lower back, shoulders and other key pres- sure points. Available in hybrid and all-latex options, the full line-up ranges from $1,499 all the way up to $7,999—creating a com- plete natural merchandising package all along the pricing spectrum. For retailers looking to introduce or round-out their own ecommerce sleep shop, Eclipse developed a robust boxed bed pro- gram designed to help their partners com- pete online. The 12-bed line-up ranges from $499 to $1,499 and includes both all-foam and hybrid mattress models—setting itself apart from many “one-size-fits-all” mattress options that populate the online market. Featuring latex, resilient support foams, Ten- cel and phase-change textiles, this line is equipped with quality materials and dynamic features. Providing retailers with added flex- ibility, Eclipse can either drop-ship the mat- tresses directly to the consumer on behalf of the retailer or deliver them to the store to allow for in-store pick-up options. All of Eclipse’s mattress collections are

bolstered by clear, cohesive selling stories that not only help cut through the crowded marketplace—but make it easy for consum- ers to understand when researching on their own. And thanks to its wide network of expe- rienced licensees, Eclipse can offer its part- ners a sense of reassurance. Not only are the company’s mattresses made with quality ma- terials, they are backed by proven construc- tions and manufacturing processes. But you shouldn’t mistake the company’s storied experience for traditionalism. The Eclipse name has stayed relevant in the in- dustry over the decades thanks to the com- pany’s thoughtful approach to innovation. Rather than viewing the promise of new technology as the sole selling point, Carlitz understands that it’s what those tools and features can do—what sort of benefits or im- provements they can offer—that really mat- ters to consumers. “There will continue to be new technology,”

he explains. “And the reason being that we have finally woken up as an industry and rec- ognized that we have the consumer captive in bed for eight hours. There’s a lot more that can be done to help the consumer and the sleeper than just providing comfort. Whether

“There will continue to be new technology and the reason being that we have finally woken up as an industry and recognized that we have the consumer captive in bed for eight hours.”

it be measuring their heart rate, measuring the conformation to the body, the elimination of pressure points, blood circulation. Technol- ogy is ever changing and growing.” The bedding retail landscape looks very

different this year than it did this time last year—thanks to everything from changes in consumerism driven by the pandemic to an- ti-dumping legislation. With all of these dif- ferent dynamics at play, Carlitz predicts that the “mattress industry is poised for years of strong growth.” With that in mind, now is a critical time for bedding retailers—as they look to capitalize on the increase in demand and steel them- selves for whatever may come down the line. Eclipse is prepared to help their retail part- ners do just that, providing them with the products and solutions they need to over- come the challenges and reap the benefits of this unique moment in time. Visit 13

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