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ronment, Health & Disease Pre- vention, Equine Nutrition, Func- tional Anatomy. The course line up has

grown to 21! Three certificate programs and a diploma program later, Equine Guelph boasts stu- dents from over 40 different countries and the success stories speak for themselves. Over 500 students a year range from high- school graduates looking for horse training tips to veterinari- ans looking to round out their knowledge of equine behaviour. It matters not if the student is an equine enthusiast or industry pro; the common thread is applying the knowledge gained from on- line learning in a very practical way out in the field and when in- teracting with horses. “It has been a great journey,

from a first horse to a commer- cial breeding operation. And I learned what I needed through Guelph online, without leaving home or my horse,” says Laureen at Bar TT Cowhorse. “Thank you for your part in the offering of these courses. Everyone provided a piece that I needed along with many other details that have turned out to be quite useful. I’m sure we have saved money, time and injury through my online study.” The Diploma in Equine

Studies was approved in 2007 for students to complete a select ten courses (6 core and 4 electives). Since 2009, ten elective choices have been added. With a multi- tude of varied career opportuni- ties in the horse industry, students can truly customize their educa- tional pathway towards their ca- reer goals.

Flexible study and 24/7 ac-

cess that fits into the horse-per- son’s busy schedule has been the key for many students who work full time while taking the 12- week courses. Based at the Uni- versity of Guelph, Equine Guelph’s courses are updated with the latest scientific informa- tion from research advancements and are continually senate-re- viewed. The horse community ap-

petite for online learning contin- ued to grow and in January of 2010 the Equine Business Cer- tificate saw the last course added to the 5 core courses and 3 elec- tives. Eager students registered for each new offering as they be- came available and the first grad- uates of the program received their certificates in April of the very same year. The five core courses in- the

clude: Management of

Equine Environment, Equine Business Management, Market- ing & Communications in the Equine Industry, Finance & Risk Management, The Equine Indus- try. Students can choose between one of the three electives: Equine Journalism, Equine Event Man- agement and Stewardship of the Equine Environment. “The Equine Business

Management course has given me the tools to start an equine business, with a solid understand- ing of the requirements and a business plan to use” says diploma student,” Monica Laane- Fralick. “Analyzing the costs be- forehand, during operation, and projecting income really opened my eyes to what would be needed to be successful and profitable. This course is so thorough in dis- secting all the details – market re- search to financials to the human resources side. While my focus during the course was on opening

a boarding facility, I can use the principles I learned to open any type of equine venture.” Always responding to the

feedback from the horse commu- nity, the creation of courses and certificate programs continue to accumulate national academic awards as well as international awards. The call for more courses to

improve equine welfare was an- swered when Equine Guelph partnered with the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare in 2011 to develop the Equine Welfare Certificate. This certificate entails four core courses: Equine Welfare, Ad- vanced Equine Behaviour, Global Perspectives in Equine Welfare and either Equine Nutri- tion or Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition. Students also choose 2 of 5 Electives: Equine Health & Disease Prevention, The Equine Industry, Advanced Equine Functional Anatomy and either Nutrition or Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition. Finally, in January 2017,

Equine Guelph launched The- to offer short courses delivering practical on- line training on hot topics of equine care. This initiative brought together partners from coast to coast across Canada with 10 provincial equestrian federa- tions keen to make the learning opportunities available to their members at very affordable prices. National organizations in- cluding Equestrian Canada, Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare and SaddleUp Safely also partnered right from the start. It was not long before global success stories emerged for Horse Portal students and more partners joined in to offer targeted courses for their mem- bers including Ontario Racing.

No more excuses of not

enough time or procrastinating about pursuing your passion for horses. There is something for everyone,

with short courses (1 – 3 weeks) and the 12-week offer-


ings which can be taken alone or combined to work towards three different certificates (Equine Sci- ence Certificate, Equine Business Certificate and Equine Welfare Certificate) and the Diploma in Equine Studies.

The time is now for elevat-

ing your equine knowledge with online learning! Join the learning community

today at

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