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AQHA Director’s Report

Horse Association has imple- mented new guidelines and pro- cedures to protect the health and safety of exhibitors and atten- dees during the 2020 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Champi- onship Show. The goal of the As- sociation is to cautiously allow competitors to experience the Ford Youth World in a safe envi- ronment and minimize the risk of a new outbreak from the event. To mitigate the risk, AQHA has implemented en- hanced health and safety meas- ures in adherence with local, state and federal mandates, in addition to extra precautions taken by the OKC Fairgrounds to create a safe environment for exhibitors. AQHA personnel and OKC Fairgrounds staff are re- quired to adhere to social-dis- tancing


By Kathy M. Patterson AQHA Director

AQHA Postpones Adequan Se- lect World For the safety of ex-

hibitors, spectators and staff, AQHA has postponed the 2020 AQHA Select World Champi- onship Show, presented by Ade- quan®


glycosaminoglycan), which was set for August 31 - September 6. at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. “Several factors went into

the consideration of this difficult decision, including but not lim- ited to the health and safety of at- tendees, many of whom are within the largest at-risk age range and have expressed their concerns about attending the event, in addition to the total number of COVID-19 cases re- ported in Fort Worth,” said Justin Billings, AQHA chief show offi- cer. “We are currently living in a world full of uncertainty. How- ever, what is certain is that AQHA leadership and staff are committed to listening to our members and protecting the health and safety of our ex- hibitors, members and staff dur- ing this unprecedented time. This means making decisions, like this one, that are in the best interest of the well-being of our Select members, who fall within the largest at-risk age group.” AQHA leadership is eval-

uating the possibility of hosting the Adequan® Select World later this year. Once a decision is made, AQHA will release addi- tional

information The 2020 Built Ford

Tough AQHYA World Champi- onship Show will still proceed as scheduled, with

Ford Youth World Health Pro- tocols

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American Quarter stringent

COVID-19 health precautions in place.


temperature screenings and are required to wear face coverings to safeguard themselves and ex- hibitors to help mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. Protocols are subject to change based on local, state and federal coron- avirus mandates. The most up- to-date version of the health protocols

is available at

Foundation Awards 159 Schol- arships for 2020-21 This year, the American


Quarter Horse Foundation is awarding 159 students a total of $420,750 for the 2020-21 aca- demic year. Since its inception in 1976, the Foundation scholar- ship program has awarded more than $8.5 million in financial as- sistance to more than 1,500 young horse enthusiasts and in- dustry members. The Founda- tion selects recipients based on financial need, academic merit, equine involvement and civic ac- tivities. These individuals are today’s students and tomorrow’s equine industry leaders. With an education, great mentoring and a love of the American Quarter Horse, these young adults will become the industry’s next gen- eration of owners, breeders, trainers, journalists and veteri- narians. The Foundation and its donors are honored to create a legacy of support for youth pur- suing higher education in order to make it more affordable. These scholarship recipients are individuals who carry a passion and dedication to the American Quarter Horse as they begin their careers. View the list of the 2020-2021 scholarship recipi- ents on the AQHA website. Till next time, remember

to visit the OQHA, AQHA, and CQHA websites for Quarter Horse news! If I can be of assistance,

please contact me at: Ph: (519) 949-4956 or by e-mail at:

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the AQHA. Annual membership is

on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose

Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: CQHA President,

Gilles Seguin, ph: 613-293-6176, email:

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association Announces Program to Recognize Heroes Within the Community

first responders, frontline workers, and any person who has went to extraordinary lengths to support the Canadian Quarter Horse Community.

formally recognize them for their efforts was needed in the face of these unprecedented times. The association would welcome a corporate partnership to assist in the recognition of the “Q Horse Heroes” named to the program, should an opportunity arise. In times like these community is essential, and the Canadian Quarter Horse Association wishes to formally recognize those individuals

who have supported their communities throughout this pandemic as well as those who have come to the aid of Quarter Horse owners in need.

For more information please contact the Canadian Quarter Horse Association media committee at CQHA Q Hero

Capt. Leanne Karoles

within the Canadian Military, to say one is Army, or Air Force, doesn’t do much to nar- row that down; and because of security and protocols CQHA is limited as to what we can say about her role within Canada’s Army, however it is safe to say that many of the les- sons she has learned during her long hours in the barn and in the saddle, have made her a better soldier. The compassion, patience, and communication skills that have been refined by years as an avid equestrian, have trans- ferred easily to her job protecting our country and supporting her comrades and their fami- lies.

Capt. Karoles has been deployed to the

Armed Forces moved her to Ontario in the early 2000’s and while her horse showing has been temporarily put on hiatus multiple times due to being deployed over-seas in service to our country, it’s a passion that she is always happy to return home to. There are many different kinds of roles

of the American Quarter Horse industry in Canada. A long-time amateur competitor, show sponsor, and breeder; her love for the breed started at an early age growing up in Alberta. Leanne’s career with the Canadian

Capt. Karoles is a dedicated supporter

tivities in Canada to be cancelled for the year, the Canadian Quar- ter Horse Association has watched as its membership has rallied around itself in the past months to offer support to fellow eques- trians in need. Many members of the CQHA work as first respon- ders, and frontline workers as well, and the community has been outspoken in their gratitude towards these individuals, and their families. Members of the CQHA media and awards committees felt that a national program to bring these individuals into the spotlight, and

be made through the website form as of June 20, 2020. The CQHA will name their first “Q Horse Heroes” July 1, 2020; their stories will be shared on the CQHA social media platforms using the hashtag #CanadianQHorseHeroes. The goal is to recognize those heroes within the community on a monthly basis, with a cel- ebratory event planned for 2021. With the outbreak of Covid-19 forcing most quarter horse ac-

Ottawa, June 15, 2020 — The Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA), the Canadian affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), and representative of the largest breed pop- ulation within the Canadian herd, announced today a national pro- gram aimed to recognize and thank those in the Canadian quarter horse community who work as first responders and frontline work- ers. The program will also recognize individuals who have went above and beyond to support members of the Canadian Quarter Horse Association. Nominations from the Canadian quarter horse community can

The CQHA “Q Horse Heroes” program, will recognize those “Membership” section.

free to current members of AQHA. To enroll

far east since before the outbreak of the global pandemic; an unexpected stress that has only added to the burden of Canadian military families, and their loved ones de- ployed. The situation has made her role within the Armed Forces all that more impor- tant to both service men and women and those waiting for them at home, to those she serves and supports we know she provides an important lifeline, a heroic feat onto its-self. For serving her country and providing

page for an upcoming announcement as to when Leanne will be a guest in an exclusive CQHA interview.

See more Q Hero Profiles on Page 22

unimaginable support to Canadian service men and women during this global pandemic CQHA honours Capt. Leanne Karoles as a 2020 Canadian Quarter Horse Association Q Horse Hero! Please watch the CQHA FaceBook

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