Ontario Quarter Horse Association Inc. 2020 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President 1st Vice 2nd Vice

Past Pres. Treasurer Sect’y

Area 2 Director

Sherrill Tisdale Klaus Zabel

Andrew Dewar Pete Hammer Carrie Farr* Suzy Glaab Suzy Glaab AQHA Director Affiliate

Area 2 Area 2 Area 3

Mallory McKewen Greg Dubiel Corey Taylor Kathy Patterson

* Tender Positions If you are interested in joining the board as a director at large please reach out to Sherrill Tisdale at

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2020 Update on Shows Ontario Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity - It

is with the saddest of hearts that after much con- sideration the Ontario Quarter Horse Breeders Fu- turity & Summer Finale announces the cancellation of our 2020 event scheduled September 3rd to 7th. We feel that the safety of our exhibitors, judges, ring stewards and volunteers needs to be our first priority. With the current restrictions on gatherings and border closures we are not able to bring you the caliber of show that we are all used to. We look forward to seeing you in 2021 for an even bigger and better show. If you have any concerns regard- ing Futurity entries please contact Sherrill Tisdale Area 2 Quarter Horse Promotional Club -It

is with deep regret that Area 2 has made the diffi- cult decision to cancel our show that was originally rescheduled to August 30/31. With ongoing COVID restrictions in Ontario regarding gather- ings and an uncertain U.S. border, these challenges cannot be overcome at this time to allow us to host the show. For our dedicated and likely disappointed Area 2 members, we will honour 2020 member- ships and sponsorships to be applied to 2021. How-

ever, if you would like a refund let us know. Pre- paid show fees will be reimbursed. Contact if any questions. Hopefully 2021 will bring our horse show family together again. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

OQHA Townhall Survey Update The Preliminary results of the recent OQHA

Townhall Survey can be found on the OQHA web- site on the Hilights page. We encourage everyone to take a look at

the data collected. OQHA Virtual Show #2

The second show in the OQHA virtual show

series ran June 27th through July 5th. Thank you again to all who sponsored and competed we had we had 136 entries overall! Full results, score sheets and videos can be seen on the OQHA Virtual platform at Show #2 included an Open Ranch Riding

Challenge! We had 10 entries overall the top three placing entries are below: 1st - Jodi Mallette & Remember Me Goo 2nd -Mackenzie Harvey & Lopin Bubba Dun

are enjoying their summer, see below some great pictures! 1/ Photo Submitted by Kayla Frank of a up and coming horse enthusi- ast! 2/ Kristina Hakala and her horse enjoying lots of great R & R time!

1 2

Summertime Fun! We asked Ontario Quarter Horse enthusiasts to show us how they

3rd - Jessica Cieri & Wimpys Lil Wiz Our showmanship class was once again very

large with 43 entries! Congratulations to the win- ners: Overall & Select Winner - Cathy Perron-Lapalme & Lazy Lopin Version Small Fry Winner - Regan Bunnel & Kuz That’s Why Youth Winner - Taylor Carney & Sweeterinthe- moonlite Amateur & Novice Winner - Cynthia Glover & Lazy N Shy Equitation had a total of 29 entries. Congrat-

ulations to the winners: Overall & Amateur Winner - Sheryl Chillson & The Petite Secret Novice & Select Winner - Sandra Duhamel & To- tally Undressed Youth Winner - Abby Schaap & All Three Gears

Horsemanship had a total of 37 entries

shown. Congratulations to the winners: Overall & Amateur Winner - Caitlyn Black & Willy Gonna Luv Ya Youth & Novice Winner - Abby Schaap & All Three Gears

3/ Sandra Duhamel has been busy organizing a Prince and Princess con- test for her Summer 2020 Pandemic Virtual Horse Show. 4/ Casey, Sue & Chelsea enjoying great times with friends and their horses! 5-7/Julie Burnham and her mare Lazy Gaga enjoying some summer fun! 3 photos. 8/Kathleen Rusk spending time with her beautiful Mare and 2020 Foal

3 4

Select Winner - Kim Allen & Venture Code Our Walk Trot class had a total of 17 entries.

Congratulations to the winners: Youth Winner - Madison Glover & That Was A Cold One Adult Winner - Sandy Tapper & Tinsel Doll

The overall show winners are as follows:

Overall & Amateur Winner - Mallory McKewen & OneGoodHotPine Novice Winner - Cynthia Glover & Lazy N Shy & Abby Schaap & All Three Gears (TIE) Small Fry Winner - Claire Little & Hope Hes Hot Youth Winner - Taylor Carney & Sweeterinthe- moonlite Select Winner - Kim Allen & Venture Code

OQHA Virtual Show #3 ran from July 18th

to July 26th, 2020. We added an Open All Age Trail Challenge to this show. Following the con- clusion of Show #3, which is the final show in the series, we will be taking a break and then be look- ing into holding more shows and special events throughout the fall. If you have any suggestions or wish to sponsor please contact Sherrill Tisdale at





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