Ontario Reining Horse Association

President, Banquet Dan Fletcher

1st Vice-President Rules & Disciplinary John Purdie

Triple Threat Reining Clinic kicks off On- tario’s show season!

July 10 – 12 at Fletcher’s

Horse World, the recent hot and humid weather gave the atten- dees and clinicians at the Triple Threat Clinic a break! 13 riders and their horses enjoyed two days of focussed learning with Loris Epis, Chet Martin, and Jon Newnham. On Day One, Loris worked one end of the big arena with a group of riders – how to ride the perfect circle; lead changes, and speed control. At the other end, Chet gave riders insight and strategies into getting a correct spin. Jon gave the rid- ers feedback on their overall rid- ing. The riders rotated from clinician to clinician, gathering new information and tools to help them and their horses im- prove everything about their rid- ing and reining. That evening, all the horses were safely tucked away for the night, riders and clinicians were treated to an evening dinner – all prepared with the highest levels of safety and served with social distanc- ing!

Day two, stopping was the

last manoeuvre the group worked on before the riders put what they had learned into prac- tice, with each person running a pattern as the others watched on. At the end of each ride the clini- cians critiqued each horse and rider combo and agreed – every- one made improvements, and all were excited for the first show of the season, the following week- end.


2020 SHOW DATES August 14 – 16 - Canadian Reining Classic, Fletcher’s Horse World, Waterford Ontario. Check online for the show bill ( tario-reining-events/

September 11 – 13 - Grand Finale/Futurity/East- ern Affiliate Finals, Fletcher’s Horse World, Wa- terford Ontario. Both the OBBO Futurity and the new ORHA 2- year-old prospect class will be featured at the Grand Finale. The OBBO Futurity is set to be ex- citing with tons of prizes and prize money to be won. This marks the first year for the new ORHA Futurity program where you can see the future prospects make their debut as two-year-olds.

For 2020, the Ontario Reining Horse Asso-

ciation is hosting the NRHA Eastern Affiliate Fi- nals. This means reiners from Quebec and New Brunswick will be given a warm welcome and will be cheered on as they too compete.

Continuing Social Distancing requirements

for all shows All ORHA members: • Have you, or anyone in your family, been in con- tact in contact with a person that has tested posi-

tive for Covid 19? • Have you, or anyone in your family, been in con- tact with anyone that is currently being tested for Covid 19? • Have you or anyone in your immediate family, travelled outside of Canada within the last 2 weeks? • Are you having trouble breathing, have a dry cough, or have flu like symptoms? If you answer yes to any of these questions, please do not attend the event as you will not be allowed entry

Action items: • Social distancing enforced in all areas. • Additional portable washroom facilities available • Additional hand sanitizer and hand wash stations available • Exhibitors please pre-enter and complete paper- work online • Non- surgical masks available • All communal areas cleaned and sanitized regu- larly • Riders to keep social distancing guidelines at all times • Show closed to the general public. Participants, their immediate family, and industry insiders may enter

2nd Vice-President/ Treasurer Terri Purdie,

Past President Gary Yaghdjian

Elected Director - Secretary

Joanne Milton

Elected Director - Futurity Programs Leona McAtee / ob-

Appointed Director - ORHA Futurity Programs Tracy Nelson

Appointed Directors - Professional Committee Loris Epis Jon Newnham

Appointed Director - Memberships

Janna Imrie -

Appointed Director - Youth Advisor

Rebecca Nelles -

Summer Sizzler first show of the season, lives up to its name

The eagerly anticipated first show of the

Ontario Reining season finally arrived, July 17 – 19, and it certainly was a scorcher! The show featured three days of events with two slates of ORHA and NRHA classes. New riders to the sport swelled the Green

Reiner class, and although the show was closed to the general public, ORHA members made sure to watch and cheer on the new riders. For all classes, riders when not competing

or taking care of their horses they were on the bleachers in the arena, whistling at the fast cir- cles; whooping at the lead changes, shouting YES! for the spins and cheering for some in- credible stops – the show saw some amazing rides across all classes. All of this whilst socially

distancing both inside and outside of the arena. Masks were readily avail-

able for free, and face shields could be purchased for a small donation to the ORHA. The ORHA Youth held a bake sale and raised money – all the baked good were wrapped and the ut- most precautions were taken. Results of the show will be

posted on the ORHA website.

Appointed Director - Social Media

Alyssa VanKleek -

Elected Director – Shows Mike Munroe,

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