Is cosmetic surgery still necessary?

With the rise of innovative non-surgical procedures, is it still necessary to go under the knife, and if so, which ones are in demand and worth the money? We ask one of Britain’s top plastic surgeons. Words: Sam Lewis

While breast enhancements and reductions remain the most popular surgical procedures in the UK, eye and nose jobs are the two most cost- eff ective treatments that will improve your

looks, according to a top plastic surgeon. “When we fi rst meet someone, we

subconsciously look at their eyes, then their mouth,” says Rajiv Grover, plastic surgeon and former president of British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). “Our inbuilt psychology fi gures out their attractiveness by using the central facial triangle and anything — for example, a big nose — that distracts our attention, distorts this view.” While hyaluronic acid fi llers can be used

to temporarily alter irregular noses, non- surgical techniques won’t reduce a large

nose or correct hooded eyes. “Upper eyelid and nose surgery are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of social media, and as people realise that they are eff ective, require less intervention and downtime,” says Grover. He believes breast augmentation and

tummy tucks will continue to remain high up the list, too, due to the absence of a non- invasive treatment to shrink or boost volume, or eradicate substantial loose skin. And while there have been recent reports

that non-surgical procedures have led to a reduction in facelifts, Grover believes they’re as popular as ever. That said, he stresses most of us won’t require a facelift until we’re at least 55. “I think there’s a marriage between non-

surgical and surgical procedures, and I turn down a lot of people in their 40s who want a facelift. It’s only worth doing when there’s enough sagging to make it worthwhile — although it’s best not to leave it too late as optimum results can be achieved when your soft tissues are still elastic.” So have there been any signifi cant advances

in facelifts in recent years? “Some people are asking for fat transfer

instead of fi llers to replace volume during a facelift but I rarely use it. Fat transfer can be a permanent solution but it’s unpredictable and tricky to get right. When you transfer fat, it’s eff ectively dead and new blood vessels have to grow and nourish it — so the results can vary hugely.” In addition, fat, according to Grover,

genetically remembers where it comes from. “If you tend to gain fat around the stomach

and have fat grafted from your abdominal area, you could get a pillow face if you gain weight. “My advice is

to wait and watch the outcome of any new surgical procedures for at least fi ve years. “While there are advances

in non-surgical treatments every year, you don’t see a big change in surgical techniques — it’s more about evolution within the procedures to help reduce pain, swelling, bruising and downtime.”

MOST POPULAR COSMETIC PROCEDURES 1/ Breast augmentation 2/ Breast reduction 3/ Blepharoplasty (eyelid jobs) 4/ Abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) 5/ Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) 6/ Face/neck lift Source: the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)

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ouisa Gill, the founder of MediLift, a non-invasive beauty and anti-ageing clin- ic based in London’s Harley Street, talks

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The Daily Mail dubbed the MediLift machine ‘a magic wand’ that removes fat eff ectively, painlessly and safely

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Louisa Gill

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