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1 Responding to feedback from its retail partners,

MLILY USA is expanding its popular PowerCool sleep system to include more comfort options. In addition to the standard plush model, the company now offers a firmer mattress model made with high-density foam. Both comfort models deliver advanced cooling features, thanks to strategically placed fans in the PowerCool base that help facilitate airflow throughout the mattress—in addition to offering articulating head and foot adjustability. Consumers will be able to easily distinguish between the two different models on the retail floor thanks to distinctive tape- edge piping: blue for firm, and red for plush. Priced to retail at $5,999 in queen, the PowerCool system delivers comprehensive sleep solutions and unique, easy- to-understand technology.

recently unveiled two new luxurious adjustable bases: the Ascension Luxe and Ascension Ultra. Providing customized comfort at the touch of a button, both models come standard with a wireless remote, programmable positioning presets, two USB charging ports and LED lighting. The advanced Ascension Ultra also features a step-up technology package that includes Apple and Android support along with multi-modal head and foot massage. Delivering a high-end sleep solution that is “boxable and shippable,” the new bases are available in-store or online with a price point that ranges from $699 to $1,099.

3 Brooklyn Bedding 5 Hickory Springs

Publisher ..........................................Chris Schriever

has begun domestic

production on a more environmentally sustainable fabric-encased mattress coil. Previously produced exclusively by Spinks in the United Kingdom, the Flexecore system will now also be manufactured at Hickory Springs’ North Carolina facility—thanks to an expanded joint venture between the two companies. This unique mattress component system uses a fine gauge wire and sonically welded fabric that is constructed in a concertina pattern, which eliminates up to a half-pound of adhesives used in the conventional manufacturing of fabric-encased coils. This construction process also produces less VOC emissions. With more and more consumers interested in sustainability, this new innovation may play a key role in mattress design as we look ahead to the future.

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Marcos podcast have teamed up on a new guidebook for independent bedding retailers. Written by Englander CEO Mark Kinsley and Spink & Co Co-Founder Mark Quinn, Come Back T

2 The duo behind the Dos 4 Positioned around the o Bed outlines

strategies and principles to help differentiate a brand, form lasting customer relationships and drive foot traffic into stores. Published just as the retail industry sits poised for a massive transition, the book offers concrete advice and creative ideas for mattress and furniture retailers looking to catapult their businesses—especially as they emerge from the pandemic.

6 Recognizing a growing consumer interest in theme: “Outwork. Outwit.

Outwin,” Nationwide Marketing Group’s first all-virtual PrimeTime saw an impressive turn-out despite its fully virtual format. The industry buying group was crafty about finding ways to replicate the typical hallmarks of the event online. Through a mix of Nationwide Learning Academy educational opportunities, tailored merchandising sessions, vendor product training, Palooza deals, the PrimeTime Expo as well as the largest individual giveaway opportunity in the history of the show—a $100,000 store makeover—the organization drew more than 3,200 attendees from nearly 1,300 companies. Attendees engaged with the Virtual PrimeTime platform 51,000+ times in just three days.

8 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2021

antimicrobial and anti-allergen products, Soft-Tex rolled out new additions to its BioPEDIC collection of products treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials, as well as new anti-allergen products under its Microshield brand. Products available for retail from the BioPEDIC brand include mattress protectors, mattress pads, fiber pillows and pillow protectors. Its new collection of Microshield anti- allergen bedding includes pillow protectors, mattress protectors and mattress pads. Both line-ups are designed to promote a fresh and clean sleep environment.

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