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Letters to the Editor Congratulations on Very best wishes

a friend is a great thing and I will always remember you, Katherine and Barry as an invaluable part of my life. Happy 50th ... great memories. Well done Aidan.

Chippewa Ranch alive for me is burned into my heart. Your being there as a horseman, an entrepreneur and

The Garlyn Agency Inc. 416-801-5959

From Our Founder

Remembering July/August 1987

Hi there We are now into year 51. I

would like to thank all our well wishers and those that sent us let- ters and bought ads to help us cel- ebrate. WHAO held one of On-

tario’s Largest Outdoor Horse Shows, Extravaganza ‘86, at the Paris Fair Grounds. It was a town wide celebration with a giant Flea Market and Garage Sale. The fair board and the town council were huge supporters. WHAO officials advised The Rider that they had in excess of 450 entries. Lana Marie Lang won the right to represent WHAO as their Queen,

Gary Ormerod

in promoting and publicizing our shows was absolutely invaluable in their successes. Your support and help with keeping my dream of

tion and Quarterama was legendary and will never be for- gotten. Your support of the Burlington-Aldershot Lions Club

grams. Fantastic projects with excellent results. I still have most of them and look them over from time to time. Your support of the Ontario Quarter Horse Associa-

tougher days. You and Katherine and Barry put a tremen- dous amount of blood, sweat, tears and love into each pub- lication. Then the years of publishing the Quarterama pro-

back in the day. The shop on Concession St. where you designed my letterhead and advertising layouts for Chippewa Ranch. Then on to Book Rd., bigger and better as well as

Wow. Fifty years. It doesn’t seem that long since 50 Years of The Rider!

a read. Congratulations to you and your dad for 50 years in the business. What a great article. So many accomplish- ments, so many memories. Stay well, stay safe

Hi Barry; I finally had a chance to pick up The Rider and have

Team Hepburn

“From our Founder” article. Awhile ago... Hmmm I do remember most all those mentioned too. Take care.

Jan Bishop

it sure has worked. You have taken the torch and continued a wonderful publication for all of us Horse folks in On- tario. No doubt it has been and will remain the voice of the collective Horse enthusiasts in Ontario Congratulations Barry. Well done sir !

OMG 50 years Barry!!! Your Dad had a vision and

President & Managing Director Klingspor Inc.

the Waterford native taught riding skills.

Her Royal Highness

Princess Ann turned the sod for the new Guelph Equine Research Centre. Princess Ann was an ac- complished rider having com- peted and won several events including the coveted Raleigh Trophy in the Individual 3 day event in 1971. Since the opening of centre it has proven it’s worth the last 34 years.

The Ontario Quarter Horse

Association held various events throughout the summer to pre- pare the Quarterama Queen to be up to par for the All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen Contest. The OHIO Congress has cancelled their show this year due to the Pandemic across the world.

Canada once again did not

include horses in their Census. The AQHA Amateurs reached an all time high of

The old, tired but reliant

Lakeshore Inn were advertising for rooms for Quarterama ‘87. I was the advertising and promo- tion manage of Quarterama for many years from it’s creation in 1970. I found that the Toronto City had bylaws in place that Ho- tels and Inns were, by law, re- quired to accommodate horses. Well I arranged for a horse to be brought into the lobby of the hotel to register. The place was

Do you love Fergus? Visit his website at:

20,000 members. Marlene Falsetti wore two

hats. She was the official writer for the WHAO and the Ontario Paint Horse Association.

We listed 55 Tack Shops

where you could purchase copies of The Rider. We are now avail- able at almost 300 locations.

The Canadian Carriage

Driving Classic held their annual event on August 22-25.

Bruce Ionson

So many magazines, newspapers not able to carry on. You and Barry have put so much work into the paper. Congrat- ulations. Well deserved! Very kind of you to mention Tom and I in your

That is quite an accomplishment during these times.

ued success and good health!

With warmest wishes, Lynn C. Bilton

Cobourg, Ontario

must be so proud! I enjoyed reading how it all started. Keep up the great work you do. Now more than ever we need a common venue for horse information. Louise Harris

50 years your family

packed with TV and radio and newspapers wanting in on the promotion. We had a tremendous gate that year.

Quarter Racing Owners of

Ontario were geared up for an- other racing year. Agricultural and Food Minister Jack Riddel and Consumer and Commercial Relations Minister Monte Kwin- ter announced a $25 million fund for capital improvements to On- tario Race Tracks.

The Big Creek Saddle club

held a 30th Anniversary Reunion at the Paris Fair grounds that means that the club is now 64 years old.

Absorbine were again adver-

tising their great equine products in The Rider with full colour full page ads.

My Turn We are into our 51 years

now and all I can say for myself “ Thanks for the Memo- ries” Still no resolution in

settling my issues with Reliant Home Comfort. As you remember they helped themselves to money out of my account and are not paying it back. BUT they keep harassing me for money I don’t owe. Since the editorial I have had at least 15 calls and I explain to them the situation and to some I have sent my editorial but to no avail. So all I can do

The original cover painting by artist Mark Grice for the Quarterama ‘87 Program hangs proudly on our office wall.

is to continue to mention them here.

Remember you are responsi-

ble if you turn a blind eye to Elder, Child, Spousal and Animal abuse… just call the Police or Crime Stoppers.

Thanks for looking down in this corner

Aidan W. Finn CD

Founder of The Rider 1970 President, Orange aPEEL

Farm? You can see it at : watch?v=ElJOVW16cR4 Wishing you contin-

ads in your online issues. Did you know Kubota filmed one of their commer- cials at

the Cranston’s

50th Anniversary of The Rider. Wow! Now that is something to celebrate! You and Aidan are to be com- mended for your dedication to the industry. Please say hello to your Dad and pass on my very best wishes! I notice the Kubota

Good Afternoon Barry. Congratulations of the

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