Ontario Reined Cow Horse Association Werner Bohner, President, 519-209-8196

Craig Black, Vice President, 519-874-1294

To promote the reined cow horse in Ontario through education, participation, and mentorship

Or visit us at our website: ORCHA Sponsors My partner Dave Aitchison and I operate Aitchison Show Horses and Hockley Hills School ORCHA News After lengthy discus-

sions with ORCHA members, the directors have decided to cancel the shows for the 2020 season. We want to keep everyone’s health and safety first and foremost. Also, at the time that we could have had some semblance of a show, there would have been so many restrictions, that it would have taken the element of fun out of it. One of our best qualities as an associa- tion, is the camaraderie that has been forged over the years between its members. And

so, in keeping with that thought, we will look forward to the full experience of the 2021 show season next year. All sponsorship that was so generously contributed in 2020 will be honored for next year, and we thank the spon- sors for their support! In very sad news, Jon

Walker’s dad, John, passed away in July. He was a con- stant and welcome presence over the years at Ontario Reined Cow Horse shows, and he will be greatly missed. We extend our heartfelt sym-

pathies to his entire family for their loss. At the time of this writ-

ing, the announcement was made to implement Stage 3 of the reopening of the economy. If all goes well with it, we will tentatively plan for a trail ride and AGM in the fall. The Clinic is rescheduled for Au- gust 16. Stay tuned for more updates on our website at Till then, stay safe! Werner Bohner,

President, Ontario Reined Cow Horse Association


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