Continued from p38 and they often don’t last very long, which means they’re not good value for money. If a treatment looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Q/ WHAT SURPRISES YOU? That the public are still so polarised about Botox — I fi nd it curious that such a popular and established treatment should still be viewed as controversial by some.

Q/ SO, YOU ADVOCATE BOTOX AND THINK IT’LL STILL BE AROUND IN 10 YEARS TIME? Yes. My advice is to start with small amounts, and then get topped up little and often. Gravity is relentless and a small amount of Botox is your best defence against facial descent. For a less well-publicised but life enhancing treatment, Botox is really useful to prevent excessive underarm sweating.

Q/ WE LIVE IN AN INCREASINGLY VIRTUAL AND VISUAL WORLD. DO YOU THINK OUR PERCEPTION OF BEAUTY IS CHANGING AS A RESULT OF SOCIAL MEDIA? Yes. There’s certainly a group of people who want to wear their surgery like tattoos or designer clothing — they want it to be visible. These people tend to be younger, and much more interested in celebrity culture and social media.

Q/ AND OLDER PEOPLE? If you try to deny the ageing process completely you can risk having too much surgery, and can end up looking unnatural.




PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGEON MR HYDER RIDHA Mr Hyder Ridha, consultant plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon specialising in facial, breast and body contouring surgery, discusses the current trend in breast augmentation and the latest technique of composite breast augmentation. This innovative procedure combines implants and fat grafting to augment breasts while maintaining a natural look and feel. T: 0203 907 6830

The majority of my patients are middle aged and recognise that while they can’t prevent getting older, they just want to land a few good punches on the ageing process. The

upper lid blepharoplasty is one of the most eff ective rejuvenating techniques.


To keep a youthful face, spend time with friends who make you laugh, refrain from smoking, eat well, remain hydrated and have as many early nights as possible. If they want a tan, use one in a tin. I recommend clients apply suncream every day, year round — at least factor 15 in winter and factor 25 in summer, plus moisturiser to suit their skin type. They can enjoy alcohol, in moderation, as long as they stay hydrated and take a couple of nights off a week. Then cheat

with gentle cosmetic treatments — a little ‘maintenance’ when required.

Q/ WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST EXCITING RECENT DEVELOPMENT? We’re getting better and better at controlling the delivery of thermal energy for skin resurfacing, and the tightening and smoothing of superfi cial skin. Looking further ahead, Novartis has hinted that an anti-ageing pill maybe able to pharmaceutically alter the ageing process. If they succeed, goodness knows who will be able to aff ord it.

Q/ IF YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE SOME WORK DONE, WHO WOULD YOU GET TO DO IT? There are a few of my peers that I rate very highly — I’d recommend the excellent Sabrina Shah-Desai for tear trough and facial fi llers; I’d go to Rajiv Grover for a facelift; Neil Walker is the man for laser skin resurfacing; and it’d have to be Brian Leatherbarrow for a lower lid blepharoplasty.

Age reversal the Hollywood way L

A’s beauty secret for fl awless, radiant, glowing skin is a stem cell-based skincare range called Stem Cell Beauty Innovations

(SBCI), exclusively available at Harley Street clinic MediLift. It’s used before A-list events, to prep our favourite celebs, ensuring porcelain, photo-ready skin on and off the red carpet. This is among the most advanced stem cell

product on the market, packed with organic protein-rich and vegan stem cells, super-hy- drating ingredients — and containing no dyes, perfumes or chemicals. The live stem cells in the creams and se-

rums activate the dormant cells in your skin, helping them rejuvenate and multiply, regen- erating the skin from the inside out to restore a natural and lasting glow. The anti-ageing benefi ts of SBCI include

increased elasticity, reduced fi ne lines and wrinkles, smoother skin texture, cell renewal, and lightening of age spots and pigmentation. Encompassing everything from stem cell

eye cream to serums and moisturisers, this range has all your skincare needs covered. Try anti-ageing the gold standard way and join the exclusive stem cell skincare club today!

UK-TRAINED PLASTIC SURGEON CAMBRIDGE COSMEDICS Plastic surgeon Mr Anthony Barabas is fully accredited with BAPRAS and BAAPS. Anthony is a plastic surgeon based in Cambridgeshire, with clinics in Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon and London. His particular areas of interest are breast augmentation, short-scar breast reduction, abdominoplasty, and laser surgery for liposuction and mole removal.

CELEBRATING 18 YEARS IN MAYFAIR THE MAYFAIR PRACTICE The Mayfair Practice is celebrating 18 years of providing results-driven aesthetic treatments within its doctor-led clinic within the heart of London’s Mayfair. With a huge and loyal following, its handpicked team provide an array of aesthetic treatments geared to optimise your aesthetic health while at the same time being kind to your bank balance. Founder Dr Masani says, “I’m keen to balance ones aesthetic health with general well-being, as it is important to look good and feel great”. The clinics ethos is about being the best version of yourself by tastefully restoring skin health.

Stem Cell Beauty Innovations is fi nally available in London, exclusively at MediLift on Harley Street For a free consultation contact Louisa Gill at MediLift, 15 Harley Street, London W1G 9QQ T: 0208 196 9893 / 020 7636 4272 E:

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