehensive know-how in heat transfer and forming technologies. Decades of this experience combined with continuous new and further development of materials (e.g. aluminium, copper, copper alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium), products and processes result in future-oriented innovations for industrial customers worldwide.

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