Vision Correction London — offering the latest in lens replacement surgery


ens replacement used to be a procedure that you’d only think of when someone, usually in their 60s or older, had a cata-

ract (a natural clouding of the lens as we age); they’d undergo surgery to replace the lens, generally opting for a lens that would give them good distance vision, but would still re- quire glasses for reading. Today, as lifestyles change and those in

their 50s and older are far more active than previous generations — enjoying the theatre, eating out, sailing, climbing and skiing — our vision needs to be better than ever before. The hassle of switching between multiple

pairs of glasses for reading, driving and when the sun comes out, is something that’s causing more and more people to seek help. They want to enjoy the many lifestyle benefits that come when you don’t have to wear glasses at all. Now, the replacement lenses used in cata-

ract surgery or lens replacement surgery, just like all technology, have benefited from year- on-year improvement. There are a number of multifocal lenses

available on the market but the latest devel- opment is the trifocal lens — it’s currently the most popular on the market in terms of pro- viding multifocality to patients. Whereas previous multifocal lenses could

provide distance and near vision, modern trifocal lenses are able to better replicate the natural lens in providing distance, near and intermediate vision. As such, the range of vi- sion is more natural and allows recipients to see their computer as well as their smartphone while still maintaining their distance vision. The lenses also come in toric form, which means they can correct astigmatism (how the

Today, as lifestyles change and those in their 50s and older are far more active than previous generations, our vision needs to be better than ever before

eye focuses light) at the same time. Current lens technology is incredible, considering the limited options that were available only 10 years ago, and since there’s only one direction that technology tends to go, it’s safe to say there’s more to come in this field. Surgeons are always looking forward to

new developments and better ways of helping their patients to improve their quality of life. Vision Correction London has seen great re- sults for its patients using the best available multifocal and trifocal lenses. The surgery itself only takes 10-15 minutes

per eye and is usually performed under lo- cal anaesthetic administered via eye drops. However, sedation or even a full anaesthetic can be given if the patient feels particularly anxious about the operation. Patients can see straight after surgery but

their vision may remain a little misty for a couple of days. Soon the eyes adjust and pa- tients start seeing the benefits of the proce- dure. Recovery is quick and most people are able to return to work within a couple of days of having the procedure. It’s no wonder that more and more people

are opting for lens replacement surgery to get back the vision they once had.

A consultation with a specialist clinic and

expert refractive surgeon will allow you to navigate the best options available to ensure you get the best results.

Vision Correction London is offering readers a FREE consultation — usually worth £220 — plus £500* off lens exchange surgery. Quote code ‘HI2018’ to receive this discount. For more information, contact: T: 020 3369 2020 E:

*If treating both eyes, or £250 if only having one eye treated

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