Shannon Burwash Memorial Fund Scholarships awarded for 2020

school to finish her last year, joined the CS Chuckwagon Committee, and has taken on the role of Production Manager and Operational Manager for the pro- duction subcommittee. Once Kimberly got into

August 8, 2020 -- Calgary, AB -- The Calgary Foundation is very pleased to announce the follow- ing scholarships have been awarded from the 2020 Shannon Burwash Memorial Fund. Quali- fied students from across Canada applied for the three available scholarships this past June.

$2,000 Leadership Award to Kimberly Stewart

Kimberly Stewart is a cur- rent fourth year Student at the

University of Calgary's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. She has wanted to become a veterinarian since grade six after reading the Big Ben biography, which told the tale of Ian Millar's famous show horse Big Ben. His many colic episodes and frightening trailer accident inspired her to pursue a career in which she may be able to help animals like Ben, just like the veterinarians did in the book. Kimberly has a Bachelors

degree in Zoology from the Uni- versity of Calgary where she spent four years earn- ing her degree with a year off in between her third and fourth year to take part in the elected role of one of the Calgary Stam- pede Princesses. Kimberly and two other women made up the trio and they took part in numerous events and rodeos around the Calgary and surround- ing area as well as acting as ambassadors for the Stampede on an interna- tional scale. After her year off, she went back to

veterinary school she started to become more involved in the extra curricular activities the school had to offer and became the President of the Calgary As- sociation of Veterinary Students as well as a member of numerous clubs. She was also able to host the first Theriogenology day where they had guest speakers in- cluding Dr. Wayne Burwash him- self, as well as an afternoon filled with clinical skills labs focused around theriogenology. Kimberly says, "I have developed a passion for equine reproduction over the past four years and I am hoping to bring that passion to a practice once I graduate."

$1,000 Encouragement Award to Sadie Popoff

Sadie Popoff was born in

Calgary, Alberta and has been heavily involved in the equine

community since moving to Cochrane in 2011. She was in- volved in 4H equine programs for four years and has competed in both Western and English events with her horse, Roper. In high school, she obtained her Equine Technician Green Certifi- cate. Her experiences with horses have played a significant role in her life and has taught her many valuable lessons. It has been this involvement that has led her to pursue a career as a veterinarian. Last year, Sadie started her

first year at the University of Cal- gary to study biological sciences. After completing her undergrad- uate work, she plans on applying to veterinary school. She is inter- ested in all aspects of equine medicine, especially the research side that explores the develop- ment of new therapeutic proce- dures and medicines. Alongside equine medicine,

Sadie hopes on working as a part- time or volunteer veterinarian for wildlife rehabilitation centres. She currently volunteers at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation to gain more expe- rience in a clinic setting and hopes to continue work- ing to protect wildlife. She is very excited to pursue this career as it will allow her to remain involved in the equine community and con- tinue doing what she loves.


Encouragement Award to

Claire Horsch Claire Horsch has had

a passion for horses her whole life. Growing up

veterinary school. Claire knows that working with animals is her calling and is determined to make her dream of becoming a veteri- narian come true.

Since 2016, there have been two different categories of scholarship awards: • The Leadership Award is for students advancing past their second year of studies ($2,000 award). • The Encouragement Award is for first or second year students (2 X $1,000 awards). Visit here for more in-

formation on these two awards - https://calgary- foundat -

on her family's working cattle ranch has allowed her to pursue her riding dreams, and given her the opportunity to raise and train young horses. Claire has been in 4-H for eight years, and has par- ticipated in many equestrian shows and competitions with her horse projects. This year Claire was ac-

cepted into the AQHA Young Horse Development Program and received a donated weanling filly as her project horse. She is proud to be the only Canadian partici- pant in the 2020 program. In keeping with her passion for horses, Claire also volunteers as a horse leader and side walker with her local Therapeutic Riding Association. This fall Claire will be

