Quarter Horses for over 40 years, originally from Ontario, she moved to Saskatchewan to peruse her career as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Lisa served her entire RCMP ca- reer in Saskatchewan, and is now retired; however, that does not mean that she isn’t still serving her community. Her equine involvement in

CQHA Q Hero Lisa has been involved with

Lisa Graham CQHA Q Hero Danika Morton CQHA is pleased to honour Danika Mor-

ton of Dryden, Ontario as a Q Horse Hero. The president of the Northern Lights

Quarter Horse Association (NLQHA) works full time in Canada’s forestry industry; and owns two registered American Quarter Horses. A dedicated horse show enthusiast, she

to the horse community, she is also a dedicated member of her Royal Canadian Legion branch. Lisa has been instrumental in her community’s contribution to the Canadian Fallen Heroes Foun- dation project. The foundation partners with private and public organizations to put a face to the fallen, to share a glimpse into the lives of our soldiers and preserve their memory through memorial. Lisa has done much of the research into the families of the 30 plus names listed on the Craik War Memorial, gathering photos of the fallen and collecting their

the province is vast, currently she is serving as president for both the Saskatchewan Horse Federation and the Saskatchewan Quarter Horse Association. She, herself had big plans for the 2020 show and breeding season, having a hal- ter mare very near her AQHA su- perior she had planned to complete that this year and have her bred; but of course, like so many in the horse industry this year, those plans have been pushed back. In spite of this personal setback however, Lisa has been an encouraging force in her equine community, promoting all breed virtual horse shows, organizing and promoting smaller scaled clinics, and helping the Saskatchewan Quarter Horse Association launch a new Horseback Riding Program. In addition to the many hours she volunteers

began riding as a child, and started showing on the AQHA circuit internationally when she was in her late teens. Danika has competed in all around events and in the last few years has fo- cused on Ranch Riding events. In 2019 she qualified for the AQHA World Show in Okla- homa City, Oklahoma, and competed in Ranch Riding. In March of this year when Covod-19 hit

stories, it is a project that is dear to her and to so many Canadians. Aylesbury, Saskatchewan is where Lisa calls

home. It’s a small community with a substantial elderly population, and the Legion plays a big part in the community. In a normal year it would host an assortment of community activities to help en- sure the health and wellbeing of the region, but with Covid 19, its purpose has changed. In her role with the Legion now, Lisa finds she spends a lot of time reaching out into the community to find out who needs assistance, and who would really appre- ciate a good home cooked meal delivered. For her continued commitment to the

Saskatchewan equine community, the wellbeing of her community, and the preservation of the mem- ory of our fallen war heroes, CQHA honours Lisa Graham as a 2020 Canadian Quarter Horse Asso- ciation Q Horse Hero!

investigation has revealed a potential source: a product known as ZEV (Lot#190104 Exp:01- 2022), an oral product used for the treatment of res- piratory conditions - has tested positive for

Commission of Ontario (AGCO) issued a Notice to Industry concerning a number of horses in On- tario who have received a positive test for capsaicin over the past several weeks. As noted, the AGCO’s priority is to conduct a fair and independent inves- tigation to ensure the ongoing safety and integrity of horse racing in Ontario, as well as the health and welfare of equine athletes. The AGCO Equine Drug Unit’s preliminary

AGCO News Release - July 24, 2020 On July 20, 2020, the Alcohol and Gaming

Potential source of positive tests for capsaicin capsaicin and related compounds.

Canada, in anticipation of a very different show season, Danika on behalf of the NLQHA began organizing. As a result of her hard work and dedication the NLQHA was the very first Canadian Quarter Horse organization to launch virtual horse shows; that inaugural show kicked off April 24, 2020. On May 21, 2020 the CQHA media team cre-

ated a video montage of the special lead line class that Danika created for the NLQHA virtual show, featuring the images that each entry submitted. The video was widely shared on social media, and reshared by AQHA, and several other high-profile equine media accounts. In the spirit of offering fun virtual classes to everyone the association an- nounced a costume class which kicksed off July 15, and CQHA plans to share those entries as well. With over 500 members of the NLQHA’s vir-

tual show’s online FaceBook group, the shows which are open to all breeds are continuing to go


caution with all products administered to a horse. Not all ingredients which could result in positive tests may be listed on a product, and ZEV may not be the only source of a positive test.

For more information: Equine Drug Unit Chris Bennett, Detective Sergeant Investigation Enforcement Bureau Ontario Provincial Police 705-715-3220

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2020 Executive & Board of Directors

President: Cheryl Norris, 613-608-3608, Vice-President: Barb Downer Past President: Shawna Crawford, Secretary: Sheryl Chillson


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noted that capsaicin is not included in the list of ac- tive ingredients for ZEV. Trainers and owners are advised to always use

It should be David Nichol On the evening of May 9, 2020 David Nichol

and his wife Rachel were driving down County Road 16, in Orangeville, Ontario when he spotted flames, and immediately turned up the driveway into the Hockley Hills School of Horsemanship; the home of Aitchison Show Horses. The riding school and training facility is owned by Julie Huppé and Dave Aitchison; Julie and Dave were just sitting down for dinner with their family when a knock came to their door, Nichol’s in- formed them that their tractor was on fire and flames were spreading to the barn. Quickly everyone including Mr.

Nichol jumped into action to rescue the 19 horses and Kippins the barn cat who were all inside the

barn. Julie said that while she, Dave and the kids rushed to move the horses to safety, this man whom they had never met before bravely held the flames and black smoke at bay with the water hose. The fire was battled for hours by the

four responding fire departments, and in all the chaos that ensued Nichol and his wife left before Dave and Julie could even get his name or thank him. When news reporters came the next

day, Dave recapped the night’s events stating that they never would have been able to save all the horses had this stranger not come to their aid, Julie said “We are forever grateful and would like to thank him personally” hoping that the news media would reach the brave indi- vidual that helped them, and encourage

him to return to the farm or give them a call. A week later Dave and Rachel returned to in-

troduce themselves. For coming to the aid of the Hockley Hills

School of Horsemanship; the home of Aitchison Show Horses, and redefining the term “Good Samaritan” we honour David Nichol as a 2020 Canadian Quarter Horse Association Q Horse Hero!

strong. Danika says they get entries from all over Canada, and that it has been a great way for peo- ple to connect who otherwise may have never showed at the same show in their normal travels. CQHA asked Danika if she had any pearls of wis- dom to share, from her experience of running these virtual shows, she said, “Keep practicing and working at home, because eventually we all will get back to the regular show pen.” For living up to the old adage that “the show

must go on” and supporting her horse show com- munity with fun alternative showing experiences we honour Danika Morton as a 2020 Canadian Quarter Horse Association Q Horse Hero!

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