Pomegranate Found To Prevent Coronary Artery Disease Progression

reverse the primary pathology associated with cardiac mortality: the progressive thickening of the coronary arteries caused by the accumulation of fatty materials known as atherosclerosis. Mice with a genetic susceptibility


study published in the journal Ath- erosclerosis confi rms that pome- granate extract may prevent and/or

towards spontaneous coronary artery blockages were given pomegranate extract via their drinking water for two weeks, beginning at three weeks of age. Despite the fact that pomegranate treatment actu- ally increased cholesterol levels associ- ated with very low density lipoprotein- sized particles, the treatment both reduced the size of the atherosclerotic plaques in

Gina Davis, FNP-C Gina Davis is a Board-Certified

the aortic sinus (the dilated opening above the aortic valve) and reduced the propor- tion of coronary arteries with occlusive atherosclerotic plaques. Remarkably, the researchers also

found that pomegranate extract treatment resulted in the following 7 benefi cial ef- fects: Gina Davis, FNP-C

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