This is just one way REMBE has responded to the Covid-19

crisis. Safety and the protection of people’s

lives is REMBE’s business. With this in mind, they

Fig. 2: REMBE rupture disc KUB clean with integrated signalling

different from their usual customer specification so new discs were required but the KUB clean can be easily retrofitted into the existing tri-clamp connections and includes an integrated signalling device to monitor when the disc has burst without the need for a second installation point meaning that changes to the installation were minimal.

The KUB clean is uniquely designed to provide superior pressure relief for applications within industries where compliance with strict hygiene requirements is critical. Its smooth process face, leak-tight seal, cleanability and integrated signalling make the KUB clean an ideal solution for those operating in the biotech,

pharmaceutical and food production industries.

Combined with the Rush Order Service, REMBE were able to design, specify and manufacture rupture discs in accordance with the new process conditions and get them out to the customer in time for the start-up of their new process.

implemented early a number of safety measures for the protection and the security of their staff during this global pandemic and to ensure that, as an essential part of many industrial production processes, customers could still receive vital safety equipment when they needed it. As well as building up an even greater stock-holding of materials to ensure the supply chain was secure, the production facilities were isolated and distancing protocols applied throughout the business. The majority of office based staff began working from home and with these measures in place the business has been able to continue working on full power.

As the pandemic continues into the future REMBE will continue to adapt to be able to support its varied customer base to respond to their individual challenges. As the world focuses its attention on the search for a vaccine and development therapeutics to treat the disease and the residual long term effects for those who have recovered REMBE is expecting ever more requests from within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and has put everything in place to be able support customers in this essential work.

About REMBE - the REMBE Alliance introduces itself

REMBE is mostly associated with REMBE GmbH Safety and Control - the specialists for explosion safety and pressure relief worldwide. The company offers customers cross-industry safety concepts for systems and equipment. All

products are manufactured in Germany and meet the demands of national and international regulations. The customers who purchase REMBE products are among the market leaders of various industries, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical oil and gas as well as wood industries.

The technical engineering expertise is based on more than 45 years of application and project experience. As an independent, owner-managed family company, REMBE combines expertise with highest degree of quality, and is also actively engaged in various professional bodies worldwide. Short alignment routes enable the achievement of quick responses and customer-specific solutions for any kind of application: from standard products, all the way up to high-tech special designs.

In addition to REMBE GmbH Safety + Control ( with approx. 250 employees worldwide, headquarter in Brilon (Germany) and numerous subsidiaries worldwide (Italy, Finland, Brazil, USA, China, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Japan), four other companies are also engaged under the REMBE family brand:

REMBE Research & Technology Center GmbH (

REMBE Advanced Services + Solutions GmbH (

REMBE Kersting GmbH (

REMBE FibreForce GmbH (

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Fig. 3: REMBE Headquarter, Germany



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