King Koil Launches Premium Adjustable Bases To Complement Its Luxury Mattress Program By Gretchen Kast

In response to the ongoing popularity of power motion adjustable bed bases, King Koil is unveiling a five-model collection to coordinate with

its luxury mattress line.

Marketed under the premier iMotion by King Koil brand, the new program provides retailers with a premium option for the category—targeting high-end consumers whose needs are not being served by the promotional nature of adjustable bases on the market today. “As more and more of our retail partners

merchandise mattresses exclusively on ad- justable bases throughout their stores, we see a tremendous opportunity in the luxury segment,” said David Binke, CEO of King Koil. “Our network of retail partners contin- ue to see attachment rates for power bases and mattresses grow. As a leader in offering premium, innovative sleep technology to the marketplace, our new high-end iMotion ad- justable bed base offering provides all of the latest technology, perfectly suited to coordi- nate with our upper-end, luxury products.” The iMotion by King Koil adjustable bed bases will be used for the Smartlife Mat- tress by King Koil collection, which offers patented body sensing technology to ad- just to each consumer’s unique needs. Key features of this base include Bluetooth adjustment controls, LED under-bed light- ing, dual USB charging ports on each side, headboard brackets and a wireless remote control. It also delivers a high-end furni- ture look with solid upholstered rails and premium solid wood adjustable legs. The wireless remote includes three pre-set po- sitions (anti-snore, zero gravity and TV) and a memory function that stores two other fa- vorite positions. And for couples who share a bed, the iMotion model for the Smartlife Split-Top King model provides independent control of the head of the mattress and joins the foot of the mattress to work to-

26 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2021

“As a leader in offering premium, innovative sleep technology to the marketplace, our new high-end iMotion adjustable bed base offering provides all of the latest technology, perfectly suited to coordinate with our upper-end, luxury products.”

gether. The price point for this base starts at $1,999 in queen and tops out at $3,499 in Split King or Cal King. The iMotion base for the Odyssey offers an ultra-premium price point at $2,499 in Queen. This model features unparalleled mid-body and lumbar support, head and foot massage capabilities, dual USB charging ports on each side, Bluetooth capability, LED under-bed lighting, a strongest in-class mo- tor, heavy-duty adjustable legs and head- board brackets. The backlit wireless remote includes the same pre-set positions as the base for the Smartlife model. King Koil is also providing value at mid- range price points, rounding out its assort- ment with two folding bases. Retailing at $899 and $1,399 in Queen respectively, the Standard Folding Base offers Bluetooth capability, under-bed lighting, adjustable legs, headboard brackets and a wireless seven-button remote. The compact design makes it UPS-shippable and convenient for ecommerce and direct-to-consumer brick- and-mortar sales. The Platform Base includes adjustable leg heights and a zero-clearance feature, which allows the base to be used with today’s popular platform beds without sacrificing any functionality. The total profile height is only three-inches tall. Additional fea- tures include head and foot massage capa- bilities, Bluetooth controls, underbed lighting and headboard brackets. Visit

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