Advances in cosmetic skin treatments A

t the Aesthetic Skin Centre, (ASC), the team offers the very best non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Treatments range

from dermal fillers, brow freezing and skin tightening, to acne care, hair removal and thread vein reduction, to satisfy today’s re- quirements for rejuvenating treatments with little or no downtime, enabling minimal dis- ruption to busy schedules, social calendars, holidays and business commitments The team at ASC is led by Trudy Friedman,

a highly respected practitioner in the world of cosmetic medicine. Following a 10-year career as an intensive care nurse in the UK, Trudy has spent the past 17 years developing her practice and dedicating her award-win- ning boutique clinic to providing personalised treatments following honest and informative consultation on treatment options, focusing on customized treatments to enhance a nat- ural look, rather than change it. This allows patients to leave feeling satisfied and happy about the decisions they’ve made. The ASC has a very enthusiastic and fo-

cused team working with a variety of tech- nologies to address the needs of the skin, face and body. Trudy places strong emphasis on the training and education of her team; they have continuous training to maintain their high skill levels and knowledge. This passion drives Trudy to look to the future and to work with only the very best equipment. The team focuses on innovative technolo- gies and programmes including the following:

• Hydrafacial MD • PDO thread lifts • PRP ‘dracula therapy’ • Dermal fillers / muscle relaxing • High intensity focused ultrasound • Skin rejuvenation • LightSheer Duet — permanent and painless hair reduction

ASC is careful to work with reliable, safe

and innovative technology, and takes time to research new advances. Highlighted below are two of the company’s latest additions.

With the growing demand for rejuvenat-

ing treatments that require minimal down- time and disruption to personal and business schedules, ASC offers fractional laser rejuve- nation with the latest ResurFX laser. This can be used to treat many different concerns such as lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and skin texture. The results are remarkable. By combining both intense pulsed light

(IPL) with ResurFX technologies, both pig- mentation and fine lines can be treated at the same time. While IPL can work on the superficial col-

ours of the skin, the ResurFX modality stim- ulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper layers of the skin. New collagen production is the key to a more radi- ant and youthful skin. Profhilo has been a very exciting addition.

This new hyaluronic acid bioremodelling injectable — developed by Professor Chiari Shiraldi and Professor Mario de Rosa in the University of Naples, Italy — has been widely used in Europe since its launch in 2015. It’s the first injectable hyaluronic acid for skin ‘re- modelling’ and its popularity is in its unique structure and balance of scientific properties. This product flows freely through the tissues without causing lumps and bumps; it’s inject- ed at five carefully planned sites on each side of the face. This ensures maximum regenera- tion of new collagen and elastin in areas such as the lower face, neck, forehead, decolletage and hands. Typically, ASC does two treat- ments four weeks apart; improvements in skin hydration, texture and laxity are noticed after the second treatment. Profhilo also in- tervenes in the dermal tissue repair process in cases of acne scarring or skin thinning and laxity. ASC uses this in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures and the results, al- though very natural, are very good.

Aesthetic Skin Centre T: 020 8346 6567 E:


Three months after treatment started (with one month between treatments)


Three months after four treatments (one month between) Above ResurFX photos: Courtesy of Matteo Tretti Clementoni MD

Trudy Friedman

Profhilo face before

Profhilo face after. Photos: Courtesy of Dr. A. Beatini

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