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2020 OXC Board of Directors Susan Caldwell John Hodgson Shelley Newton

Chuck Ornstein Josie Rowling

Communications Director Tracy Galvin Fundraising Director

Leianne West Regional Director - Central John Blodgett Regional Director - West

OXC News

By Tracy Galvin. The OXC has lots of news

this month but we want to start by saying “Thank You.” Thank you to all the OXC supporters; those who’ve ridden with us from the beginning, those who’ve joined over the years, and those who signed up with the OXC for the first time this year. Your support will enable our exciting sport to continue and help our organiza- tion make it through the pan- demic of 2020. On July 25th, OXC Presi-

dent Susan Caldwell announced that, after thorough discussion around the responsibilities and operation of the 2020 racing sea- son during the COVID-19 pan- demic, the 2020 OXC Board of Directors made the difficult and sad decision to cancel all remain- ing 2020 OXC races, including the Provincial Finals in October. The decision was not made lightly, and the Board is continu- ing to meet monthly on-line and work hard behind the scene to make sure the club is ready and raring to go in 2021. Susan also notes that OXC has bumped up the Futurity class to include 5 year-olds. Since the announcement, the

OXC has received an influx of well-wishes and support …and many suggestions to keep us all in race-ready form! Diana Mc- Murtrey, a highly regarded Level 5 EXCA judge and good friend to the OXC, commented “Now’s the time to work hard to prepare. Work on aggression, efficiency

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the saddle, and more time in his home shop in Brantford, ON. His bit and spur business was always a success, but recently, the de- mand for his work has taken off. To go three days without any calls for new orders is a remark- ably quiet week for Jim, who gets orders almost daily. Jim ap- proaches his welding work with the same wholeheartedness as he does working with horses. “Sometimes I’ll have these

ideas right before I’m about to go to bed about something I want to try when I’m welding. Thirty years down the road and you’re thinking ‘Why didn’t I think to try this earlier?’ And then you’re so excited to give it a try the next day.”

Jim still keeps the first bit

he ever made hanging on the wall in his shop. “Buster Welch showed me this bit down in Texas. He said he found it lying around on the King Ranch and

Roping A Hay Bale Ellie Ross

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McHattie. After cheering on her friends at OXC races in past years, Ally became a first-time Youth member in 2020 and is looking forward to riding in her first sanc- tioned race. Congrats Ally, thanks for your support and enjoy your beautiful custom drawing. We look forward to cheering you on in 2021! If you haven’t got a

membership yet but are in- terested in joining our fun and exciting sport, please consider taking out a 2020

membership. They’re rea- sonably priced, will help us grow and secure OXC rac- ing for 2021, and you’ll be automatically entered to win our Monthly Giveaway Prizes! The August Give- away Prize is a beautiful one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted cedar candlestick holder created and donated by John Hodgson of Cavagnal Woodworking, also your hard-working OXC Vice- President. Thanks John! More details can be found

on the Membership tab on the OXC website. The summer is half-

over, hopefully COVID-19 will be resolving by the time the autumn colours fly and, in the meantime, keep rid- ing, keep ropin’, keep safe and know that OXC racing will be there for us to ride and race together in 2021.

- Tracy Galvin 2020 OXC Communica- tions Director

and cadence. Lots to do to really own 2021.” When asked what she meant by ‘aggression’ Diana replied, “Ride with speed under control. I look for riders to be pushing, not relaxed. Look like you’re competing, not practis- ing.” So there you have it; the se- cret to getting the big points – like Diana said, you can own it! August is usually the OXC’s

most active month with our mem- bers travelling to races at agricul- tural fairs across Ontario every weekend. To test us this August, we’re thrilled to announce the OXC Xtreme Ropin’ Challenge. Many OXC races have an obsta- cle with a roping component so here’s your chance to show off your ropin’ skills. This online

thought it would make a good bit for his young horses. I saw it and scribbled down a sketch of it on an old feed sack, took it home with me and then re-created it. I used it a lot training, and recently it’s becoming popular again. It’s not a fancy bit, but it’s been really useful.” Just as much as Jim is a

horseman, an artist, and a trades- man, he is a people person. When asked about what he has learned from a lifetime in the cutting and horse industry, he had this to say: “It only looks like the horse busi- ness. It’s really a people busi- ness.”

“The customers I’ve had

over the years have been really great to me and stayed with me a long time. That was the best part of it; the good people.” It’s easy to see how work-

ing with horses translated into learning about people for Jim as well. “I think people are as differ- ent as horses are different. In order to get the point across you have to take your time with peo- ple too. I think people learn best

challenge tests your unmounted roping skills in three divisions; Youth (under 18 on Jan 1, 2020), Adult and Most Creative – and the winners in each division re- ceive a $25 OXC Swag gift cer- tificate. You don’t need your horse, but you do need a rope and anything to catch; a hay bale, bucket, pylon, kid sister …you get the idea! Do you have what it takes? Read the rules under the Events tab on the OXC website and get your video submitted by August 31st! We also have news about

our OXC Monthly Giveaway Prize – we’re thrilled to announce that the winner of our July prize, a custom pencil drawing donated by artist Terri Rowling, is Ally

if they’re happy to come to the pen. It’s another parallel to train- ing horses. It means a lot. I had a customer who was a war veteran who used to parachute into bad areas, and you’d think this guy could handle anything. But he was so nervous about a horse be- cause of the fact that a horse would do things on their own and he’d need to be in control; but a with cutting horse you can’t have total control.” Despite his success, Jim is

exceptionally humble. When asked to reflect on his career, it’s not the big wins or the public ac- complishments he focuses on; it’s the all the good he’s seen along the way and things he has learned. It’s easy to allow exter- nal validation to dictate the meas- ures of success and failure in the competitive equestrian world. Jim has learned to look at success differently – and it all comes back to the horse. “You just remember what a

good horse they were, not all the details about what they won.”

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