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The NHS and private practice work in harmony at the award-winning Parkside Suite



any private hospitals provide quality care, but have limited facilities. Being a private unit located within a leading

NHS Foundation Trust, the Parkside Suite at both Frimley Park Hospital and Wexham Park Hospital is able to offer patients the best of both worlds. Patients have access to the most up-to-date technology, treatments and scanning facilities, 24 hours a day, including all levels of critical care. All profits generated by a patient’s stay

are redirected into NHS services at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. The Parkside Suite shows how this model can work in har- mony with the NHS. Patients are more informed than ever and

expect to be given a balanced choice with re- gards to their personal healthcare treatment. An onsite private facility assists patients who wish to self fund their treatment or for those who have private medical insurance, receive a consultant-led treatment package giving add- ed flexibility and privacy for them as well as their families. “Parkside offers the best of both worlds to

both patients and myself. I’m able to offer flexible appointments and further choice re- garding surgery dates — plus, access to the wonderful private unit. My colleagues, in- tensive care facilities and other resources of the outstanding Frimley Park Hospital are

always available should I require them and I take great pride in all the profits from the unit being reinvested into Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust,” explains Mr Andrew Perry, hip and knee orthopaedic consultant, BSc, MBBS, FRCS. The Parkside Suite mission is to provide all

patients with transparent and understanding care. A detailed patient pathway is assured; whether for a day case or more complex pro- cedure, giving patients a clear outline of the treatment they’ll receive — prior to admis- sion, during and after. The team can liaise with insurance companies on the patient’s behalf and assist in ensuring that patients re- ceive competitively priced care packages spe- cific to their needs.

A detailed patient pathway is assured; whether for a day case or more complex procedure, giving patients a clear outline of the treatment they’ll receive

The hospital’s operating theatres are fully

equipped to undertake a wide range of sur- geries. These include specialised orthopae- dics, which take place within the state-of-the -art ‘clean-air theatre’, and cataract surgery. Patients interested in cosmetic surgery can take advantage of free initial consultations; during these sessions a consultant will dis- cuss the choices available for the procedure. These range from varicose veins to breast augmentation, tummy tucks, eye surgery in- cluding cataracts, mole removal and much more. All procedures are competitively priced. The Parkside Suite at Frimley, Surrey

— a distinctive, award-winning brand — has been rolled out to the private ward located within Wexham Park Hospital, providing patients within the Berkshire area a further choice regarding their private healthcare

Working within a successful NHS

Foundation Trust, the Parkside Staff are di- rectly employed by the NHS and hold the same trust values; committed to excellence, working together and facing the future. Every team member is passionate in deliver- ing the highest standard of care to provide a private experience with NHS excellence for all their patients.

Andrew Perry BSc MBBS, FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Mr Sukhpal Singh MBBS, FRCS (Ed.), FRCS (Eng.), FRCS (Gen.), MS

requirements. Parkside continues to enhance the services offered to patients; these include a private GP service in conjunction with Park Health Clinics and a private physiotherapy service. The suite also offers amenity beds for NHS patients wishing to continue with treat- ment on the NHS but requiring more privacy during their stay in hospital (certain terms and conditions apply; the full details of costs and eligibility can be found on the Parkside Suite website). Both units have benefited from major refur-

bishments, creating light and airy rooms with duvets and en-suites as standard. The com- munal areas offer additional seating, and tea and coffee facilities. Private patient packages include several complimentary services such as free parking for both patients and their guests for the duration of their stay. “Frimley Health has a history of investing

in new technologies and treatments — my pa- tients can benefit from these advancements. I feel assured of rapid specialist opinions from colleagues within other areas of the hospital including Radiology and ITU. I’m confident and secure in the knowledge that high-quality emergency care is available onsite, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it exception- ally rare for patients to be transferred,” says Mr Sukhpal Singh, general surgery consult- ant, MBBS, FRCS (Ed.), FRCS (Eng.), FRCS (Gen.), MS.

Annette Godolphin The Parkside Suite, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust T: 01276 604895

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