BODYGUARDIAN Designed for those with cardiac concerns, this lightweight, wireless device is applied to the chest to monitor your heart and inform your GP of any irregularities. A simple disposable strip, it gathers biometric data and sends it to a website that can be monitored by doctors.

Wearable tech

Keep active with these wearables designed with seniors in mind. Words: Helen Warwick

In the last century, life expectancy has increased by almost 25 years. And as they age, people want to remain active and mobile. Any assistance in tracking your health is welcome, and technology is increasingly being used to meet this need. Enter wearables: smart tech products worn through the day to track everything from falls to medication fails. We’ve rounded up some of the best new additions to this competitive market.

LIVELY Worn either around the neck or on the wrist, this sleek activity tracker is fitted with an emergency button in case you need to call for help. It uses a reminder system to assist with medication and connects to caregivers via the Link app. Connected to your smartphone, it counts steps and sets challenges to help users stay active, both mentally and physically.

Beat sciatica & back pain In clinical trials 98% of users reported

pain relief from vibration therapy!

Clinically proven to work Affordable, painless &

easy to use Drug free & no side effects

Recommended by many doctors

Use for just 10 mins for up to 4 hours of pain relief

BECLOSE This wellness solution uses discreet wireless sensors around your living space, providing caregivers with a round-the-clock insight into your daily living, helping them identify abnormalities, such as night-time falls, sleeplessness, odd and erratic eating habits, infrequent or excessive bathroom activities and medication adherence. Updates are sent to caregivers via automated phone calls, text messages, emails and access to a secure web portal, and can ultimately be used to create a better-informed care plan.

UNALIWEAR The Kanega watch looks like any other stylish accessory. But beneath its unassuming facade, this device knows where you are, where you’ve been and monitors your habits. As well as guiding you home if you get lost, it tracks medication intake with an electronic connection to your pharmacy, while offering automatic emergency assistance; any long periods of immobility or a lack of response will see it will alert your emergency contacts or the emergency services.

SMARTSOLE The ingenious GPS SmartSole is a device that slips inside your shoes and tracks your every footstep. Non-invasive, the trim insole works like a smartphone, mapping the user’s location every 10 minutes. This location data can be accessed remotely through an online account or the SmartLocator app, while the user’s last known location can also be sent via email and text.



TAKING CARE OF JOINT PAIN INFIRST HEALTHCARE Joint pain can make the simplest daily activities difficult. Flarin is the only over-the-counter lipid-formulated ibuprofen (1,200mg/day) shown to be as effective as prescription-strength (2,400mg/day) ibuprofen at relieving joint pain in a large clinical trial. Its unique, lipid formulation also helps shield the stomach from damage. Flarin was developed by a small British company, Infirst Healthcare, which focuses on innovation in consumer healthcare. Available from Lloyds pharmacies and independent pharmacies. Flarin 200mg soft capsules contain ibuprofen and relieve joint, muscle and back pain, including pain of non-serious arthritis.

VIBRATION THERAPY FOR BACK PAIN SNOWDEN HEALTHCARE Millions of UK adults suffer from back pain and sciatica. Vibration therapy is a natural, drug-free treatment recommended by many doctors and proven to provide significant pain relief. Studies show vibration therapy is an effective treatment for both chronic and acute pain, more effective than TENS therapy, with 98% of users reporting pain relief from vibration therapy. Sciaticalm is an affordable, small, lightweight Class IIa medical device from Snowden Healthcare that uses vibration therapy to help relieve sciatica and lower back pain.

COLORECTAL/BOWEL CANCER GASTRO ENDO HEALTH Colorectal/bowel cancer (CRC) claims around 40,000 lives a year in the UK, despite it being a screenable condition. There is a precancerous phase which is detectable and treatable, and there are widely available tests to identify it. There’s no better time to start discussing it: April is Colorectal/Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

only £29.95 plus £3.95 P&P


After having sciatica for 18 months due to a slipped disc, I

decided to try sciaticalm, used it three times a day for two months and my sciatica has gone. No need now for an operation which was due for July. Pain free again!

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What is Sciaticalm? Sciaticalm is a Class IIa Medical Device for pain relief which uses proven vibration therapy to help relieve back pain.

How does Sciaticalm help relieve back pain? The device generates high-frequency vibration to pass shockwaves through the skin. This vibration in the body causes the pain signal to be blocked on its way to the brain as the spinal column is unable to carry both the pain signal and vibration signal at the same time. This is a treatment option approved by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

Clinically proven to work: Several studies have shown vibration therapy can allow the user to experience signifi cant pain relief. The published study ‘Pain Alleviation by Vibratory Stimulation’, by Lundburg et all at Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, showed that vibration therapy is an effective treatment for both chronic and acute pain and more effective than TENS.

Simple to use: Sciaticalm is small, lightweight & easy to use - it straps to your back via a velcro strap and is turned on with a simple on/off button. Treatment time is around 10 minutes and you can wear the device under clothes and remain mobile during use.

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