Enjoy improved skin health with the help of diamonds, gold and platinum


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adiant healthy skin should not be a luxury. The Mayfair Practice embodies this ethos to provide an armoury of aes-

thetic treatments to refresh, renew and re- store skin health — and the prices won’t cause frown lines. The doctor-led private GP and aesthetic

clinic, discreetly located in London’s Mayfair, houses a carefully hand-picked team that of- fers results-driven treatments to maximise your aesthetic health to improve:

Fine lines and poor skin texture Sun-damage and blemishes Dehydrated and dull skin

Congested and acne prone skins Loss of facial contours and lip volume

The clinic also offers Velashape, which is an

FDA-approved device to improve body con- tours and the appearance of cellulite.

Velashape combines



fra-red and vacuum to improve the circu- lation and firmness of the skin. It improves the contour of small areas of fat or loose skin, and is perfect for helping to firm post-preg- nancy tummies.

GOLD STANDARD SOPRANO ICE As well as combating the signs of ageing and sun-damage, you can also zap-away unwant- ed hair with the industry’s gold-standard Soprano ICE laser hair removal system. It boasts quick and painless treatments with its in-motion technology to safely deliver laser energy for clinically proven results.

DIAMOND TIPS TO REVIVE SKIN The diamond-tipped Hydrafacial is a clever device that feels like a spa facial; yet it deeply cleanses, exfoliates and resurfaces the skin to leave it unclogged, smooth and glowing with

the power of gentle suction and the fusing of antioxidants, peptides and vitamin serums. Your skin will be luminous and polished.

PLATINUM WIRE MOLE REMOVAL A platinum fine wire loop charged with gentle radiowaves is used to safely remove unwanted moles from the face and body. Dr Jones and Dr Masani are two of very few practitioners that use this technique in the UK. The treat- ment is simple, safe and painless and most removals heal quickly with no scar, giving a great aesthetic result. Radiowave tech- nology has been safely used in medicine for several decades and is the preferred method of removal as the skin quickly heals as tissue damage is minimal, unlike removal conduct- ed with scalpel or laser. Before removal the mole is classified with Dermascope examina- tion, and after removal the mole can be sent for analysis should it be clinically required.

EYEBROW BOUTIQUE Frame your face and give lift to the eye area with semi-permanent makeup, which gives a well-groomed effect without the need for daily makeup. Meena Wickes carefully crafts eyebrows to suit your face, enhancing your natural brows with the use of a hair- stroke technique to help conceal patches and improve uneven eyebrows.

SERIOUS ABOUT SKINCARE The skincare ranges available at the Mayfair Practice are carefully selected to provide per- formance in a pot — you won’t find hope in a jar here. Rasita and Chandani select bespoke skincare regimes with an aim to prevent, correct and repair. Most are cosmeceutical or medical grade to ensure active ingredients deliver on results.

FOR ALL YOUR WELLBEING NEEDS Being a private GP clinic gives the convenience of all-round care under one roof. Dr Hash and

Complimentary Glysal Peel or DermaBuilder worth £45 with every Hydrafacial booked in April and May 2018

Mayfair Practice, 12 Lees Place, Mayfair, London W1K 6LW For appointments and enquiries, call 020 7408 1164 or email

The diamond-tipped Hydrafacial is a clever device that feels like a spa facial; yet it deeply cleanses, exfoliates and resurfaces the skin to leave it unclogged, smooth and glowing

Dr Masani provide patient-focused care and highlight the importance of metabolic health, along with checking Vitamin D levels and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. For full clinic details, visit

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