HEALTHCARE INNOVATIONS 25 MARCH 2018 Top tips for getting in shape To get you healthy for summer, follow these fi tness tips. Words: Barnaby Dracup

Faye Townsend, a nutritionist at Protein World, gives her top tips on how to get fi t and stay on the right path.

STEP 1: GET YOURSELF IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND Are you physically and mentally ready to begin a health and fi tness regime? Having the right attitude is one of the important factors that infl uences fi tness success. You need to believe you can make the changes and the changes are worth making. It needs to be deeper than an annual New Year’s resolution. Embrace the fact that fi tness and good health are lifelong pursuits, not just fads.

STEP 2: FIND YOUR MOTIVATION Find out what will truly motivate you to achieve your goal. Whether that’s losing weight, gaining more energy, feeling more comfortable in your body or simply improving your health, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve. This will help to keep you driven throughout your fi tness journey.

STEP 3: SET REALISTIC GOALS One of the biggest reasons most resolutions don’t continue far past January is because they’re often extremely impractical. Setting goals is very important, but they need to be realistic and feasible. When you’re a newbie, saying you’re going to run a marathon by a certain date is unrealistic and even potentially unsafe. A good place to start would be to complete a fi ve-kilometre run by a certain date. Start slow, develop a solid foundation and then build upon this as your fi tness and health improves.

STEP 4: TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME One of the major mistakes a lot of people make when trying to tackle their health resolutions is aiming to do everything at once. This is almost always a recipe for disaster. Take a step back and tackle one or two goals at a time. Once you’ve successfully added them to your routine, you can then take on a couple more goals. Remember: if you want to make permanent changes, they’ll take time to implement.

STEP 6: ENJOY IT Your health resolution, whenever you set it, shouldn’t be a temporary quick fi x, it should form part of a lifestyle that can be maintained all year round. Create challenges for yourself, fi nd sports you like to play, try a new fi tness class, use running as a form of meditation. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a chore, it can be an exciting part of your daily routine.

STEP 5: GET SUPPORT The world of health and fi tness can be overwhelming. Getting the help of a fi tness instructor and/or nutritional advisor can be a great investment to help you build a strong foundation. Having someone to guide and coach you through some of the initial steps can be helpful if you’re lost as to where to go next or are lacking in motivation. Good support can equal success.


about a ‘balanced diet’, what we’re actually referring to is a diet that refl ects the needs of the individual, addressing their health, performance and weight management needs. Unfortunately, magazines and blogs often feature ‘fad diets’ — usually only sustainable in the short term — so they’ve exploded in popularity. The truth is that a properly balanced diet, drawn up by a professional nutritionist, should be both balanced in the sense that it includes all the nutrient groups (carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals), and that the individual’s lifestyle and health requirements have been considered. “This means there’s no one-size-fi ts-all

diet that will be appropriate for everyone. There are certain popular guidelines for food consumption, though, like fi ve fruit and veg a day, and avoiding processed or saturated fats.” To take an athletic individual on a

vegan diet as an example: traditionally, a nutritionist would suggest a diet of plenty of lean meats, eggs and animal protein. This is because complete proteins (proteins that contain all nine amino acids the body can’t produce by itself) are found in meats and animal products. However, Luke says an individual on a

Dietary design

Whether you’re looking to exercise more or even go vegan, everyone has individual dietary requirements that should be considered. Words: Barnaby Dracup

Every individual has diff erent dietary requirements, based on factors such as height, weight, genetics and physical activity levels. Therefore, if you’re looking to make changes to your food intake, there are numerous things to consider. Luke Hughes, a qualifi ed nutritionist

and managing director of Origym Personal Trainer Courses, says: “When we talk

vegan diet would need special considerations: “For someone on a vegan diet, the nutritionist would have to consider the person’s lifestyle alongside the body’s needs. This means they’d probably programme in lots of whole grains, which are packed in protein and fi bre, and ingredients like chia seeds and soy, which are also rich sources of protein. “Depending on the individual’s body-fat

percentage, the nutritionist would also have to consider vegan-friendly foods high in monounsaturated fats, as these may otherwise be lacking in plant-based diets. Therefore, you’d expect to see more things like avocados and vegan-friendly oils, in order to compensate for this individual’s needs, and to programme a healthy, balanced diet that’s right for them.”


LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL GREAT BODY SCULPTURE Glucomannan 6+ is a highly eff ective weight-loss formula from UK fi tness and nutrition specialist Body Sculpture. Imagine losing weight without feeling hungry — Glucomannan 6+ weight-loss formula is scientifi cally proven to contribute to weight loss. Each capsule contains natural konjac fi bre, which makes you feel fuller for longer. Glucomannan 6+ also contributes to the maintenance of cholesterol levels and contains vitamins and minerals. This unique weight- loss formula is designed and made in the UK.

SHIFT STUBBORN WEIGHT LIGHTERLIFE If you’re struggling to shift stubborn weight, you might be interested to know you’re three times more likely to be successful with your goals by joining a LighterLife counselling group. LighterLife’s Total VLCD (very-low-calorie-diet) plan combines healthy, nutritious food packs with unique cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) groups specially developed for weight loss. This holistic approach helps you redefi ne your relationship with food, so you can make long- lasting changes.

STAYING SAFE IN A DIGITAL WORLD PPP TAKING CARE Today, we can ask Alexa to remind us to take tablets, to drink more water, or to lock the front door before bedtime. In future, products like this will be able to support long-term health conditions remotely. And, being more connected should help to ease feelings of isolation and loneliness. With analogue systems being switched off , PPP Taking Care has the opportunity to make its customers even safer.

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