Skin savers

Whether you want to boost collagen or zap an unsightly blemish, we ask four experts for the most popular non-surgical, anti- ageing skin treatments. Words: Sam Lewis

DR DARREN MCKEOWN, GLASGOW AND LONDON BEST FOR: SKIN LAXITY AND WRINKLES Profound RF looks like an innocuous handpiece but the tip contains five pairs of microneedles that can pack a powerful punch. The tiny needles deliver radio frequency energy to heat precise points under the skin to 67C — without damaging the outer layer. This temperature has been proven to promote the production of collagen and elastin, and can help tighten sagging skin. Improvement can be seen in four to 10 weeks with a 90% response rate for laxity six months later. The one-off treatment typically lasts an hour and can cause swelling, so you might want to take a couple of days off work. Results can be particularly dramatic when combined with muscle relaxing injections and facial fillers, from £2,500.

DR SABRINA SHAH-DESAI, CENTRAL LONDON, BARNET AND ESSEX BEST FOR: DARK HOLLOW EYES, EYE BAGS AND CROWS FEET Dr Shah-Desai is a specialist in surgical and non-surgical eye rejuvenation treatments. She subtly layers Restylane Vital Light — a hydrating flexible hyaluronic acid dermal filler — to plump deep volume loss, improve thin, sun-damaged skin or blend eye bags. The results are instantaneous and can last more than a year. She also recommends Tixel, which uses thermo mechanical ablative technology to heat the skin around the eyes to 400C to stimulate the production of collagen, tighten deep crow’s feet lines and regenerate thin eyelid skin. When used in ‘open channel’ mode, Tixel improves dark circles and pigmentation with virtually no pain or downtime. Fillers from £550, Tixel from £550.

JESSICA HUTCHESON, SANDBANKS, DORSET BEST FOR: PIGMENTATION AND SUN SPOTS Hutcheson trains other nurses and doctors in the art of laser therapy, which can remove pigmentation in just two or three sessions. While the brown spots initially get darker post-treatment, within five days they’ll morph into micro black dots and by the 10th day they should disappear altogether. However, for those on a budget, Hutcheson says microneedling is a cheaper solution if you’re prepared to do a bit of work at home. Start with a 0.2mm needle and work your way up to 1.5mm (anything higher needs numbing cream). She also recommends applying cleanser and hyaluronic filler serum by Image before and after microneedling and to roller twice a month before the laser therapy. Laser from £150.

DR JOANNA CHRISTOU, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE AND LONDON BEST FOR: FINE LINES AND SKIN LAXITY Dr Joanna Christou is so convinced about Profhilo that she uses this wrinkle-fighting elixir on herself as well as her clients. The hyaluronic acid-based product is delivered via tiny injections and, in addition to restoring plumpness, it also helps stimulate collagen and tighten skin to decrease fine lines and crepiness. Although it was only introduced about 20 months ago, it’s now one of the clinic’s most popular treatments and can be used on the face, back of hands and the neck without any downtime. Christou likes to combine it with Ultherapy, a popular ultrasound treatment, that’s used to lift and tighten skin. Profhilo from £550 per treatment; price for Ultherapy available on request.


Trust your gut feeling...

Over the last 20 years, in many thousands of cases, OxyTech has successfully dealt with:

Candida, bloated stomach, irritable bowel, leaky-gut, skin disorder, continuous constipation or diarrhoea and lack of oxygen and energy.

OxyTech is a uniquely formulated colon conditioner which is fast acting and is scientifically designed to work gently, safely and effectively without bulky fibre, chalky taste or harsh side-effects.

It breaks debris in the colon into very small pieces that can be easily and gently eliminated. A clean and healthy colon can lead to more effective absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Questions often asked:

How long can I take OxyTech? “One should never advise people to take any supplement forever. I have taken on average 4 capsules a day of OxyTech for about 20 years and could not do without them to regulate my digestive system and give me more energy” Rolf Gordon

Could the Magnesium in the OxyTech be too much for me? Magnesium is vital to enable your body to function properly and is very good for you. The majority of the Magnesium is used up creating the oxygen. OxyTech is perfect for getting a good ‘flow’ through your colon and in the process releases any debris in the colon collected over the years.

Advanced Oxygen Technology

See full details on our website Manufactured for Dulwich Health 130 Gipsy Hill, London SE19 1PL

How does OxyTech work? In OxyTech, Ozone (O³) and Oxygen (O²) are bonded to magnesium. When the OxyTech capsules are ingested with water the magnesium

and the oxygen molecules is cleaved and the oxygen is absorbed by the blood, lymph and cellular fluids very quickly.

Can I take OxyTech with such and such medicine, antibiotics, steroids, homeopathic remedies etc.? We jokingly say “can you breathe when you take these medicines etc.?” It can be taken with everything and is particularly good if you take antibiotics, which may damage some good digestive bacteria that love OxyTech.

Is OxyTech a Laxative? Laxatives irritate your bowels to make them forcefully expel. They are habit forming and they stretch and expand your colon unnecessarily. On the contrary, OxyTech regenerates your colon lining, so that it functions normally.

Is it suitable for vegetarians & vegans? Yes, the capsule shell is of plant origin.

Can children take OxyTech? It is ideal for children who are constipated or are taking antibiotics. If the child is unable to swallow capsules, the contents from a capsule can be spread on food, mixed in a smoothie, etc.

If I get food poisoning? Take a large dose of OxyTech (say up to 10 capsules) as soon as possible.

How do I deal with constipation? Increase the nightly dose of OxyTech until constipation has been solved, then bring dosage back to a maintenance dose, this keeps your system regular.

Will OxyTech help with my candida and/or other digestive problems? One of the main causes of candida is the frequent and prolonged intake of antibiotics, both direct and indirect through the food chain from antibiotics given to farm animals or from you taking steroids such as cortisone and the contraceptive pill.

My baby has colic? If you are breast feeding, you can take OxyTech to regulate your body.

GUARANTEE: If you feel that you have not benefited from taking 150 OxyTech capsules, you can return the balance for a full refund. or call Dulwich Health on 020 8670 5883

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