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The Merits Of Cross-Merchandising With Bedroom Furniture

By Elaina Hundley As the pandemic continues, many consumers are bracing for a long winter at home and continuing to update their rooms, including the bedroom. But even before the pandemic, consumers were already becoming more accustomed to seeing the mattress as part of a full bedroom set-up. Aspirational room vignettes create a more engaging showroom and give consumers the opportunity to visualize products in their own home. And when customers are presented with a mattress, bed frame and headboard all at one time, it makes it easier for retailers to add to the sales ticket. From the bed frame and headboard to footboards and nightstands, the following companies offer product portfolios that go beyond bedding and mattresses to deliver complete bedrooms.

1 Boyd Sleep Offering architecturally-inspired contempo- rary bedroom furniture, Boyd Sleep’s exten- sive portfolio of Arkotec bedroom furniture includes upholstered platform bed and night- stand options. With a dozen new platform bed styles and accompanying nightstands, the lineup comes in trendy colors and fabrics that will appeal to a wide range of consum- ers. Bold curving lines and geometric forms are hallmarks of the collection, reflecting symmetry and harmony and adding calm and tranquility to any bedroom décor. The collec- tion also includes six new Arkotec daybed

models, reflecting the growing trend towards smaller living spaces with adaptable interi- ors. Each Arkotec daybed includes an extra trundle for additional sleeping or storage. Nightstands are available in an assortment of finishes including Reclaimed wood, Cherry, Ebony and Ivory and include optional two- port USB connectivity. Arkotec nightstands are easy to assemble and ship flat-packed di- rect to consumer. Rounding out the collection are two new storage drawer beds. UPS-able and ready to ship, Arkotec storage beds pro- vide modern storage convenience.

2 2 Malouf

Supporting the retailer’s ability to introduce furniture into the showroom, Malouf offers high-quality bed frames and headboards in modern, transitional designs. The brand has seen partners who include furniture on the showroom floor increase sales—in some instances, retailers see small lifts and for others, adding furniture can quadru- ple sales year over year. With a variety of price points to work with, from promotion- al pieces and business drivers to high-end

18 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2021

luxury pieces with strong margins, Malouf provides valuable products as well as the expertise to back them up. Offering easy- to-upload datasheets, online MAPs to pro- tect retailer margins and an online whole- sale resource center for easy ordering and marketing assets, Malouf supports its partners by drop-shipping any items in the brand catalogue. The pieces arrive together in beautiful packaging with minimal holding and shipping costs for the retailer.


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