3 Modway From headboards and bed frames to night- stands and rugs, Modway offers one-stop shopping for furniture and mattress needs. With unique styles ranging from mid-cen- tury to modern to vintage glamour to rustic farmhouse, Modway always stays on-trend by making frequent updates with new col- lections and designs that add to its expan- sive bedroom furniture portfolio. In partic- ular, Modway recently introduced Dawn, a velvet headboard with an arching silhou- ette available in eight color wheels and three sizes. Additionally, its new Bridgette Bed features a wooden platform base and a tufted headboard, bringing the perfect touch of mid-century design to a bedroom. Showcasing bedroom vignettes in the form of headboards, bed frames, bedroom furni- ture and even rugs tends to drive mattress sales. Customers are inspired to revamp their bedroom collection when they see a nicely styled bedroom that they can emu- late, along with a supremely comfortable mattress. Modway services both brick-and- mortar and online retailers with fast drop shipping and no order minimums.


4 Floyd Taking a vastly different approach from more traditional manufacturers who tout exten- sive options, Floyd, an ecommerce furniture brand, has produced singular items for each essential need—i.e: the bed, the headboard, the frame—that make up its portfolio of fur- niture for the whole home. When visiting the brand’s website, consumers are met with a menu bar that includes: Storage, The Sofa, The Bed, The Tables, The Hardware, The Goods and Bundles. In the dropdown below The Bed, options include The Headboard,

5 Classic Brands 3

Classic Brands’ Infinity Modern furniture collec- tion features over 100 products built for both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. These high quality pieces offer contemporary style at affordable prices. Built for versatility and easy assembly, the entire collection is made to ship by small parcel. An example product line within the collection, Post and Beam, includes a solid pine wood frame platform bed alongside a solid birch wood night stand, four-drawer and six-drawer dressers and a two-drawer hutch with thoughtfully placed USB ports—all avail- able in both white and walnut. Classic Brands has found that retail sales associates have seen an increase in their average sales when they show bed-oriented furnishings in addition to mattresses at the time the sale is made. When

Visit /,,, and 19

presented together with a mattress, bedroom furniture items can offer consumers a look at an aspirational room set-up—and being able to see all the pieces together and buy all the items at one time makes the purchase decision sim- pler for the shopper.

The Bed, The Framework, The Mattress and more. When selecting an item like The Headboard, the consumer is then taken to a product page that features one design in multiple color ways. While this limits choices, the brand’s products have a clear and specif- ic look—clean lines, classic wood tones—that could work with numerous aesthetic styles. For the overwhelmed and decision-fatigued consumer, Floyd’s pared down options will likely offer relief and an uncomplicated way to reinvent the bedroom.


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