A Revolutionary Patent-Pending Active Ingredient

For An Anti-Cellulite Cosmetic Treatment that Simply Works Cellulite is one of the most difficult challenges in dermatology. Whether plump or slim - 80 to 90 percent of women are affected by the unsightly dents on the

buttocks and thighs. Anti-aging innovations are oſten effective approaches, and readily available, however the results for anti-cellulite are few and far between. Te market hardly produces any new active ingredients and innovations with clearly proven efficacy. Many of those affected have already tested various products and treatments - without success. Te frustration is correspondingly high and understandably also the scepticism about novelties in this area.

Why is cellulite such a stubborn pro- blem for many women? Cellulite cannot be avoided. Positive effects of diet, exercise and oſten com- plex cosmetic treatments are ques- tionable or not sufficiently proven. Cosmetic products are usually lacking robust efficacy studies, or the results are not convincing. But many women want to do something against the un- sightly dents - not just as a preparation for the summer months.

What is the current knowledge of science for the causes of cellulite? Most important are the changes in the fatty tissue and the connective tissue. Te accumulation of fat cells leads to the collagen fibre network no longer being able to withstand the pressu- re. Once the network slackens, the fat lobules are pushing through. Te

thickened or shortened collagen fibres tend to draw the skin inward, while the dents remain.

So is there anything you can do against Cellulite? Yes! Tere is now a proven effective approach to combat cellulite. Scien- tists discovered CHacoll®, a new active ingredient of natural origin, and de- veloped an anti-cellulite cosmetic with unprecedented efficacy.

How was the efficacy measured, and what were the results? In two clinical-dermatological studies conducted by independent, renowned institutes, various objective measure- ments were made - with impressive results: Te elasticity of the skin in- creased significantly, the circumferen- ce of the thigh has been reduced and the area of the protruding fat lobules

was particularly reduced – by 44% on average and up to 58% within twelve weeks!

And that leads to a visible impro- vement? Tese structural changes lead to a si- gnificant improvement in the external appearance of the skin affected by cel- lulite. Tis result, which is ultimately decisive for the users, was determined by the analysis of macro photos by trained experts, confirming the signi- ficant visible improvements.

What were the results of the studies that stand out? Te measured improvements continu- ed to increase throughout the course of the study. Tis is not a short-term effect quickly plateauing at a low level but indicates a structural, sustainable improvement. In addition, there was a

significant improvement in fat reducti- on, skin elasticity, and thigh circumfe- rence for each individual subject – so the product proved to be a significant improvement for all participants!

How does CHacoll® work, and what makes this active ingredient unique? In addition to the reduction of the fat cells, an increase in the collagen fibres as well as a more compact skin structure was recorded on ultrasound images. With this we would final- ly have found a purposeful, effective approach.

Tis sounds almost too good to be true ... Effective anti-cellulite products are indeed very rare. And that is why the skin689 Crème Anti-Cellulite convin- ces leading dermatology scientists and users internationally.

Cellulite? skin689. It works.

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