starting the Bachelor of Science program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, where she plans on completing an undergraduate degree in Ani- mal Biology before applying to

sawards-loans/student-awards/hi gh-school-students/ "Again this year, we were

extremely impressed with all of the scholarship applicants," said Dr. Wayne Burwash. "This is the sixth year that The Calgary Foun- dation has awarded the scholar- ships since Shannon's passing in 2013, and we have now awarded $23,000 in scholarships. Con- gratulations to all the recipients and best wishes for rewarding ca- reers involving the horse." For more information visit

the CQHA Shannon Burwash Memorial Scholarships webpage - ships/shannon-burwash-memor- ial-scholarship Shannon Burwash was a

leader and a lover of the horse in- dustry across Canada. The schol- arships are awarded to deserving students who are focused on get- ting a post-secondary education, and being involved in the horse industry in their future.

US Equestrian Announces Modifications To Green Hunter Eligibility Rules

As a result of the COVID-19 competition year.

global pandemic and the impact it has had on the horse industry, US Equestrian (USEF) has modified the Green Hunter eligibility rules to provide owners with an opportunity to preserve the green el- igibility of a horse or pony for a future year through either a green reinstate- ment or green waiver. The main distinction between the

waiver and the reinstatement classifica- tions is the number of competitions where the horse or pony has shown at regulation height or higher during the 2020 competition year. The process to request either is the same – through the Green Status portal on the USEF web- site.

Green Waiver Process - As of June 1, 2020, these horses or ponies have com- peted at regulation height or higher dur- ing four (4) or MORE competitions this

Green Reinstatement Process - As of June 1, 2020, these horses or ponies have competed at regulation height or higher during FEWER than four (4) competitions this competition year.

Two important changes to note from the current rules are: 1/ They significantly impact the previ- ous deadline to submit a request for a pony. 2/ They now require owners of 3’6” horses to submit an official request. Additional details about the spec-

ifications for each green section are pro- vided in separate documents available on the USEF website and directly linked below. These modifications to the green rules for both horses and ponies are ef- fective immediately through the remain- der of the 2020 competition year and

will replace sections HU131.6-7 and HU139.7 in the current rulebook.

General information about the re- quests: • Cost $50 • The horse or pony must have an active recording (lifetime or annual) with the Federation. • Owners must officially submit the re- quest through the Green Status portal on USEF website by September 1, 2020. Requests submitted after the Sep- tember 1st deadline will not be granted. • These processes apply to horses or ponies that are either in their first at- tempt (year) at green eligibility for a re- spective height section or those utilizing the 2020 competition year as their final attempt at green eligibility where appli- cable. (ex. a pony reinstated in 2019, where 2020 was its final attempt as a green pony)

• USEF and Equestrian Canada li- censed competitions impact green eligi- bility. Refer to HU131 or HU139 in the USEF rulebook for more details. • This process is only available to the Green Pony, Green Hunter 3’/3’3”, Green Hunter 3’6”, and Green Hunter 3’9” sections.

Additional Information and Re- sources For more information, click on the heading for each green section.

Horse Waivers For 3’, 3’3”, 3’6”, and 3’9” horses

that have competed in classes with fences regulation height or higher at four (4) or more competitions during the 2020 year. Please refer to the Horse Waivers document for more detailed in- formation about the requirements for horses.

Horse Reinstatements For 3’, 3’3”, 3’6” and 3’9” horses

that have competed at regulation height or higher during fewer than four (4) competitions this competition year. Please refer to the Horse Reinstatements document for more detailed information about the requirements for horses.

Pony Eligibility Information for ponies that have

not yet competed at regulation height at four (4) competitions this year is de- tailed under the Pony Reinstatement specifications, while information for those that have exceeded four (4) com- petitions is listed under the Pony Waiver specifications. Details regarding both are outlined in the Pony Eligibility doc- ument.

For questions, please email green- Send us all of your news for the next issue of The Rider. The September Deadline is August 28th.

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